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Mitsubishi Attrage 2018
per day

Mitsubishi Attrage 2018

Standard SedanHosted by Zamri

| Trips: 154

About Zamri's car

  • Mitsubishi
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 1 - 4 Seats
  • 60 – 90,000 kms

Key features

  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input

Key rules

1. No Pets
2. No smoking
3. Not permitted to drive to Malaysia

Specific instructions

Please enquire first before booking the car. Please return it with cleanliness and same petrol level as when you collect. Thank you

Mileage allowed per day

150 kms/day


Listing location

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Nearest public transport

Tampines MRT - 0-5 minutes away

Drive lah Protection

Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

Drive lah Protection
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Hello, I'm Zamri.

Reviews (100)

  • Zainal

    Great host, understandable.willing to help.

    ZainalJanuary 2024

  • Zainal

    Great host and car well maintained

    ZainalJanuary 2024

  • Great host with clear instructions

    GabrielDecember 2023


    2nd time returning customer. Excellent

    AHMADDecember 2023

  • Guojie

    Great experience as usual. Nice host

    GuojieDecember 2023

  • Guojie

    Great host, nice car

    GuojieDecember 2023

  • Edwin

    Owner is responsive and provided good support to me as the first timer.

    EdwinDecember 2023

  • Norhaini

    Easy liaising with the host. Immediate acceptance and confirmation. On time for approval and clear direction of picking up and dropping off. The car is very clean. Overall we are happy but the process through the app is not smooth. We had to wait for an hour for the documentation to be processed at the drivelah side to be settled to get the car unlocked for us. However, the owner has been helpful to contact the drivelah personnel to assist us.

    NorhainiDecember 2023

  • awesome host

    JeremiahDecember 2023

  • Mohammed

    Thanks for letting us use the car

    MohammedDecember 2023


    Smooth ride. Everything goes well

    AHMADDecember 2023

  • Siti

    3rd time booked! As usual car was nice to drive and car always clean. Friendly host as well, thank you so much 😊

    SitiDecember 2023

  • Siti

    2nd time booking, car was clean and nice to drive! 😁👍 Convenient for me too as its nearby my block.

    SitiNovember 2023

  • Siti

    Car super clean and nice to drive! Friendly host and smooth transaction. Will definitely rent again thank you!

    SitiNovember 2023

  • hari

    Smooth transaction. Car was as stated in the listing. Had phone chargers and such. Would rent again.

    hariNovember 2023

  • JY

    Great host. Fast response. Thank you.

    JYNovember 2023

  • Deanna

    Friendly host, car is really clean and nice to drive. Come with phone stand too

    DeannaNovember 2023

  • Sufi

    Host was very helpful and very understanding. Told him I will be a little bit late for handover and he is okay with it. Car is in great condition. Smooth process for pickup and handover.

    SufiNovember 2023

  • Nasaee

    Friendly and patient host :)

    NasaeeNovember 2023

  • Suhaila

    Great host, clean and comfortable car

    SuhailaOctober 2023

  • Afeef

    Very responsive host

    AfeefOctober 2023

  • Guojie

    Great host, good car, highly recommended!

    GuojieOctober 2023

  • Guojie

    Great host. Enjoyed the drive as usual

    GuojieOctober 2023

  • Guojie

    Great experience, convenient and hassle free. Highly recommended!

    GuojieOctober 2023

  • Hemly

    Awesome host, as always, car is clean and in good condition. Definitely will rent again.

    HemlyOctober 2023

  • Yvonne

    Helpful car owner with clear instructions before pick up. Car is pleasant and clean!

    YvonneSeptember 2023

  • Natchirajan

    Great car. Highly recommended

    Natchirajan September 2023

  • afiq

    great host and car for my first time using drivelah will definitely returning to this host if i ever need to rent again! very helpful to my questions!

    afiqSeptember 2023

  • Guojie

    Good experience as usual. Highly recommended

    GuojieSeptember 2023

  • Great host

    MuhammadSeptember 2023

  • Guojie

    Great host, nice driving. Thanks a lot...

    GuojieAugust 2023

  • Guojie

    Nice host, great experience!

