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Kelvin Toyota Harrier 2016
About Kelvin's car
    1 - 4 Seats
    90 – 130,000 kms
With the innovative Drive lah Go™ technology, hosts provide access for their cars to approved guests directly via their phone instead of physically handing over the keys. Yes that’s right – hosts using this technology from Drive lah will no longer be needed to be physically present at the time of handover.
Easily locate your car with GPS guidance
Enjoy a smooth check in
Be in control of your own schedule
Unlock & lock the car with your phone
Key features
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Child seat
  • All wheel drive
Key rules
    No Pets
    No smoking
    Not permitted to drive to Malaysia
Mileages allowed per day
150 KMS.

Distance of car to your location

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Drive lah protection.

Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

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Joined March 2019

Reviews (100)

  • Fahmi

    Kelvin was truly accommodating. His instructions and guide on how to collect and return the car was very much needed!

    FahmiJanuary 2022

  • Wei Sheng

    Kelvin is very helpful and provided a great experience for the trip. Highly recommended!

    Wei ShengJanuary 2022

  • Ken Ong

    Have a enjoyable ride on Kelvin car this holiday season. His car have maintaining tip top condition. Thanks bro

    Ken OngJanuary 2022

  • Devesh

    Car in immaculate condition. Super responsive host!

    DeveshDecember 2021

  • Mohamed

    Good as always

    MohamedDecember 2021

  • LC

    Great host! He is attentive and always considerate.Highly recommend for all.

    LCDecember 2021

  • Syabil

    Amazing car. Very clean and polished! Was very amazed and please at how smooth the whole process was! Especially being my 1st ever booking made on this platform! Amazing host with specific instructions and prompt on replies! Highly recommend!!

    SyabilDecember 2021

  • Amol

    very smooth transaction and good drive in harrier.

    AmolDecember 2021

  • Mohamed

    As always very clean car and in very good condition. keep coming back whenever it available.

    MohamedDecember 2021

  • Wei Xiang

    clean and nice SUV... good fuel consumption was good enough... friendly host

    Wei XiangNovember 2021

  • Eugene

    Great host and car. Will definitely be back again!

    EugeneNovember 2021

  • Elfi

    Kelvin is a fantastic person to deal with! Very prompt in his reply and will do his best to help you with any doubts! The car condition is above excellent and in tip-top condition. I would really really recommend to rent the car with him! He would want to know your honest feedback too on your ride, just to ensure that your drive is smooth. Thank you Kelvin!

    ElfiNovember 2021

  • Syafiq

    Been a regular with Kelvin from the start, always a great ride

    SyafiqNovember 2021

  • Jason

    Great experience, repeat rental. Car is in fantastic condition. Will rent again.

    JasonNovember 2021

  • Jastin

    Kelvin was very helpful and a gracious owner. He provided precise instructions and guided me along the entire process. He was prompt in his reply when I had doubts and he has a great car. Overall excellent experience and will definitely book it again.

    JastinOctober 2021


    Great host, looking forward to rent from Kelvin again.

    POH HUIOctober 2021


    Highly recommended, definitely I will rent his car again.

    POH HUIOctober 2021


    Friendly host with good condition car. Highly recommended.

    POH HUIOctober 2021

  • Elwen

    Friendly host and nice car! 5 mins walk from mrt is a plus.

    ElwenOctober 2021

  • Farhan

    Kelvin is extremely polite and very helpful. Will definitely rent from him again

    FarhanOctober 2021

  • Jia Hao

    easy and good!

    Jia HaoOctober 2021

  • Muhammad Redhwan

    superb host, very friendly and nice. car is super clean, smooth ride. best suv. will support and rent again in future! thanks

    Muhammad RedhwanSeptember 2021

  • Rajat

    Wonderful experience. