Ashley Bmw 1 Series 2016
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Ashley Bmw 1 Series 2016

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About Ashley's car

  • BMW
  • Automatic
  • Diesel
  • 1 - 4 Seats
  • 60 – 90,000 kms

Key features

  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input

Key rules

1. No smoking
2. Not permitted to drive to Malaysia

Mileages allowed per day

About 150km

Distance of car to your location

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Drive lah protection.

Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

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Hello, I'm Ashley.

Reviews (18)

  • Shan

    Always a good experience renting from Ashley, prompt replies and was very understanding about my requests 👍🏼👍🏼

    ShanMay 2022


    Clean and well maintained car, friendly owner.


  • Rahima

    Nice car and good to drive. Ashley is friendly and easy to deal with.

    RahimaMay 2022

  • mehul

    Ashley is a great host - very flexible and accommodating. The car was great to drive and very clean. Her walk through of the car at the time of pick up was very thorough and patient. Highly recommend !

    mehulMay 2022

  • Shan

    friendly and hassle-free, good experience. thanks Ashley! :)

    ShanApril 2022

  • Nadira

    Renting from Ashley was one of my best drivelah experience. She was so friendly and she was flexible with the renting arrangement. Her car was clean, comfortable and so smooth. i totally enjoyed the drive! Cant wait to find more opportunities to rent from her again! 👍🏻

    NadiraJanuary 2022

  • Rachit

    It was a good experience driving Ashley’s car. She is prompt in responding to all messages. The car was in very good condition and good to drive. Ashley is very nice to interact and would love to hire the car again.

    RachitJanuary 2022

  • Colin

    Phenomenal Experience with Ashley and her vehicle. Ashley was friendly, accommodating and detailed when sharing the vehicle ins & outs. Entire handover process was smooth, comfortable and easy to follow. It was great fun driving the vehicle too! 10/10 will rent again 👍🏼

    ColinJanuary 2022

  • Muhammad

    Ashley was really helpful in explaining on how to operate the car. She was so kind to resolve a minor issue caused by me. The car was clean and in good condition. She’s very friendly and a great host overall. 11/10 highly recommended. Thanks Ashley :)

    MuhammadDecember 2021


    Car was very clean and nice to drive! Ashley is very friendly and easy to communicate with! thank you for the wonderful rental!

    DARISHNAMBIGAIDecember 2021

  • Benn

    Ashley is super friendly and accommodating, and her car is very clean and well maintained. It makes the ride very enjoyable. Definitely a good option for anyone looking to rent a car from a great host.

    BennDecember 2021

  • Daryl

    Renting with Ashley was great! She was punctual and her car was clean and well maintained! Will definitely rent from her soon :)

    DarylDecember 2021

  • Ian

    Overall it has been an immensely satisfying experience with Ashley as host ! She saved me the inconvenience of going all the way to collect the car by offering to do the handover much nearer to my location. I sense Ashley is a kind, accommodative, considerate & understanding host & pleasant to communicate with ! As for the car experience, basically it did meet my expectations of a modern BMW diesel car i.e. a modern advanced highly efficient charge-cooled 4v diesel engine (of the new gen 'quiet' type !) with overall impressively low NVH levels with hardly any notable idling vibrations & overall quiet ride whether during highway cruising or even under the occasional hard acceleration...when some mild turbocharger sound is audible & the resultant torque delivery is reasonably strong & quick, resulting in that unfailing satisfying thrust (forwards/backwards depending on drive direction)..all attained with minimal engine revving..which is what i like about diesel cars over petrol cars since less revving also means less audible engine noise as petrol cars need much more rpm to attain similar or inferior torque to a diesel car ! Noteworthy also is that characteristic engine sound reminiscent from what many people should be able to recall from the Daihatsu Charade cars as far back as 40 years ago i.e. that unmistakable sound of a 3-cylinder engine when revved hard, which on a positive note i seem to find more satisfying to 'live with' compared to the 'boring' sound of 4-cylinder engines in most cars engine sound-wise, i'll say although not as satisfying as 5 or 6 cylinder, is at least 'better' than the typical 4-cylinder car's ! On the somewhat negative side of things, i seem to sense some mildly distracting howling noises coming from either the wheels (which may be indicative of some future attention due on the tyres or hub bearings ?) or it could be just some acoustic 'design characteristic' inherent from the constrains of the bodyshell design of the car. Suspension ride quality is on the firm & stable side, as expected from German cars. Great fuel consumption efficientcy way superior to petrol cars..about only 40% fuel cost of a petrol car for similar driving range with comparable performance & comfort levels !! To conclude my trip review, i must say this is a technically competent premium class small car with impressively favourable performance to weight ratio, good handling dynamics with an overall reasonably comfortable drive/ride experience. Especially appealing when only need a car for 1 or 2 people with minimal need for boot space.

    IanDecember 2021

  • Tam Roque

    Ashley is a very courteous and understanding person. Car was very cleaned and handover smoothly. Ride was great and car was pristine condition. I left my cash card accidentally in the car after i returned. Ashley was kind to retrieved it for me. I highly recommended her if you have any needs to rent a car . Thank you Ashley🙏

    Tam RoqueDecember 2021

  • Edward

    The car and host was so great that we had to book again for our next trip. Highly recommend the car and host to anyone looking for a great way to explore Singapore.

    EdwardDecember 2021

  • Maslindah

    She is super helpful and friendly. Help me with all the functions in the car. Car is smooth and clean. Thanks, Ashley.

    MaslindahNovember 2021

  • Edward

    Ashley is an amazing host. Her car is well kept and comfortable to drive. Ashley is very responsive and accommodating.

    EdwardNovember 2021

  • Steven

    nice car, well kept and clean. Host is very nice, friendly and approachable.

    StevenOctober 2021

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