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Suzuki swift 2019
About YC's car
    1 - 4 Seats
    0-10,000 kms
With the innovative Drive lah Go™ technology, hosts provide access for their cars to approved guests directly via their phone instead of physically handing over the keys. Yes that’s right – hosts using this technology from Drive lah will no longer be needed to be physically present at the time of handover.
Easily locate your car with GPS guidance
Enjoy a smooth check in
Be in control of your own schedule
Unlock & lock the car with your phone
Key features
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Child seat
  • All wheel drive
  • Pet friendly
Key rules
    No smoking
    Not permitted to drive to Malaysia
Mileages allowed per day

Distance of car to your location

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We have you covered
• Comprehensive insurance cover in SG & MY
• Unlimited cover for 3rd party liability (bodily injury)
• Up to $5 mn cover for 3rd party liability (property damage)
• Personal accident benefits up to $50,000
• Excess $3000 (for Section I & II each)
• Policy applicable only for the approved driver during the period of rental
Learn more about our insurance policy
Learn more about our rental agreement
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Joined January 2020

Reviews (100)

  • Lek Sheng

    Nice car nice condition

    Lek ShengDecember 2020

  • Hafiz

    smooth sailing

    HafizDecember 2020

  • Clarissa

    V easy going and patient host, provided v clear guidance and instructions for 1st timer to Drivelah. Many thanks!

    ClarissaDecember 2020

  • Wei

    cool car and nice owner, plus stress-free pick-up and drop-off experience. Am sure will be a repeater!

    WeiDecember 2020

  • Yuan Liang

    Owner is great and is hassle free to rent his car. Instructions are clear and response is fast. Highly recommend and would rent from him again!

    Yuan LiangDecember 2020

  • Greta

    Great host!

    GretaDecember 2020

  • Russell

    2nd time engagement with YC. Very pleasant experience as expected.

    RussellDecember 2020

  • Darren

    YC is helpful and friendly. His car was comfy, clean and smooth. Overall experience was fuss free and great. thanks YC!

    DarrenDecember 2020

  • Alvin

    Thank YC. The car dive smoothly. YC is very helpful when I facing problems with the slick app

    AlvinDecember 2020

  • Yusuf

    wonderful car! brilliant host! highly recommended 👍🏻

    YusufDecember 2020

  • Jeremy

    2nd time renting from YC and it's always a great experience:) Collection & returning were a breeze and car was clean, comfy and cosy. Highly recommended!

    JeremyDecember 2020

  • Kyle

    I’d a super pleasant ride this car. intuitive to use and handle , car was great! the host was efficient and excellent as well. would love to rent it again from him!

    KyleDecember 2020

  • Phuy Kun

    clear and well maintained car! second time renting and will definitely rent again!

    Phuy KunNovember 2020

  • Jia Le

    Detailed instructions was provided by the host. Appreciate the effort from the host as he gave step by step instructions. Car is clean and well maintain. Host is also very understanding as I had to return the car ahead of the agreed rental hours.

    Jia LeNovember 2020

  • Kayden

    Grear experience! Car is almost brand new. Clean and nice.

    KaydenNovember 2020

  • 'Ammarah

    Awesome person to work with(:

    'AmmarahNovember 2020

  • Salman

    Great host. Very clear with instructions. Extremely flexible and accommodating. Was very kind to accept my changes to the drop off timing. The car is very new and extremely well maintained. Smooth drive. Thanks a Ton and i hope to rent from you again.

    SalmanNovember 2020

  • Mohan

    It was a great experience driving YC’s swift. He was not only helpful and supported with all the information from start to finish, but also has kept the car in brand new condition. The Car is a perfect fit for 2-4 people who want to go around in Singapore for a few days. It is compact and allows easy manoeuvring in the city. It is also great value for money, given it would cost you as much/more in taxi if you want to go around anyways fir 2-3 days. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to experience great driving experience in Singapore.

    MohanNovember 2020

  • Renee

    Great car, excellent communication! Thank you v much YC

    ReneeNovember 2020

  • Aruna

    Great car! So clean! Amazing comms and instructions. Definitely recommend YC!

    ArunaNovember 2020

  • Andrew

    Great experience. Informative guy on how to use the car. Much appreciate and will rent again.

    AndrewNovember 2020

  • Nicholas

    Host was responsive and professional. Keyless system worked flawlessly and vehicle was impeccable. 5/5

    NicholasNovember 2020

  • Nick

    5 star host with a 5 star car. Highly recommended! Thanks once again.

    NickNovember 2020

  • Peh

    host is friendly n informative. clear instructions and amazing hospitality. left my cashcard in the car and he remind me to collect back. cheers👍

    PehNovember 2020

  • Greta

    Host is clear, car is clean and new and just a great drive. Also 0 hassle in pickup and drop off. Will rent again!

    GretaOctober 2020

  • Phuy Kun

    great experience driving YC swift! YC is also responsive.

    Phuy KunOctober 2020

  • Danial

    YC is very helpful and accommodating. The car is clean, safe and perfect with all features working well. The process was smooth. The car pickup and return is conveniently near the mrt. Will ride again with YCs car definitely.

