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Cherie Nissan Qashqai 2016
per day

Cherie Nissan Qashqai 2016

Standard SUVHosted by Cherie

| Trips: 133

About Cherie's car

  • Nissan
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 4 Seats
  • 60 – 90,000 kms

Key features

  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input

Key rules

1. No Pets
2. No smoking
3. Not permitted to drive to Malaysia

Specific instructions

Pick up: Signature Park Condo, Toh Tuck Road, Blk 48A (LobbyB), S596740. Nearest petrol station for topping up to full tank for car return is Esso (along Jalan Jurong Kechil).

Mileage allowed per day



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Hello, I'm Cherie.

Used exclusively by gentle and easy going lady driver. The interior is still spiffy and car seats are cushy. Mileage is low and engine is kept in tip top condition by…

Used exclusively by gentle and easy going lady driver. The interior is still spiffy and car seats are cushy. Mileage is low and engine is kept in tip top condition by…

Reviews (85)

  • LC

    Great and friendly host always who is very attentive each time when I need any assistant. Highly recommended for everyone if you are looking for good size suv for family use.

    LCApril 2022

  • Liliz

    Cherie is such a patient and caring host who also ensures her car is clean for you to use. I'd would rent from her again. Thank you Cherie for such a pleasant experience at Drive Lah!

    LilizApril 2022

  • Marie

    Great experience with Cherie’s car. Cherie was very thorough with the handout and everything went smoothly. She was also very flexible and understanding with timing and even dropped me at the exit nearest to the next bus stop after I returned the car:) Car was in top condition too! Will certainly rent again, if needed. Thank you Cherie:)

    MarieApril 2022

  • E-Laine

    Cherie is an excellent host! she’s a very nice and friendly lady, who patiently explained the use of her car to me and also what to do. I’m a first time DriveLah user and I really appreciated her patience n explanation. Her car is super clean and tidy and a breeze to drive ! highly recommend Cherie C.

    E-LaineMarch 2022

  • Glenn

    Cherie has great personality and as a first timer, she really helped me a lot on the process of using the app and what I should do. She is also helpful in ways like she provides things to allow me to use while I am using the car like extra masks, cleaning wipes and solutions. Had a great time working along side with her and had no bad experience.

    Glenn March 2022

  • Mudassir

    Very co-operative host and excellent car. overall experience was very good. loved it !

    Mudassir March 2022

  • Johnny

    Superb host with well taken care of nice & clean car. Definitely a great first experience.

    JohnnyMarch 2022

  • Sugu

    The host is really kind, polite and easy to liaise. She has guided be through the function of the car. Maintenance wise, the car is really in a tip top condition (super clean). The host has provided disinfection wipes as well as some spare masks. Will definitely book her car again. Have a great day Cherie C and thank you once again.

    SuguMarch 2022

  • Majid

    Wonderful and very kind host. Cherie has taken time to explain me all the functions of the car. My family love the car as it was clean inside and out and smooth to drive. We will definitely put frequent request to Cherie to book the car again and highly recommend everyone to have book the car.

    MajidMarch 2022

  • Grace

    Great clean car, and wonderful ride! Cherie takes very good care of the car and gave a very detailed orientation of the vehicle during pick up. She is also very thoughtful and considerate - left sanitising wipes and umbrella for hirers!

    GraceFebruary 2022

  • Nuruddin

    Pleasant experience with the car & owner. Beautiful, clean and well maintained car. Thank you for being a wonderful host and making it a good and easy experience for me 😊

    NuruddinFebruary 2022

  • Alston

    Cherie has been a great host, ensuring that I know the controls of the vehicles and what to look out for when I used the platform. Thanks for your help Cherie!

    AlstonFebruary 2022

  • Daryl

    great as always!

    DarylFebruary 2022

  • Mavis

    Cherie is super friendly and accommodative , the show experience with her and drivelah is fantastic and definitely will rent again

    MavisJanuary 2022

  • Roy

    Excellent drive as always ;)

    RoyJanuary 2022

  • Venkat

    Really good experience. Car in excellent condition. Super clean and well maintained. Very nice host, really courteous and very accommodating. Thoughtful too, host had placed additional sanitizers and masks in car. Very positive experience.

    VenkatJanuary 2022

  • Nicholas

    Great car!

    NicholasDecember 2021

  • Lynn

    very friendly and helpful owner. goes the extra mile to explain in detail the features of car. car is very clean and comfortable.

    LynnDecember 2021

  • Lynn

    very helpful and friendly! car is very comfortable, clean and good to drive. she goes the extra mile to explain how to use the features. looking forward to booking the ride again. thank you Cherie! 😊

    LynnDecember 2021

  • Daryl

    Booking with Cherie is fuss-free and easy. Her car is very clean and it’s a pleasure to drive!

    DarylDecember 2021

  • Daryl

    great experience as usual!

    DarylNovember 2021


    Transaction with Cherie was smooth as ever. Very accomodating to my last minute request☺☺. Nice car. Super Great host.

