Driving a PHV?
Join hundreds of Grab & Gojek drivers who are renting flexibly on Drive lah

  • From only $4/Hour or $29/Day
  • Pay per use, no long lease contracts
  • Approved by LTA
Flexible monthly rental hire to drive for grab with drive lah
Comprehensively insured with Drive lah protectionTM

Drive lah vs
Other car rental Companies

Why choosing Drive lah is a no-brainer?

Drive lahOther Rental Companies
Price$4/hr & $29/day no mileage cap$8/hr & $60/day limited mileage
Simple Rent Structure
Same all day
Duration, km & time of the day
Long Lease Commitment
Fixed Contract
Wide Car Variety
50+ models
4-5 models
Car pickup points
Always nearby
Hidden Charges
Late Return Charges
Grace Period
Strict Terms

Follow these 4 easy steps to start driving

  • 1

    Sign up or log in via the Drive lah platform

  • 2

    Choose a car and book instantly

  • 3

    Register the car on Grab/ Gojek app in minutes

  • 4

    Unlock the car with the app and start driving

Happy Customers
They love sharing cars on Drive lah!
The best part about Drive lah is that the mileage is included in the rental cost. This makes it so much more affordable and easy to make profits.
The customer service is really cooperative and patient. If I face an issue I just call them and they sort the problem immediately. Happy with the service.
I work on weekdays and drive for Grab on weekends. This option of renting a car from Drive lah whenever I have time helps me make money in my free time.
Shimei He
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Drive lah?
It is a peer to peer car sharing platform. This means that people who own a car can rent out their car to fellow Singaporeans when they don't need their car. The trip will be comprehensively insured for the host's and guest's peace of mind.
Am I eligible to drive for PHV?
You can be a PHV driver if you:
  • 1. are at least 30 years old
  • 2. have a valid TDVL or PDVL
  • 3. have a minimum of 1-year driving experience
  • 4. are a Singaporean citizen
  • 5. completed Vehicle Safety & Maintenance & Customer Service & Quality
  • 6. achieved a passing grade for Safety & Quality driving assessment
Why should I rent with Drive lah?
Drive lah is the most convenient access to cars in Singapore. We offer the largest variety of cars nearby at a click of a button. Drive lah utilizes unused car hours of individual car owners and that makes rentals on Drive lah typically 30-40% cheaper than traditional rental companies.