    DanialOctober 2020

  • subham

    Nice experience as usual . Once had some trouble with the remote key and YC was nice enough to help me immediately.

    subhamOctober 2020

  • Raymond

    Great! Clean and well maintained car. Low fuel consumption. Slick app for keyless access to car is cool and works flawlessly.

    RaymondOctober 2020

  • Sabrina

    It was a ride smooth and YC was very fast with his replies on whatsapp. Would recommend it to others!

    SabrinaOctober 2020

  • subham

    Good overall experience

    subhamOctober 2020

  • Kenny

    It was a great first experience with YC’s contactless booking, everything went superbly smooth with detailed instructions and cautions ironed our in the beginning. YC was also very accomodating, friendly and helpful throughout! the vehicle itself is clean, new and pretty smooth to drive. overall amazing booking!

    KennyOctober 2020

  • 'Ammarah

    Very hassle-free vehicle owner and very understanding person to work with(:

    'AmmarahOctober 2020

  • Michael

    Host is friendly and there is no problem during collection as the details provided were crystal clear. Highly recommended and will definitely rent again!

    MichaelOctober 2020

  • Krishnadas

    Very nicely maintained car, patient and understanding host.

    KrishnadasOctober 2020

  • subham

    Very helpful and responsive host. Had a very good overall experience renting this car.

    subhamSeptember 2020

  • Ben

    Of course no doubt will book his car soon! Thanks

    BenSeptember 2020

  • Alyssa

    Easy going owner! 2nd time renting frm YC.

    AlyssaSeptember 2020

  • May

    Hassle free pick up and collection! YC was very responsive and helpful, nice car and smooth drive . Will definitely rent from him again :)

    MaySeptember 2020

  • Jake

    fuss free, it’s very clean, thank you for the amazing ride !

    JakeSeptember 2020

  • Day

    I was slightly nervous with the keyless system. But after getting a hang out of it, everything was a breeze. YC was helpful when i had a small hiccup with the system during the pick up. All was good, car interior is clean, fuel saving car, will definitely rent again in the near future.

    DaySeptember 2020

  • Nick

    Fuss free rental. YC was very helpful & thorough. Condition of car is great! Definite recommendation!

    NickSeptember 2020

  • Umar

    The owner was superb! Thank you for granting the earlier request. Will surely request another ride with him. 👍

    UmarSeptember 2020

  • Louis

    First time using DriveGo system & renting from YC. YC has been patient and detailed in guiding me through the process. He is also understanding when one of my appointments overran, and gave me some grace period in returning the car. Car is new & clean, relatively easy to handle.

    LouisSeptember 2020

  • Shandy

    Car rental experience was smooth and YC was very responsive and accommodating. Had a great experience and will definitely rent from him again

    ShandySeptember 2020

  • Cheryl

    A very positive first experience on drivelah. YC's car was clean, smooth drive, fuel efficient. Pick up and drop off was also super easy and convenient. Will rent again! Thanks

    CherylSeptember 2020

  • Shahrin

    Have a lag issue while requesting pick up via app. YC was prompt in suggesting solution to use normal web browser instead.

    ShahrinSeptember 2020

  • Ben

    Thanks YC for your car sharing via drivelah, his car cleanliness is 5 stars! I’ll book his car again.

    BenSeptember 2020

  • Jessica

    very clean interior, clear instruction, car collection was very smooth and friendly host, will rent again in future

    JessicaSeptember 2020

  • Benjamin

    Nice host, great car, flexible and convenient.

    BenjaminSeptember 2020

  • Kok Wai

    Great car with a friendly and detailed host that is very helpful for the rental experience. Overall it’s a very smooth rental process from booking to collecting and return! Definitely will back for it again when needed 👍

    Kok WaiAugust 2020

  • Derrick

    Nice clean and zippy car and a great host!!

    DerrickAugust 2020

  • Sunit

    Awesome and friendly person to deal with👍🏻 The car was so well kept & in great condition. Would recommend for others too. YC will help you with all little and detailed information

    SunitAugust 2020

  • Sunit

    Awesome and friendly person to deal with👍🏻 The car was so well kept & in great condition. Would recommend for others too. YC will help you with all little and detailed information.

    SunitAugust 2020

  • Nur Safirah

    One of the best!! Host was very helpful and considerate!! Looking forward to book from him again!!

    Nur SafirahAugust 2020

  • Mohammad

    Cool system and very nice car! Would be renting from YC again! Thanks for the last min request!

    MohammadAugust 2020

  • Shahrin

    Awesome experience! Car was clean, comfy & fuel efficient. As a first time user, YC was accommodating & friendly in providing detailed informations & attending to enquiries.

    ShahrinAugust 2020

  • Muhammad Suffiyan

    2nd time rental, all ok!

    Muhammad SuffiyanAugust 2020

  • Robert

    always my preferred host and car whenever available

    RobertAugust 2020

  • Robert

    great car. rented a few times already

    RobertAugust 2020

  • Daniel

    nice host, great ride. highly recommended!