    MOHAMED IDRISNovember 2021


    Always a delight to rent from Cherie and such a breeze to drive her car. She is always accommodating and thoughtful to the hirer 👍👍

    MOHAMED IDRISNovember 2021

  • LC

    Host is friendly, considerate and willing to explain the key features of the car prior to the trip. Clean and well maintained car always.

    LCNovember 2021

  • Chaanru

    Cherie is an awesome

    ChaanruOctober 2021

  • Dannysh

    wonderful host. explained the details of the car, and a no fuss return. Car in very good condition .

    DannyshOctober 2021

  • chong yeh

    well maintained and lovely car. My 2nd time with car/owner - definitely a go to

    chong yehOctober 2021

  • John Zechariah

    My first experience with DriveLah. Was impressed with Host Cherie who spent time explaining the unique features of her car. She is patient, detailed and friendly. Will book again. Thank you Cherie!

    John ZechariahOctober 2021

  • Hadi

    Definitely will rent again. Everything went smoothly :)

    HadiOctober 2021

  • Daryl

    Great renting from Cherie as usual!

    DarylOctober 2021

  • Iswadi

    Cherrie is friendly, easy going and very sincere. Highly recommends anyone to rent from her. The car was extremely in a clean condition and smooth drive. Definitely looking forward to renting from her again.

    IswadiSeptember 2021

  • Daryl

    Love renting from Cherie as she is super friendly and responsible. Her car is always clean and maintained. super smooth ride!

    DarylSeptember 2021

  • Shan An

    Very nice car and helpful owner! Will rent again

    Shan AnSeptember 2021

  • Roy

    Good car and friendly owner. Easy, hassle free pickup and return.

    RoySeptember 2021


    Great host. Always willing to accommodate to your requests.

    MOHAMED IDRISSeptember 2021

  • Daryl

    2nd time booking, punctual, prompt and friendly.

    DarylSeptember 2021

  • Jia Ming

    Kudos to Cherie for being an awesome host! She was patient, accommodative, and extremely helpful in explaining the features of her car and things to look out for for a first time Drivelah user like myself. Thanks Cherie for making my first Drivelah renting experience a pleasant one overall!

    Jia MingSeptember 2021

  • chong yeh

    Car well maintained and host is friendly/thorough. Would certainly rent from her again.

    chong yehAugust 2021

  • Remi

    super smooth ! good car!

    Remi August 2021

  • Daryl

    Great experience! Cherie was super friendly and helpful. Her car was clean and a pleasure to drive. Thanks again!

    DarylAugust 2021

  • Nyi

    Very good

    NyiAugust 2021

  • Jeff

    Great car, wonderful host! Will definitely use Cherie’s car again!

    JeffAugust 2021


    Transaction with Cherie was smooth as ever. She’s also very accomodating to my last minute request. Nice car. Great host.

    MOHAMED IDRISJuly 2021


    Transaction with Cherie was smooth as ever. She’s also very accomodating to my last minute request. Nice car. Great host.

    MOHAMED IDRISJuly 2021


    And again smooth transition as ever. Cherie very accomodating to my last minute request. Nice car. Great host. **Two Thumb s up**

    MOHAMED IDRISJuly 2021


    Transaction with Cherie was smooth as ever. She’s also very accomodating to my last minute request. Nice car. Great host.

    MOHAMED IDRISJuly 2021

  • Muhammad

    No fuzz,no glitch,as usual,great host....thnks again Cherrie

    MuhammadJuly 2021

  • Maureen

    Superb host. She was very patient in explaining the process and was very quick to respond to messages. Overall the car was a smooth and easy drive. It was a throughly enjoyable experience. Thank you Cherie for making my mum's day.

    MaureenJune 2021

  • Santosh

    Cherie was very warm and approachable throughout my rental. The entire process was made seamless and she was very thorough with showing me all features of the car. From pick up to drop off, everything was well managed. Would definitely rent from her again! 😁

    SantoshJune 2021


    Cherie was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, and made the experience easy and enjoyable. The car was a delight to drive - beautifully kept, felt like I was renting a brand new car. Smooth transaction from start till stop, with clear explanation, will definitely rent from Cherie again in future :) thank you.

    MOHAMED IDRISJune 2021

  • Alan

    Gentle and kind lady indeed! Car is clean and smooth. Great experience. It's like borrowing car from your friendly neighbour next door!

    AlanJune 2021

  • Ross

    Great vehicle and courteous owner.

    RossJune 2021

  • Muhammad

    Cooperative and helpful host,car is ckean and in good condition,recommended for other members

    MuhammadMay 2021

  • Fazlin

    Pleasant and accommodating host.. very flexible in request.. will come back for future..

    FazlinMay 2021

  • Muhammad

    Great host. Always willing to accommodate to your requests.