    GuojieAugust 2023

  • Nicholas

    Breeze renting from u sir!

    NicholasAugust 2023

  • Akmal

    Superb host, friendly & helpful

    AkmalAugust 2023

  • Guojie

    Good car, very clean and nicely maintained. Hassle free driving. Thanks for the great experience.

    GuojieAugust 2023

  • One of the best car driving experiences I’ve had! Clean and well maintained. Will rent again in future!

    MuhammadAugust 2023

  • Natchirajan

    Good host and the great car

    Natchirajan August 2023

  • Akmal

    Great host & car!

    AkmalAugust 2023

  • Natchirajan

    Regular customer and always the preferred one.

    Natchirajan August 2023

  • David

    Great and super host. Very detailed and easy collection of car. Condition of car is very good. Will definitely rent again in future.

    DavidAugust 2023

  • Natchirajan

    As usual it was a great car and the friendly host

    Natchirajan August 2023

  • Akmal

    Great host & car!

    AkmalJuly 2023

  • Sariman

    Great host, well maintain clean, fast response thumbs up

    SarimanJuly 2023

  • Cyrus

    Perfect car to rent , everything is in there.

    CyrusJuly 2023

  • Natchirajan

    Nice car,

    Natchirajan July 2023


    Great host. A very clean car


  • Natchirajan

    Great car

    Natchirajan July 2023

  • Natchirajan

    I am a fan of this car.

    Natchirajan July 2023

  • Natchirajan

    Nice and great ride.

    Natchirajan July 2023

  • Yong Hui

    Fuel efficient and nice car

    Yong HuiJuly 2023

  • Sariman

    Great host fast respond super clean car....thks Q for letting us rent your car...

    SarimanJune 2023

  • Paul

    Excellent host. No issue at all, very responsive and helpful.

    PaulJune 2023

  • Natchirajan

    Nice Experience

    Natchirajan June 2023

  • Jerald

    Friendly and informative

    JeraldJune 2023

  • Natchirajan

    Very smooth ride. A perfect car already this is second time hired this car

    Natchirajan June 2023

  • Jen

    Very responsive and accommodating owner

    JenMay 2023

  • Adrian

    Although I didn't manage to drive your car, but your car exterior and interior is very well maintained. Will rent from you if I need it the next time, and I will call you if needed.

    AdrianMay 2023

  • Sariman

    Great host fast respond ...

    SarimanMay 2023

  • Alex

    Owner reply fast. Exterior is clean. Is good experience for rent ride.

    AlexMay 2023

  • Ali

    Cars clean. Ideal for my small family

    AliMay 2023

  • Elizabeth

    Great host! Helpful and responsive.

    ElizabethMay 2023

  • Muhammad


    MuhammadMay 2023

  • Natchirajan

    The car is definitely in good condition, it's A hassle free transaction. Thanks to the host

    Natchirajan May 2023

  • Khairul

    Condition of the car is great and the interior of the car is clean. Zamri is responsive on chat as well. Overall great experience.

    KhairulMay 2023

  • Faiz

    Great host. Car in good condition.

    FaizMay 2023

  • Quick and painless. Just needed to get used to the process as it was my first time using the service. Car was clean and where it was supposed to be. Zamri was polite even when I was slightly delayed in returning the car due to traffic.

    BenjaminMay 2023

  • Sridhar

    Great host, very responsive and caring

    SridharApril 2023

  • Dylan

    great experience renting, plesant and friendly host. highly recommend!

    DylanApril 2023

  • Jen

    Repeated rental, smooth transaction as always

    JenApril 2023

  • Mohd

    Car was smooth and friendly host. Definitely will rent this car again!

    MohdApril 2023

  • Suhaimei

    Wow the car was so clean and very well maintained. 1 hr before collection, Zamri will send a clear guidelines and details of the car, to be sure the guest will have a smooth process.. Thanks so much

    SuhaimeiApril 2023

  • Mohamad Danial

    Awesome host, clean car and very pleasant communication and arrangement.

    Mohamad DanialApril 2023

  • Jen

    fuss free owner, nice car to drive. very smooth transaction as always!

