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Toyota Sienta 2019
About Gina's car
    6 Seats
    90 – 130,000 kms
With the innovative Drive lah Go™ technology, hosts provide access for their cars to approved guests directly via their phone instead of physically handing over the keys. Yes that’s right – hosts using this technology from Drive lah will no longer be needed to be physically present at the time of handover.
Easily locate your car with GPS guidance
Enjoy a smooth check in
Be in control of your own schedule
Unlock & lock the car with your phone
Key features
  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input
Key rules
    No smoking
Specific instructions
Ensure to use petrol ron95. This car is Flashpay ready.
Mileage allowed per day


Listing location

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Nearest public transport

Admiralty (NS10), Sembawang (NS11), and Woodlands North MRT (TE1)N/A - 10+ minutes away

Drive lah Protection

Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

Drive lah Protection
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Joined March 2022

Reviews (100)

  • Sophian

    2nd time renting.. superb service👍👍👍

    SophianSeptember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Great car....

    HilmiSeptember 2023

  • Kean

    Car is in good condition. And owner is responsive and helpful. Recommended.

    KeanSeptember 2023

  • Mohamad Dini

    Enjoyed my trip. Thank you.

    Mohamad DiniSeptember 2023

  • Great car

    NordinSeptember 2023

  • rashidi

    Great host, car is smooth n aircon very good..

    rashidiAugust 2023

  • Isham

    Great car either it be mechanical or aesthetics…. Nice host

    IshamAugust 2023

  • Shahrudin

    Great car

    ShahrudinAugust 2023

  • Hilmi

    Sorry i little late

    HilmiAugust 2023

  • Heng Woon

    Pleasant and friendly host, car is clean and comfortable and no major issue, definitely suitable for family trip. We do enjoy our trip to Malaysia with the car, although midst of the trip our son fall sick. The space is quite comfortable and big for us even we have 4 adults and 2 kids and 1 baby.

    Heng WoonAugust 2023

  • Rudy

    Mr Aaron was very nice. He did not get upset when i returned the car late because i aas stuck in a jam

    RudyAugust 2023

  • Fandi

    Good car to drive only left passenger side tyre bold,need to replaced other then tat all ok....eill soon booked again..thank u

    FandiAugust 2023

  • Great host, very prompt in replying me even for the last minute rental. Will rent again if needed to

    CherlynAugust 2023

  • Zureen

    Aaron was very prompt in replying messages. Car was clean and drive was hassle free. Fuel saving vehicle too! Thanks Aaron!

    ZureenAugust 2023

  • Munirah

    Smooth ride and responsive host. Have been having issues within the app for the end trip button and car lock since the start, so will have to spend time waiting for agent to lock the car on their end.

    MunirahJuly 2023

  • Sophian

    Hassle free driven.. gd clean car.. thks bro👌will book again

    SophianJuly 2023

  • Hilmi

    Brilliant car 👍👍👍👍

    HilmiJuly 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you.... Brilliant car 👍👍👍

    HilmiJuly 2023

  • Chee Wang

    Clean, well maintained car. Responsive. Will rent again!!

    Chee WangJuly 2023

  • Great host!!

    MuhammadJuly 2023

  • Teck Yee

    Good for family car

    Teck YeeJuly 2023

  • Mohammad Nizam

    Great host, comfortable car

    Mohammad NizamJuly 2023

  • Dave Anand

    Great Host Fun renting. Dropped off car at lot 72

    Dave AnandJuly 2023

  • Muhammad Nazri

    Great host and car...

    Muhammad NazriJuly 2023

  • Hilmi

    Amazing to drive the car

    HilmiJuly 2023

  • Hilmi

    Amazing car

    HilmiJuly 2023

  • Excellent car

    NordinJune 2023

  • Muhammad Fazli

    Great host.clean n smooth car.

    Muhammad FazliJune 2023

  • Qayyum

    Great car. Fuel saving and also a great host. Will take the car again for sure.

    QayyumJune 2023

  • Azlee

    Great car. Very responsive host.

    AzleeJune 2023

  • Sophia

    Great host. Great car. Easy pick up and drop off.

    SophiaJune 2023

  • Mohd

    Awesome car! Recommend! 👍🏼

    MohdJune 2023

  • Muhammad Razin


    Muhammad RazinJune 2023

  • Muhammad Nurfadli

    Great host. Fast response and car in good condition

    Muhammad NurfadliJune 2023

  • Muhammad Razin

    Marvellous car

    Muhammad RazinJune 2023

  • Razlie

    Car is clean and spacious, this is my 2nd time booking. Will book again and again. Thkz bro.

    RazlieMay 2023

  • Razlie

    Great host, will book again.

    RazlieMay 2023

  • Shaiful Fauzi

    Fast and easy. Nice car too.

    Shaiful FauziMay 2023

  • Norjali

    Nice car

    NorjaliMay 2023

  • Zac

    Great host,replied promptly. Will definitely rent again. Thanks. Car is smooth and clean too.

