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  • Drive lah is a car sharing community
    Drive lah brings together people who have cars with people who need cars for great benefits.
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  • Own a car? Let your car work for you when you don’t need it.
    when you don’t need it.
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    comprehensively insured
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    Access nearby cars at 30-40% lower prices
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  • You ask we answer

    What is Drive lah
    It is a peer to peer car sharing platform. This means… more
    As a host, how is the safety of my car ensured?
    We carry stringent checks on guests who rent on Drive lah through their NRIC/FIN and driving license… more
    Why should I rent with Drive lah?
    Drive lah is the most convenient access to cars in Singapore. We offer the largest variety of cars nearby at a click of a button… more
    What are the regulations with regards to peer to peer car sharing in Singapore?
    Currently, as per LTA, any vehicle with a P registration can be rented out for self drive to another person on weekends & public holidays...more
  • All cars aged less than 10 years are comprehensively insured. Cars aged 10 years or higher are insured via third party coverage only.