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Vig Kia Cerato Forte 2009
About Vigneshsuran's car
    5 Seats
    130,000 kms+
With the innovative Drive lah Go™ technology, hosts provide access for their cars to approved guests directly via their phone instead of physically handing over the keys. Yes that’s right – hosts using this technology from Drive lah will no longer be needed to be physically present at the time of handover.
Easily locate your car with GPS guidance
Enjoy a smooth check in
Be in control of your own schedule
Unlock & lock the car with your phone
Key features
  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input
Key rules
    No smoking
Specific instructions
Allowed for Malaysia. 2 rules return back the car with the same petrol level last but not least enjoy the car. Please note my car is an auto book if you see the date avail go ahead with the booking. Fill up with the cheapest petrol available. Thank you for your support. Please book the vehicle if it's avail bookings will be fulfilled. Monthly rental is available.
Mileage allowed per day

Distance of car to your location

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Drive lah Protection

Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

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Joined September 2020

Reviews (88)

  • Good!

    IvyMay 2023

  • Toong

    Great host

    ToongMay 2023

  • Haziq

    Great host, very responsive and helpful! Certainly would rent again!!

    HaziqMay 2023

  • Timothy

    Awesome! Great experience. Can drive to Malaysia without any hassle. Bring your own car camera if needed. Thumbs up and thanks for the car!

    TimothyMay 2023

  • Andrew

    Host is a nice chap. Small hiccup during pick up but host called from overseas to resolve the issue. Smooth drive. Boot could not be opened.

    AndrewMay 2023

  • Mei Ying

    Fast response from host. Easy instructions

    Mei YingMay 2023

  • Andy

    Great car but best if can top up to 3/4 tank if we want to drive to Malaysia

    AndyApril 2023

  • kp

    Great host... easy going

    kpApril 2023

  • Yifan

    Bro was helpful, straightforward and friendly. Car was awesome too. Will rent again.

    YifanMarch 2023

  • Hamid

    Excellent car, smooth and easy drive into JB with it. Good petrol consumption too. Will definitely rent from host again! Fuss free pick up, car was clean and comfortable.

    HamidFebruary 2023

  • Boon Hwa

    Friendly host

    Boon HwaFebruary 2023

  • Clement

    Great host. Very helpful. Hassle free experience. Cool ride. Definitely will use it again if needed.

    ClementFebruary 2023

  • Chun Jin

    Cool ride, pick up and drop off are done remotely. Hassle free experience.

    Chun JinDecember 2022

  • Jeremy

    nice car to drive . host is friendly car is neat and tidy

    JeremyDecember 2022

  • umar

    ni car , smooth highly recommended

    umarDecember 2022

  • Jun Long

    Solid host, will rent again!

    Jun LongOctober 2022

  • Kok Fong

    2nd time.. Good

    Kok FongOctober 2022

  • Amily

    best owner. he is very good. highly recommend

    Amily October 2022

  • Amily

    very nice owner. he is flexible and considerate. car is clean and well maintained. thanks for your help.

    Amily October 2022


    enjoyed driving the car. easy booking and nice car

    EDWARDOctober 2022

  • Mei Way


    Mei WayOctober 2022

  • Shahril

    2nd time renting from this brother. Very pleasant experience. Well recommended

    ShahrilSeptember 2022

  • 👍

    Banned userSeptember 2022

  • Muhammad Hafiz

    It's me again.

    Muhammad HafizSeptember 2022

  • Muhammad Hafiz

    Friendly host and a good car.

    Muhammad HafizSeptember 2022

  • A superb host nd cars itself. Definitely will booked again...once available...cheers!

    Banned userSeptember 2022

  • Host was very helpful and patience with my request and enquiries. Car was excellent to my personal taste experienced. Will keep coming when it's available. Thank you host n Drive lah Team!

    Banned userSeptember 2022

  • Azar

    repeated drive. as usual it was very smooth and easy.

    AzarSeptember 2022

  • Shubham

    Best drivelah experience! Vignesh is Extremely helpful, polite. He ensured the entire experience was flawless.

    ShubhamSeptember 2022

  • Kevin

    Great host

    KevinAugust 2022

  • Vipin

    Vig has been a fabulous host . The entire process was so seamless. I would rent the car again from him.

    VipinJuly 2022

  • Azar

    the best host, very friendly and explained very patiently about everything. even dropped me back home after returning the car. will definitely take again!

