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Mitsubishi Attrage 2020 Allowed for Malaysia
About Kenneth's car
    4 Seats
    30 – 60,000 kms
With the innovative Drive lah Go™ technology, hosts provide access for their cars to approved guests directly via their phone instead of physically handing over the keys. Yes that’s right – hosts using this technology from Drive lah will no longer be needed to be physically present at the time of handover.
Easily locate your car with GPS guidance
Enjoy a smooth check in
Be in control of your own schedule
Unlock & lock the car with your phone
Key features
  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input
Key rules
    No smoking
Specific instructions
Ensure to use petrol ron95. This car is Flashpay ready.
Mileage allowed per day


Listing location

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Nearest public transport

Admiralty - 5-10 minutes away

Drive lah Protection

Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

Drive lah Protection
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Joined September 2022

Reviews (95)

  • 2nd times renting, great car with no issues. Will rent again definitely. Recommended!

    LydiaJune 2024

  • Ayatollah K

    Great host. Easy and fast transaction.

    Ayatollah KMay 2024

  • rashidi

    Great host, n car condition is very good n smooth. Fuel consumption also GD...

    rashidiMay 2024

  • No issues and hiccups of the car at all, interior is very clean, comfy and aircon is cool. Low petrol consumption, that's the best. Will definitely rent again for sure. Thanks to the car owner Mr Kenneth to make my journey happens and the Drive lah team!👍🏼

    LydiaMay 2024

  • Nazri

    Nice car & host always ready to reply my messages.

    NazriMay 2024

  • Wan

    Car is good condition. Transaction is smooth. Tks Kenneth ☘️

    WanMay 2024

  • Hilmi

    Nice car... Somehow please tak care the owner car... Somebody left the key under seat.... Lucky found it before going overseas...

    HilmiMay 2024

  • mohd

    good host. great car. 5

    mohdMay 2024

  • Muhammad Zulkifli Bin Ahmad

    Clean and well maintained car.. petrol consumption is good !!will definitely rent again next time..tq host☺️🙏🏽

    Muhammad Zulkifli Bin AhmadMay 2024

  • Mohd

    Good car to drive, well maintain, no prob going in to JB..

    MohdMay 2024

  • rashidi

    Great car n hassle free. Will rent again. Fuel consumption very good

    rashidiMay 2024

  • Woong

    Good trip

    WoongMay 2024

  • Great host and convenient car

    LogeshApril 2024

  • Abdul Mun'im Bin Mansor

    Good car. Only that the boot was wet and it gives a little bit of a bad smell. Otherwise it was okay.

    Abdul Mun'im Bin MansorApril 2024

  • Preston

    Having some trouble when pickup up because the doors won't unlock by app. After get in touch with support team just can unlock. The carpet in trunk is very wet and the interior is a bit dirty. Hope can get a clenup periodically. Overall is still ok and aircon is very cold.

    PrestonApril 2024

  • Baihaqi

    Good car but got smell

    BaihaqiApril 2024

  • Saifulreezal

    Great host! Very responsive. Didnt have to wait long for host to reply. Car condition is good and driving is smooth. Overall a great experience renting this

    SaifulreezalApril 2024

  • sya.omz

    Host was great. Car was great too.

    sya.omzApril 2024

  • Nur

    solid car. well maintained and drives well

    NurApril 2024

  • car in great condition and host is super friendly!

    SyedApril 2024

  • Mohd

    Easy deal. Will rent again if needed

    MohdMarch 2024

  • Comfortable

    SkyMarch 2024

  • Safinah

    smooth process

    SafinahMarch 2024

  • Car is clean and alright but downside is u have the pay for the parking when exitting the carpark after collection and wait for admin to settle and update you in the reimbursement.

    Md SaifuddinMarch 2024

  • Haikal

    Waited an hour for the locksmith to come. Overall still good

    HaikalJanuary 2024

  • Mohamad Dini

    Other than hickup at the start requiring locksmith to come down, delaying my trip, car was good.

    Mohamad DiniJanuary 2024

  • Yusli

    Awesome fuel efficient car. Fussy free hire. will hire again.

