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How does car sharing on Drive lah work?

Drive lah makes it simple and secure to rent and share cars from real people. Watch how it works now.
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How to rent a carHow to share your car
Car sharing made simple with Drive lah

Renting a car/Sharing your car

Start with a one time registration
create a profile, share your driving license and a few other details
Start with listing your car
Upload all details of your car. Get ready to start earning with your car when you don’t need it.
Find & book the perfect car
Browse hundreds of nearby cars and make a booking. You are fully insured+. Don’t worry!
Respond to booking request
Once a guest selects and books your car, you receive a request. We make sure a guest is verified before a request reaches you.
Pick up the car
Meet your host at the pick up point.
Meet your guest
The day has come where you meet your guest and hand over the keys.
Enjoy driving
Well what is left to say, have fun!
Kick back and start earning
What is not to like, you earn whilst you can relax or enjoy family time.
Cruise back to your host
All good things come to an end. It’s time to drive back to your host.
Meet a happy guest and get your car back
It is time to get your keys back and get ready for the next guest or for your own trip.
Write a review about your experience
Please share your experience with the rest of the Drive lah community.
Write a review for your guest
Please write some kind words about your guest so the next host knows about your experience!

Fully insured & Safe

Relax, the car is fully insured throughout the whole trip by our trusted insurance partners.
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+All cars aged younger than or equal to 12 years are comprehensively insured. For more information click here.