    ZacMay 2023

  • Ahmad

    Comfortable car

    AhmadMay 2023

  • Noorindra

    Great hoss

    NoorindraMay 2023

  • Azlee

    Great car. Will use again soon.

    AzleeMay 2023

  • Juraimi

    Great hosting and the car is clean and smooth. Overall strongly recommended.Thank you.

    JuraimiApril 2023

  • Yusli

    Awesome and responsive host. Fuss free transaction. Nice car for family use. Very happy. Will rent again.

    YusliApril 2023

  • Norazlin

    Aaron was fast responsive. Car was good and smooth driving except for the radio sensor, i.e. left buttons not working ~ vol etc. Already informed Aaron and he will check on it. Thanks.

    NorazlinApril 2023

  • Emilyn

    Car pickup was painless, car is in great condition!

    EmilynApril 2023

  • Sherry

    The vehicle is in good condition,worth it.

    SherryApril 2023

  • Ming Wang

    Excellent experience in terms of communication with host, very helpful and friendly. Car was pretty decent (not on the exterior cosmetics), interior head unit was also partially faulty (issues with touch screen navigation) and other than that, everything was great. Thank you !

    Ming WangMarch 2023

  • Boon Kiat

    The car is great and Aaron was very helpful and responsive.

    Boon KiatMarch 2023

  • Say Chao

    My second booking with Aaron, nice experience as well. Will booking again if I need a car in near future. Thank you Aaron

    Say ChaoMarch 2023

  • Joel


    JoelMarch 2023

  • Ahmad

    Car condition is good, well maintained.

    AhmadMarch 2023

  • Hartini

    Hassle free, smooth ride, car was clean. Recommended host. Thanks.

    HartiniMarch 2023

  • Muhammad

    Car was good. Host was quick with reply. Only had a few problems to lock and unlock via the app. But so far so good.

    MuhammadFebruary 2023

  • Say Chao

    Wonderful Host. Response was very fast and helps to guide me on the pick up and drop off process. smooth trip. Will book again with Aaron if need to have a car trip again. Thank you Aaron

    Say ChaoFebruary 2023

  • Zulkiffli

    Thank you for refuel the tank 3/4 as per requested. Sorry for not washing the car when returning back.

    ZulkiffliFebruary 2023

  • Norsazuandy

    This is my second time borrowing from Aaron. His car is always in a perfect good condition. And he is a very good host. Would totally rent from him again

    NorsazuandyFebruary 2023

  • Min Thein

    friendly and supportive

    Min TheinFebruary 2023

  • Esa

    Aaron was very responsive.This is my first experience with Drive lah and he apply my question fast .Thank you bro for being patience to me.The car is clean and in good condition.For sure will recommend it to my friends.

    EsaJanuary 2023

  • Noel

    All good.

    NoelJanuary 2023

  • Samad

    Aaron was a great host.Car was super clean,petrol consumption was efficient.Patience level was good as guide me along the trip.Highly recommend Aaron.Thanks the the ride,bro.Will rent again if permits.

    SamadJanuary 2023

  • John

    Great experience 👍

    JohnJanuary 2023

  • Kiok Chye Felix

    The car is comfortable and easy to drive. Aaron was helpful. There is issue with the lock/unlock system. Hope the system will improve.

    Kiok Chye FelixJanuary 2023

  • Ken

    Relatively easy to arrange and clean interior.

    KenDecember 2022

  • Muhammad Izzuddin

    Car in good condition

    Muhammad IzzuddinDecember 2022

  • 1. The system Apps of the door lock was faulty. The door was unable to be locked. 2. The collection address of the Carpark level and lot number was not accurately updated. 3. The FUEL GAUGE bar level system only read and detected 20 mins later after full of fuel pump.

    cherDecember 2022

  • Michelle

    Aaron was very helpful and patient with me, as this was my first time renting using DriveLah. It was a very pleasant experience. The car was a very nice drive up to Malaysia. I love the fact that it has auto rear passenger doors. It's very spacious and comfortable. Aircon was cool all the time, car was well maintained. Would definitely rent again. Thank you Aaron for being accommodating!

    MichelleDecember 2022

  • Abdil

    Car is clean, nice and driveable. Will be patronizing again soon.

    AbdilDecember 2022

  • Gym

    Car out of maintenance & full of cockroach. Arguable minor leak tyre spent my time to repair half way in Malaysia highway at own cost. Annoying slow door unlock system. Btw, car shld b still new & good to go with maintenance. Drivelah said will take action n hopefully next user have good ride. No news after 4days for the committed compensation & repair reimbursement. Support team are good

    GymDecember 2022

  • Juslinder

    Aaron is great and patient! Overall a wonderful experience. Renting and driving the Sienta was smooth sailing. Thank you Aaron!