    YusliJanuary 2024

  • Hassle free. Owner reply very promptly

    Leong simDecember 2023


    5Star! Will book this car again

    HOI PINGDecember 2023

  • Izzan

    Cleanliness need improvement. The car carpet have strong smell that I actually bought air freshener. Need maintenance too. Otherwise, a good drive.

    IzzanDecember 2023

  • Melvin

    Cleaned and crisp air conditioning

    MelvinDecember 2023

  • Md fadzully

    Nice car n smooth engine

    Md fadzullyDecember 2023

  • Suria

    Nice host. Helped to resolve the lock car when he could. Car was clean and easy to drive

    SuriaDecember 2023

  • Jason

    Host super helpful knowing that it’s my first time renting a car. Also very accommodating and assisted me for all the troubles I encountered.

    JasonDecember 2023

  • Great app. Will use again

    LohDecember 2023

  • Hassan


    HassanDecember 2023

  • Francis

    The car is very clean, very responsive owner too.

    FrancisDecember 2023


    👍 Nice

    HOI PINGDecember 2023

  • Sarah

    driver was not responsive

    SarahDecember 2023


    Smooth car!Air-con are powerful!All are working conditions..did not need to worrying your mileage when travelling to jb..will book again near future..

    MUHAMMADNovember 2023

  • Neo Wee

    clean and fuss free

    Neo WeeNovember 2023

  • Mohd

    Nice smooth drive

    MohdNovember 2023

  • Haikal

    Love it!! Smooth, engine is good,aircon good all good ah .hehe .

    HaikalNovember 2023

  • Responsive host. No hassle driving.

    muhammadNovember 2023

  • Muhammad Hafiz

    Hassle free rental. Host was very quick on reply 👍 Car was in a very good condition and engine was smooth as well. No problem driving around Malaysia till KL. Will surely rent the car again in the future 👍

    Muhammad HafizNovember 2023

  • Qayyum

    Rented couple of times with this host. Great car.

    QayyumNovember 2023

  • Syafiq

    Host and his car was excellent. Would definitely rent again

    SyafiqOctober 2023

  • Domingo

    Nice experience driving this car

    DomingoOctober 2023

  • Hassle free

    ZakiOctober 2023

  • Ismadi

    Everything is smooth. The car is nice to drive. Will rent this car again !

    IsmadiOctober 2023

  • Hudzairie

    Everything is good . Just need to repair the car lock.

    HudzairieOctober 2023

  • Ayatollah K

    Easy pick up n return.

    Ayatollah KOctober 2023

  • Ahmad Aizat Bin

    Rough start but all is good.

    Ahmad Aizat BinOctober 2023

  • Ayatollah K

    Great host. Easy pick up n send. Drivelah has improved the processes too. Super.

    Ayatollah KSeptember 2023

  • Mohamed

    Great was a pleasant trip!

    MohamedSeptember 2023

  • 1st time renting. Great host will rent again in the future.

    ZakiSeptember 2023

  • Qayyum

    Great host good car

    QayyumSeptember 2023

  • Wan

    Very Smooth Transaction, and good owner.Thanks Ahmed.

    WanSeptember 2023

  • Gan

    Great host. Great and good condition. Quick response and nice owner. 👍

    GanSeptember 2023

  • Firdaus

    The car is smooth,well cleaned,will rent again soon

    FirdausSeptember 2023

  • Zainal

    Quick pickup and easy dealing host

    ZainalAugust 2023

  • Abdul

    Host very helpful.. Car is good. Simple car for a simple trip..

    AbdulAugust 2023

  • Muhammad Fazli

    Great is smooth n clean.

    Muhammad FazliAugust 2023

  • Earwan

    The process of renting is so easy and smooth. The car is clean and will rent again in future..

    EarwanAugust 2023

  • Jayashree

    Was a nice person to liase and easy to communicate. Fast response when in doubt.

    JayashreeAugust 2023

  • Shazrie

    Great car! Clean, and comfortable.