    DanielAugust 2020

  • Jo

    Great clean and fuel efficient car. Clear instructions given by the owner. Easy keyless entry.

    JoAugust 2020

  • Irwan

    1st time user. YC is very accommodating and helpful in giving very clear instructions including very detail video. Thank you.

    IrwanAugust 2020

  • Robert

    Great Car, Well Maintained, Clean. Amazing host. This is my second time renting YC’s car. Highly recommended

    RobertJuly 2020

  • TuanHong

    Nice and friendly owner. Car is well maintain, clean, and fuel economy! Highly recommended!

    TuanHongJuly 2020

  • Jeremy

    One of the best drivelah experience with a new and comfy car. It was keyless and convenient to use an app to lock & unlock the car. Highly recommended at great value!

    JeremyJuly 2020


    Awesome Experience!! YC is an amazing host with prompt replies for your questions and concerns! Car is new and clean with a good fuel eficiency Will Definitely Rent again soon!

    ALBERTJuly 2020

  • Muhammad

    Clean car, comfortable to drive. Not forgetting fuel efficient. Easy to communicate with owner too. Will return for future bookings.

    MuhammadJuly 2020

  • Robert

    Responsive host. Comfortable, clean and responsive car. Recommended

    RobertJuly 2020

  • Kenneth

    YC was a very helpful and friendly host with a clean and well maintained car. A very pleasant driving experience. 100% would rent again!

    KennethJuly 2020

  • Muhammad

    Car is very clean and not a hastle when handing and taking over!

    MuhammadJuly 2020

  • Russell

    Lovely car, great experience. Thank you YC for hosting.

    RussellJuly 2020

  • Mohamad Hafis

    Very pleasent and smooth process of rental. Car is clean and well maintained. Thanks!

    Mohamad HafisJuly 2020


    Best car


  • Daniel

    Nice car, great drive. Friendly owner!

    DanielJuly 2020

  • Muhammad Suffiyan

    Good driving experience, petrol consumption is superb.

    Muhammad SuffiyanJuly 2020


    haah need car


  • Huay Hoon

    A responsive owner and a clean & well maintained car! It was an easy process to pick up and return car.

    Huay HoonJuly 2020

  • Danny

    Super nice dude to deal with. Easy communication, 2nd time renting. Will rent again.

    DannyJuly 2020

  • Lynn

    Flexible and convenient!

    LynnJune 2020

  • alex

    Best experience from owner. Car clean well sanitised. Thanks yc will definitely rent from you again ! Power !

    alexJune 2020

  • Lek Sheng

    Car pickup easily. As the key is linked to your phone directly, you do not needs to worry of losing the key or to collect it from the host. Car was very clean and petrol consumption was very little. Will highly recommend.

    Lek ShengJune 2020

  • Farhan

    Highly recommended to rent from this host. He's very accommodating and friendly! Car is super clean and the fuel efficiency for this model is unbelievable. Thanks yc. Looking forward to rent again! Thanks!

    FarhanJune 2020

  • Muhammad Rizal

    Great car.. Responsive host.. Instant reply.. Would definitely rent the car again in the future.

    Muhammad RizalJune 2020

  • Desmond

    2nd time renting from YC. Hassle free. Accommodating! Highly recommended.

    DesmondJune 2020


    Super smooth and nice host, car is sparkling clean too. Will definitely do this again 👍

    SHAWNJune 2020

  • Azliza

    Luv the car! Easy to handle, clean and great host.

    AzlizaJune 2020

  • Faranita

    YC was very helpful! The car was clean and well kept. Had a pleasant experience! Thank you!

    FaranitaMay 2020

  • Danny

    Owner is very helpful and friendly, had a great ride that day.

    DannyMay 2020

  • Muhammad Roslan

    Great car! Well maintained and Clean. Will definitely rent from YC again!

    Muhammad RoslanMay 2020

  • Jason

    Swift pick up and drop off, car is clean and well maintained. Recommended!

    JasonMay 2020

  • Desmond

    Hassle free and pleasant experience ! Super new and clean car!

    DesmondMay 2020

  • kerraline

    YC was very thorough and patient going through the whole process as it's my first time using this platform. Collecting and dropping off the car was fuss free. YC also ensured car was in clean and good condition before I rent it. Thank you :)

    kerralineMay 2020

  • Janet khar gek

    Very nice owner, will book from him again, highly recommended.

    Janet khar gekMay 2020

  • Nola

    Super easy to take the car, very clean and comfortable and smooth drive! Love it! Thank You YC!

    NolaMay 2020

  • Hao

    Top notch owner

    HaoMay 2020

  • Edi

    Great and awesome host! The car is in very good condition, well maintained and smooth drive! Will rent again in the future for sure. Definitely worth the price!

    EdiApril 2020

  • Keith

    Very smooth transaction. YC was very nice to ensure everything went well.

    KeithApril 2020

  • Jacqui

    Very good host! And very accommodating!

    JacquiApril 2020

  • esther

    Fantastic host to deal with. Vehicle was in an excellent condition.

    estherApril 2020

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