    JuslinderNovember 2022

  • Mohamed Sultan

    the car interior was clean but please note when checking engine oil there was barely nothing , when told to the owner he only told to inform drive lah , then we topped up the oil

    Mohamed SultanNovember 2022

  • Aizat

    Very polite and give clear cut instuctions when im not sure of what to do. A very pleasant car owner to communicate with

    AizatNovember 2022

  • Gopalan

    Wiper was not working.. and as it was raining heavily.. it was a bit dangerous to drive.. Secondly the price while on the first page mentiones 79sgd.. but when I completed the booking for 2 days.. the cost almost doubled to 400 sgd. The infotainment was not good. Bluetooth Speaker was not working.. as a result couldnot do phone calls.. and instead have to use loudspeaker on my phone. When I called the customer officer to report this she wanted a video which was funny and iritating. Otherwse good

    GopalanNovember 2022

  • Leon

    Thanks for the car rental.

    LeonOctober 2022

  • Amir

    Prompt reply,smooth transaction.

    AmirOctober 2022

  • Gulam

    Car was OK

    GulamOctober 2022


    I've a bad experience renting your car. The brake pads need to be changed immediately. A loud noise when braking and very hard braking needed to slow down the car. The car cannot be looked in Malaysia. Another critical issue is trying to start the engine. I've try to start the engine many times and the technical took more than an hour to settle the issue. The car was hold on at the petrol station for more than an hour. Please settle the matter ASAP. Thanks

    KAMALOctober 2022

  • Raj

    Great experience!

    RajSeptember 2022

  • Romie

    The best car i have rented..spacious..smooth..super efficient..comfortable..well maintained..good condition to family love this car🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    RomieSeptember 2022

  • Clean, comfortable, spacious car! Also, the owner was super prompt with his replies, makes the entire experience all the better!

    NurulSeptember 2022

  • Choon Hong

    Car was smooth and clean.No problem was encountered

    Choon HongAugust 2022

  • Norsazuandy

    The host is very friendly and straight-forward. He deserves a 5 star because he hosted very well, very genuine & best service. He taught us how to rent using Drivelah for the first time. If you are looking for a car, I totally recommended you to him ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    NorsazuandyAugust 2022

  • Muhammad

    Comfortable ride, will definitely rent again in future..

    MuhammadAugust 2022

  • Shanker

    Second time renting this car, needed to extend the trip as our plans had changed. everything was done within ten mins. Cust SVC team was very quick in handling any queries or concerns. And I must say the unlock and lock feature has improved tremendously. Thanks drivelah!

    ShankerAugust 2022

  • Abdul

    Great car..

    AbdulAugust 2022

  • Yen Chong

    Nice and clean condition

    Yen Chong August 2022

  • Sudhir

    Very well maintained car

    SudhirAugust 2022

  • Luqman

    Gets the job done

    LuqmanJuly 2022

  • Chi Sing

    Host was friendly and responsive to our questions. The only issues are below: 1. Very loud radio burst when on reverse 2. Wipers needing replacement 3. Touchscreen insensitive However, overall the car was a good ride and works fine. Will rent again if required.

    Chi SingJuly 2022



    ALHAKIM June 2022

  • Muhammad Zulhelmy

    Drivelah should in built the ability to unlock via Bluetooth as a secondary option. As both the car and phone need to be connected to 4G for the unlocking and locking to be successful. I was having a hard time even in Singapore when I go to an area with no signal such as basement.

    Muhammad ZulhelmyJune 2022

  • al

    Great experience but when travelling to JB, there's issue with the lock/unlock system but thats due to the roaming overseas. But 100% clean and comfortable ride

    alJune 2022

  • Tue Fatt David

    Very well maintained car.Smooth ride. Today I did not encountered any issue with the Go systems. Ease of locking and unlocking the car . Looking forward to use the car the next time.

    Tue Fatt DavidMay 2022

  • Zulkarnaen

    Good booking experience. Host helpful and replies promptly. Definitely will book again.

    ZulkarnaenMay 2022

  • Yi San

    similar experience to the others. Had bad experiences with locking/unlocking of the car. At one point, we were locked out for approx 30 mins. At least, the support team was prompt in their communications and friendly. Car was in good condition though I couldn’t get the music player to work.

    Yi SanMay 2022

  • Sam

    Had a bad experience with this car. Car was advertised without Drive Lah sticker on the exterior, but when I went to collect, there was Drive Lah sticker. Owner did not inform me about it too despite asking if there is anything to know. Slow response from owner for multiple queries that delayed my plans. I had to walk around to find the lot number, never indicate level of car park. 2 stars because was still able to get the job done. But I was not satisfied. I did not pay for a car with drive lah sticker, felt like a scam.

    SamMay 2022

  • Shanker

    The car drives well and is well maintained, only issue I have is with the unlocking and locking function. Hopefully this can be improved

    ShankerMay 2022

  • Chor Hien

    Car is in good condition. But the application can be better improved. The Lock & Unlock function is sometimes unreliable even with proper internet connectivity. For an 8 hours trip, I've contacted support 3 times to lock and unlock the car.

    Chor HienMay 2022

  • Muhammad

    Overall experience is superb, except during my travels in JB, the lock/unlock feature was not responding. But overall smooth ride, great interior, air con was working perfectly. Definitely 2 thumbs!

    MuhammadApril 2022

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