Mercedes-Benz E230
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Mercedes-Benz E230

Luxury SedanHosted by Shashank

| Trips: 26

About Shashank's car

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 1 - 4 Seats
  • 130,000 kms+

Key features

  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input

Key rules

1. No Pets
2. No smoking
3. Not permitted to drive to Malaysia

Mileages allowed per day


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Hello, I'm Shashank.

Reviews (24)

  • Ian

    Great understanding host. Overall, this car meets/exceeds my expectations when age, condition, mileage etc. all factors of fair wear & tear taken into consideration ! Appreciate the multiple-memory seat with control panel position on door instead of hard-to-see below seat ! Overall more fundamentally well thought out attention-to-detail in the design & concept of car design which only Mercedes-Benz knows how to do best, which tends to have been compromised in most their 'cheaper' newer models.

    IanSeptember 2022

  • Daniel

    Great care to drive and very friendly owner! Thank you!

    DanielSeptember 2022

  • Ian

    As usual, overall speaking, excellent experiences dealing with the host/their helper. As for the car, overall excellent experience as expected from a classic 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz ! Despite the 15 year age, this car offers overall superior class of drive & travel refinement. Compared with my drives with far newer cars like the Jaguar F-Pace Diesel or even the brand-new MG ZS EV full electric, i find that no other brand masters the art of car design/making better than the Mercedes-Benz !

    IanAugust 2022

  • Senthilkumar

    car is well maintained ! And host is very smooth and genuine!

    SenthilkumarAugust 2022

  • Senthilkumar

    The host is very helpful in navigating and also very kind and maintained the car well

    SenthilkumarAugust 2022

  • Hary

    hassle free. super easy pick up and drop off experience. clean and well maintain car. many thanks!!

    HaryJuly 2022


    Nice & Comfortable ride

    VINOTH KUMARJuly 2022

  • Ian

    As far as the host & car are concerned, overall excellent experience as usual as expected !! Overall speaking this is the best & most satisfying car i've driven despite the fact it being not an EV or some brand new car ! The 6-cylinder drive refinement standard is such that after having experienced this, i no longer have the desire to revert to driving a 4 or 5 cylinder car again ?! Perhaps only a 3-cylinder or a V12 or an EV would be my next nearest alternatives after tasting this V6 model.

    IanJuly 2022

  • Ian

    Excellent communication & understanding with the host when i missed the drop-off time & decided to extend the booking for 1 more day. However i rate the overall experience this time down by 1 star due to the shortcomings from the DriveLah platform side over how they present & communicate the information i.e. not enough clarity on how the 'excess time' incurred on the original booking were to be 'mitigated' via the earlier than expected return of the car upon expiration of the extended booking!

    IanJuly 2022

  • Shaun

    great worry-free rental from start to finish!

    ShaunJuly 2022

  • Eugene

    Pick up and drop off was smooth. The drive is smooth and stable. Overall, very good experience. Thanks!

    EugeneJuly 2022

  • Felix

    First time using the platform and very happy with the smooth experience. Thank you for being so accommodating, wonderful rental experience

    FelixJune 2022

  • Venkatesh

    nice car … smooth and seamless experience… I will recommend this host to all other guests …

    VenkateshJune 2022

  • Ian

    Overall excellent experience as expected.

    IanJune 2022

  • Chong

    Fantastic host! Very accommodating! Highly recommended!

    ChongJune 2022

  • Champ

    Host is super friendly and accommodating. Drive feels smooth and luxurious. Will definitely be back.

    ChampMay 2022

  • Chong

    fantastic host

    ChongMay 2022

  • Ian

    Thanks for the lift after i returned the car, it was most welcomed since it was a hot day ! As for the drive experience & the car, overall it reinforces all my previous reviews from my previous trips...this is still an excellent car to drive after all these years, the Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder V-type configuration here they manage to make it as smooth if not more smooth running than the in-line 6..which i find somewhat surprising since normally it's the other way around from others.