    AzarJuly 2022

  • Anthony Yew Wah

    My 1st Drivelah experience with Vig has been excellent. Friendly and helpful. Car is nice and easy to drive. Will rent agand

    Anthony Yew WahJuly 2022

  • Muhammad Hafiz

    Customer service no. 1. Nice to drive and car is well maintained.

    Muhammad HafizJuly 2022

  • Hamri

    Car is smooth , clean and good for driving. A friendly guy and answers to your enquiries patiently. Thank You.

    HamriJuly 2022

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Nice host, helpful

    Ramesh KumarJuly 2022

  • Kok Fong

    Easy access and return for car

    Kok FongJuly 2022

  • Edison

    5 star rating. clean & nice car. host is friendly & responsive. good day !

    EdisonJune 2022

  • Khairul

    Superb host. Recommended!

    KhairulJune 2022


    Great experience renting this car.. Vignesh is very friendly.. Car is very cLean and in tip top condition.. Car is park at center of Singapore 🇸🇬 and very convenient to hire.. Affordable price.. . Recommended 😁👍🏼

    FAIZALJune 2022

  • barney

    easy no frills

    barneyJune 2022

  • Alex

    Good drive . Will always be my first choice.

    AlexMay 2022

  • Riszuan

    Ive been using drivelah many times.. tis is the BEST This host is so friendly n nice The car is drive around

    RiszuanMay 2022

  • Vignesh is very kind and understanding.. He accommodate to my last min request.. a very flexible and hear warming person.. Sure will book from him again! hassle free pickup and drop off too!

    Banned userMay 2022

  • Yohana

    Best host + good car = will rent again

    YohanaMay 2022

  • Mohamed

    I am a regular hirer and by far, Vignesh has come across easily as one of the most empathic, understanding and flexible host. A very caring human being. I am grateful to have known him and I am sure, like the others who have experienced his kindness, future hirers will understand what the rest of us has gone through when dealing with Vignesh.

    MohamedMay 2022

  • Ameer

    1000/1000! Very trustworthy, wouldn't mind to rent again. Highly recommended!

    Ameer May 2022

  • Joel

    I had a very good experience with the host. Recommended host to rent car from! Always ready to help whenever he is free! Thanks Vig!

    JoelApril 2022

  • Chevonne

    Great experience ever, nice and patient host. Guide me all the way cause it's my first time renting a car. Great experience, will look for him again for my next trip.

    ChevonneApril 2022

  • Zaiful

    Another great service and hospitality by Mr Vic. my 2nd ride

    ZaifulApril 2022

  • Zaiful

    Nice ride and owner is very accommodating. fast response and was helpful. will definitely pimp his ride again

    ZaifulApril 2022


    Awesome car, Mr. Vigneshwaran so kind & helpful, 5star seevice. Highly recommended to other users. Cheers

    INDIKAApril 2022

  • Jun Kiat

    Would give 6 stars if possible. EXTREMELY helpful at every step of this renting, would definitely find this owner again in the future if possible, thank you! 100% recommend

    Jun KiatApril 2022

  • Jun Long

    Vignesh was super accomodating, sporty car as well, will rent again if need to!

    Jun LongMarch 2022

  • Shishpal

    super friendly and excellent host, car is well maintained and the drive was great.

    Shishpal March 2022

  • Alex

    Friendly host. Easy drive.

    AlexMarch 2022

  • Vika

    quick and easy hand over! car is easy to drive and Vig is a super chill car owner. thank you!

    VikaMarch 2022

  • Elyza

    a great experience with Vig! out of the world host as he offered to send the car to me knowing that I’d need it quite early in the morning and also offered to send me home after. thank you for your generosity and kindness! 😁

    ElyzaMarch 2022

  • Sean

    Friendly and happy to get to rent the smooth ride. There were thunderstorms yesterday and Vignesh offered to pick me up. Really appreciated that. Thanks!

    SeanFebruary 2022

  • Joel

    Excellent host and extremely friendly. Vig was willing to provide the car a day in advance and even drove the vehicle all over to my place. Truly appreciative of his kind gestures. Car was clean and well maintained. Enjoyed driving the car around for the last 10days. Would definitely rent from Vig again! All the best and do take care!