    ShazrieAugust 2023

  • Mohd Fairuz

    Car was nice and clean. Very smooth transaction. Recommended

    Mohd FairuzAugust 2023

  • Sulaiman

    Car is very well maintained. Pickup was easy and nil hassle. Highly recommended. Thanks

    SulaimanAugust 2023

  • Apps keyless system sometimes didn't work, but lucky I have required the key

    MichaelAugust 2023

  • Qayyum


    QayyumAugust 2023

  • Mohd

    Great car to drive, 2nd time rent.

    MohdJuly 2023

  • Qayyum

    There were hiccups with the season parking but solved it with Drivelah team. Overall a nice car, would rent it again.

    QayyumJuly 2023

  • Hilmi

    Great Car to drive...

    HilmiJune 2023

  • Mohd

    Car is good, nice drive to and fro frm Malaysia no problem, only drivelah app is the problem when collecting the car, using the keyless locking and unlocking system. Need to wait 1hr for drivelah team to unlock the car. Book car at 9am and only manage to unlock it atb10.45am. Drivelah team and host were helpful.

    MohdJune 2023

  • Waikin

    Car is fairly new and clean, the petrol consumption also decent, will definitely book from the host again

    WaikinJune 2023

  • Kar Leong

    Pick up is easy and car condition is okay. However, the auto locking system has problem. If without key, you will not able to unlock it via drivelah app. Luckily I got the key to unlock it. However, the car kept auto lock and blinks every few minutes. Hopefully owner could fix it.

    Kar LeongJune 2023

  • Henry

    Decent car. Smooth drive.

    HenryJune 2023

  • Hui Xin

    The pick up process was smooth and car is very well maintained. However, the remote locking/unlocking system was not working. We ended up waiting for locksmith to unlock the car as the car automatically locked by itself with the car key inside. The trip was not ended smoothly using the app. I needed to do it using website.

    Hui XinJune 2023

  • John

    Fuel efficiency. 👍

    JohnJune 2023

  • Qayyum

    Great host!

    QayyumMay 2023

  • Azmi

    Host was friendly and easy to communicate. Great car will rent again. Thanks.

    AzmiMay 2023

  • Ahmad Aizat Bin

    Thanks! Smooth drive

    Ahmad Aizat BinMay 2023

  • Muhammad

    Good decent car, easy to pick up and return

    MuhammadMay 2023

  • Ahmad Aizat Bin

    Simple and easy. Great car to drive

    Ahmad Aizat BinMay 2023

  • Ismail

    Great car & everything is smooth.

    IsmailMay 2023

  • Amirul

    the only issue will be the car because we had to wait for 6 hours in total for the customer service person and locksmith to come down and help us to unlock the car because there was an issue with the locking and unlocking of the car. Will not recommend this car specifically.

    AmirulApril 2023

  • Ibnu


    IbnuApril 2023

  • N

    A very friendly and accomodating host

    NApril 2023

  • Nazrul

    Seamless process, excellent maintenance of car!

    NazrulApril 2023

  • Preston

    Fantastic. Car is quite new & in tip top condition and smooth trip. Seat is comfortable, air conditioner is cold, driving experience is great with Ahmed's Mitsubishi Attrage. Will definitely recommend to anybody who would like to rent a car for short trip.

    PrestonApril 2023

  • Ednes

    Great host. Car is clean and well maintain. The only hiccups is the lock abd unlock system sometimes is not functioning well

    EdnesApril 2023

  • Moharudin

    Overall experience bad. Due to keyless system, car couldn't be unlocked for few hours when in JB. Luckily drive lah team helped to find locksmiths to unlock car but we had to pay upfront RM150 which they will reimburse. Will avoid to rent any keyless car in future.

    MoharudinApril 2023

  • Pratab

    Helpful customer team, Thank you.

    PratabApril 2023

  • Masud

    Nice, helpful and easy going person. Very prompt in replying msgs and enquiry. Car very clean, smooth engine, feels great to drive. 👍🏻

    MasudApril 2023

  • Frederik

    car is new. thank you.

    FrederikMarch 2023

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