    IanMay 2022

  • Muslihati

    Shashank is a great host. No fuss, no hassle. My first time driving a Mercedes Benz and he patiently guide me through it. Car in good condition exterior & interior. Smooth engine, luxury ride. Best car I ever drive : ) Will definitely rent from Shashank again. Highly recommended.

    MuslihatiMay 2022

  • Ian

    Overall unparalleled great experience, thanks again !

    IanApril 2022

  • Ian

    Excellent experience with the host & car as expected, overall speaking.

    IanApril 2022

  • Ian

    Thanks for the lift from your place after i returned the car. Overall the car met my expectations...come to think about it, i have found it a very nostalgic drive as well because of how similar the engine sounds while coasting to a very different model/type of Mercedes-Benz which i experienced 25 to 30 years ago ! Whether it's just coincidence or by design, i find it uniquely amazing that the M272 E25 engine in this W211 E230 car can sound so similar to the OM407h in a O 305 city-bus which (in chassi form) were used here till around 1999 !! The only similarities are that both are 6-cylinder engines & share the same brand name & logo...otherwise they are very different in terms of fuel type, displacement, performance figures, target market etc. ! It appears only in the world of Mercedes-Benz offers such unique experiences as the closest other brand which comes to my mind is the BMW-MAN 'correlation' which is an un-official at best ?!

    IanMarch 2022

  • Ian

    Overall excellent experience with the host & car, as expected. In terms of what i call the 'drive refinement standard' of this car, driving this (more exclusive due to the V6-cylinder design) E-Class is reminiscent of what to expect in the S-Class (with similar modular based engine type used), only 'missing out' mainly is the lack of the air-suspension (standard on S-Class but only optional in this non-E500 E-Class unfortunately). Overall NVH levels are impressively low (with no wheel bearing & tyre noise issues) such that @ normal cruising speeds on quiet tarmac, it's practically as quiet if not even slightly more quiet than a full EV like a BYD E6....the 6-cylinder E-Class engines tend to be overall way quieter & more smooth running than all those 4-cylinder E-Class cars...irregardless the same gen or even those 1 to 2 gen newer with more impressive 'on-paper' specification credentials than this 'old' car ! It's my firm conviction that with 4 cylinders, there's only 'so much' which can be achieved in terms of the 'drive refinement standard' so overall i still find it much more satisfying & worthwhile driving this older 6-cylinder car compared to all those same gen or newer 4-cylinder ('like that only') models ! In addition, having the upright standing star above the bonnet (for any long/short bonneted Mercedes-Benz vehicle -whether passenger class or commercial vehicle) is the ONLY proper way to present the logo as far as i'm concerned as i won't want to drive a C or E-Class car (even the newest ones) unless it's presented with the upright star logo.

    IanFebruary 2022

  • Ian

    Overall excellent host with excellent car in good condition..i'll even say it's very close to it's brand new standards in terms of the NVH & engine running smoothness levels..which being an old school Mercedes-Benz classic design..the 6-cylinder engine refinement, i'll even say it reminds me of the good old Mercedes-Benz V8's which was used in the O 303's & O 404's...which has that characteristic 'feel' which just sounds 'right', which makes much of the modern newer 4-cylinder engined cars 'inferior', 'rough, unpolished' when it comes to the engine 'sound quality' !! Speaking of sound, i find this W211 series has the best hi-fi audio system in any brand of car i've driven ! Although this is clearly not a new car, the technical standards have overall stood well over the test of time, such that this brand of car (especially 6-cylinder models like this car) remains the superior way to travel, as far as i'm concerned. I'll definitely give this car priority if i have to pick a petrol engined car to drive because the engine is of a refinement standard similar to those in the S-Class which makes this the more exclusive E-Class since the majority of E-Class (old & new ones here) are of the relatively UN-impressive 4-cylinder variety 'only' !!

    IanFebruary 2022

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