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  • Drive lah is a car sharing community
    Drive lah brings together people who have cars with people who need cars for great benefits.
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  • Own a car? Let your car work for you when you don’t need it.
    when you don’t need it.
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    Access nearby cars at 30-40% lower prices
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  • You ask we answer

    What is Drive lah
    It is a peer to peer car sharing platform. This means… more
    As a host, how is the safety of my car ensured?
    We carry stringent checks on guests who rent on Drive lah through their NRIC/FIN and driving license… more
    Why should I rent with Drive lah?
    Drive lah is the most convenient access to cars in Singapore. We offer the largest variety of cars nearby at a click of a button… more
    What are the regulations with regards to peer to peer car sharing in Singapore?
    The Land Transport Authority(LTA) has given Drive lah special approval which allows rental of private cars on both weekdays & weekends...more
  • All cars aged less than or equal to 12 years are comprehensively insured. Cars aged higher than 12 years are insured via third party coverage only.