    JenApril 2023

  • Car was in Excellent condition, Clean and Full of gadgets.. Will definitely come back again.

    ZainiMarch 2023

  • Cheong

    The car is clean & maintain well. I will rent it again in future.

    CheongMarch 2023

  • Muhammad Zulkifli

    Zamri is a friendly and good host. Car is clean

    Muhammad ZulkifliMarch 2023

  • Muhammad

    He was friendly and helpful when attending my questions and concerns. Had a bit of a hiccup with the car but overall, the car was in a great and clean condition.

    MuhammadMarch 2023

  • Mohamed

    great host and very good car.

    MohamedMarch 2023

  • Muhammad fariqh

    the car is super clean and tidy. feels so comfortable like driving a brand new car. well taken care. thanks for the ride.

    Muhammad fariqhFebruary 2023

  • Ashraf

    Zamri was very friendly and approachable plus the car’s steering was very centred!

    AshrafFebruary 2023

  • SB

    Accommodative host n nice clean car

    SBJanuary 2023

  • Elaine

    Very nice host and clean car, comfy to drive around, recommended!! Easy pick up / drop off with app, without the need of waiting for each others! of course that kudos to owner’s prompt response :)

    ElaineJanuary 2023

  • Nathaniel

    easy to deal with, helpful

    NathanielJanuary 2023

  • Mohd

    Host is fuss free. Reconmmended host. Reply very fast.

    MohdJanuary 2023

  • Muhammad Fadhli

    Car is clean and well maintain. Even equipped with phone mount, aux cable, usb port charger and even tissue. Non fussy host and fast in his replies. Highly recommended. 👍

    Muhammad FadhliJanuary 2023

  • Mohd

    Host is fuss free. Reply very fast. Reconmmended host. 👍👍👍👍👍

    MohdJanuary 2023

  • SB

    Nice n clean car. Definitely will rent agn n definitely worth recommending

    SBDecember 2022

  • Kartika

    car was clean and owner replied fast

    KartikaDecember 2022

  • Mohd

    Car is cleaned in good condition. Owner is not fussy and hassle free. reconmmended owner.2 thumbs up.

    MohdDecember 2022

  • Khai Kit

    Zamri was quick to respond to my questions and enquires. Fuss free booking! Car was in splendid condition upon collection. Host takes great care of his car so please help by retuning it with the condition you collected. Will book again!

    Khai KitDecember 2022

  • Reynilda

    Car very clean. Instructions was clear. Thanks for making my 1st booking a pleasant one

    ReynildaDecember 2022

  • Jen

    smooth transaction with owner and good drive

    JenDecember 2022

  • Joseph

    As mentioned by the rest, the car is in great condition. Great support by the Drive Lah team as well! Probably could include in pre-collection note, some of the key points to note instead of sending information bit by bit. Good to also include inside the car some indicators of which side of the car is the fuel tank top up and where to find the latches for opening the fuel cover and boot. Will definitely use this car again! Thanks lot for the great first time experience!🙏🏻

    JosephDecember 2022

  • Hemly

    2nd time. Smooth pickup and drop off. Very awesome host.

    HemlyDecember 2022

  • Hemly

    Awesome host. Car was very clean and in exceptional condition. Surprised at how fuel efficient the car is. Host answers queries very promptly. Very good experience overall.

    HemlyDecember 2022

  • Ambalavanan

    It was easy and simple procedure to get a car from Zamri. Very friendly and approachable.

    AmbalavananNovember 2022


    Super clean car & Smooth ride. Highly recommended.

    MUHAMMAD FAUZINovember 2022

  • Jen

    very responsive and helpful driver! car is in great condition too

    JenNovember 2022

  • Mohd

    The car is very clean. The owner really take care of the car very well. Reconmmended owner. 2 thumbs up

    MohdNovember 2022

  • Faisal

    it was such an ease renting from Zamri. straight to the point and no hassle. instructions were clear and concise. Car was great. no complaints. easy to drive and Zamri even provided things like chargers, aux cables and tissues! Thanks Zamri. Recommended!

    FaisalNovember 2022

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