    MuhammadMay 2021

  • Subhi

    as usual smooth transaction and the car is superb definitely will rent from Cherie again in future :) thank you

    SubhiMay 2021

  • Muhammad

    Great ride

    MuhammadMay 2021

  • Janna

    Had a fuss-free transaction! Car was really clean and fuel efficient as well. Thanks Cherie :-)

    JannaApril 2021

  • Andrew

    Fantastic host as always. Incredibly reliable and friendly and the car is wonderful. Thank you Cherie!

    AndrewApril 2021

  • Andrew

    Always such a fantastic host! Thank you for lending us your car and we will definitely be booking again.

    AndrewApril 2021

  • Alvin

    Excellent experience. Good drive.

    AlvinApril 2021

  • Andrew

    Cherie was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, and made the experience easy and enjoyable. The car was a delight to drive - beautifully kept and like new. We hope to rent from Cherie again!

    AndrewMarch 2021

  • Zheng Xiang

    Cherie was so nice and even patiently explained the process to me in detail as it was my first time renting! Car is very well maintained and the experience was very smooth. Would recommend!

    Zheng XiangMarch 2021

  • He an

    Great drive and helpful host! Great experience :) Thank you!

    He anMarch 2021

  • Kai Kein

    Great host, great car, great experience!

    Kai KeinMarch 2021

  • Chang Peng

    excellent host :)

    Chang PengFebruary 2021

  • Subhi

    Once again thank you Cherie for ride, the car is superb!😊

    SubhiFebruary 2021

  • Eugene

    Very pleasant experience. Owner was friendly , patient and took the time to explain in detail. Car was in very good condition. Felt like I was renting a brand new car. Will highly recommend.

    EugeneFebruary 2021

  • Prashant

    very accommodative and pleasant transaction

    PrashantFebruary 2021

  • Subhi

    host is friendly and easy to communicate plus understanding, definitely will rent again! thank you Cherie!

    SubhiFebruary 2021

  • Ariela

    An awesome experience with Cherie! She guided us through the process of rental collection and gave us a detailed orientation. Thank you!

    ArielaJanuary 2021

  • Qaz

    My 2nd time rental, 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    QazJanuary 2021

  • Olaf

    We had a very good experience with Cherie and her car. The car is in a very good condition, showing that Cherie takes good care and maintains it very well. Cherie is a very welcome and friendly person. She takes her time explaining the features of the car, also her expectations of how to handle and manage the car when you rent and drive it. She is a perfect host. Overall, very good experience and I can highly recommend renting Cherie's car.

    OlafDecember 2020

  • Richard

    My first time rent car from drive lah with a great experience I have to say ! Everything is smooth and enjoyable. Cherie is nice, pleasant, patient and considerate lady who maintain the car very good , clean and good condition, also lead me to check everywhere around the car inside and outside. definitely I will come again for next family holiday 👍

    RichardDecember 2020

  • Friendly owner & very outspoken. Car was in good condition too

    Banned userDecember 2020

  • Afifah

    Cherie was a really pleasant host! She patiently orientate us with the car, and ensured basic needs (wet & dry tissue and masks) are readily available! Highly recommended!!

    AfifahDecember 2020

  • Cathryn

    Good drive, car is easy to drive and well maintained. Cherie is a very patient host

    CathrynDecember 2020

  • Qaz

    A very friendly host that ensure you enjoy the ride thru whole process. Car was very clean and with full hygiene equipment to use. Highly recommended..👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    QazNovember 2020

  • Yaji

    cherie was very accommodating and a great conversationalist! would highly recommend :)

    YajiNovember 2020

  • Jayce

    the perfect vehicle for family or safety for its spacious boot and seats, and very stable ride. Cherie has also a high bar for thoughtfulness, preparation, and cleanliness. wipes, sprays, masks and even offered her cashcard after knowing I did not had 1. felt very blessed to have rented from Cherie.

    JayceNovember 2020

  • Natalie

    Great host. Cherie took the time to show me the car. It was very well maintained. She had wet wipes, spray, umbrellas and masks for us too. I will definitely be hiring from her again.

    NatalieNovember 2020

  • Daniel

    Cherie is a great host! She is very warm and friendly. She explained very clearly everything I needed to know about the car during the handover and even provided umbrellas, masks and wet wipes. The car was very clean and in good condition too. Thanks for the pleasant rental.

    DanielOctober 2020

  • James

    Cherie is a great host! The car is in great condition and is very clean. Cherie was really helpful with familiarising us with the vehicle and provided cleaning materials as well as umbrellas. i would definitely recommend her. Thanks

    JamesOctober 2020

  • Priya

    Cherie is warm and friendly. She is very thorough in familiarizing me with the car to ensure that I have a good experience with it. She also provided cleaning supplies for when the need may arise. I would definitely rent the car again from her in the future, should the need arise.

    PriyaOctober 2020

  • Pankaj

    Cherie is such a great host .. very welcoming both while receiving and returning. The Car is very Clean & in best condition .. I definitely recommend Cheries Car to anyone looking for it. Once again Many Thanks Cherie for the Car and also for a gift for my son on his PSLE exam.. it was such nice gesture :)

    PankajOctober 2020

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