    JoelFebruary 2022

  • Nur Asyiqin

    Vignesh has been so accommodating throughout the trip. He was very understanding of my requests and he made sure that help is always avaliable. He made my first experience with Drive Lah a smooth sailing one. Will definitely rent the car with him again :)

    Nur AsyiqinFebruary 2022

  • andy

    1st time use this apps try with Vig car, great experience . car owner ISO standard service . guide me how to search and book car. pick up a cool car when I start the car with the engine sound give me a “Woah” . race style with easy control. when return oil meter less a bit then pick up. I willing to explain and top up. the car owner just never mind for this minor cost. over all I do have a great experience, allow me give six star if the system have it. appreciated Vigneshsuran !

    andyFebruary 2022

  • Jimson

    Host was very helpful and patient throughout the rental process, clear instructions were given. pick-up and return of car was a breeze. would gladly rent from him again.

    JimsonFebruary 2022

  • Ang

    Thanks Vig for sharing your nice red car for CNY! The car was fuel efficient and sporty. Pick up was smooth and Vig was really kind to send us back after the drop off. Definitely a good experience with both host and car. Thanks!

    AngFebruary 2022

  • Nantha

    Out of this world host...Gave me a ride back home on his own Accord!

    NanthaJanuary 2022

  • Hongyi

    The rental process was very smooth and owner gave detailed explanation on how to retrieve the car

    HongyiJanuary 2022

  • Kalaishelvi

    As always had a great experience driving Vignesh car. He was really very helpful to come and pick me up from my home. Would certainly recommend to my family and friends. Looking forward to book he’s vehicle soon.

    KalaishelviJanuary 2022

  • Dennel

    the pick and return was a breeze. car easy to drive and was clean. very value for money ride. vig the host was prompt in response, kind and friendly. will definitely return to drive again.

    DennelJanuary 2022

  • 2nd order from this host. Never disappoint. Will keep on ordering from him!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Banned userJanuary 2022

  • Thomas

    Great host. Highly recommended.

    ThomasJanuary 2022

  • Florinda

    owner is nice and easygoing. even offered to send me home. car is okay for the price:)

    FlorindaJanuary 2022

  • CL

    Very friendly and helpful host. Will rent again when needed

    CLJanuary 2022


    Vig really went up and above in being a host to someone who’s just renting his car. Respectful and hospitable. Anyone who’s gonna be renting his car will be treated with a pleasant and hassle free experience. Thank you Vig

    GADAFIJanuary 2022

  • Zaim

    Superb service from Vignesh. Very friendly and most importantly everything was smooth. Will definitely rent again!

    ZaimJanuary 2022

  • This man is a definite 5* host! Very chill and accommodative! Will definitely rent from him again :)

    Banned userJanuary 2022

  • Malcolm

    Easy going host to pick up car. The host explain how to pick up everything in details with no hassle free

    MalcolmJanuary 2022

  • Suziela

    A very kind and humble owner. Guide me through the process of using the app as I am a first time user. He even called to check if everything was fine. Vehicle is in fair condition and very reasonably charged. I have no qualms of considering to rent from him again. Thanks loads Vigneshsuran!!!

    SuzielaDecember 2021

  • Udim kumar

    Vignesh Car Owner is very friendly, entertaining, helpful and respectful. I enjoyed the ride and looking forward to hire again. Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Udim kumarDecember 2021

  • Vincent

    Vignesh is an awesome host! He is really friendly and meticulous. He even took a video and texted the car location and what to do for request pickup. Even called at the end to check in on my driving experience. Superb host! Highly recommended!

    VincentDecember 2021

  • Andi Jaka

    Host is very friendly and easy to communicate. Would recommend and will come back in near future

    Andi JakaDecember 2021

  • Aide

    Vehicle & host is superb.... Host willingly send me to toa payoh eventhough he no need to... Host is helpful, friendly & understanding... will definitely rent the vehicle again.. thank u sir..

    AideDecember 2021

  • Zed

    Very responsive host, with clear instructions on getting the car. The car itself was also a great pleasure to drive

    ZedDecember 2021

  • Thommy

    Smooth transaction. Vignesh checked up on me during my trip if everything was okay. Great customer experience. The car was neat and clean. Recommended.

    ThommyDecember 2021

  • Yvonne

    Friendly owner, picked me up because I was lost finding my way to the pick up location. Very accommodating.

    YvonneDecember 2021

  • Prakash

    vignesh is an awesome host. he responds very quick to any queries and is proactive about checking on our experience. the car is very worth the price.

    PrakashDecember 2021

  • Nicole

    Very friendly and nice owner. Good value car.

    NicoleNovember 2021

  • Peggy

    Very friendly owner

    PeggyNovember 2021

  • Yael

    very reactive and easy to deal with, reliable for the drop off and pick up. even asked if I needed a child seat and how it was going during the rental. What a client service! many thanks Vigneshsuran

    YaelNovember 2021

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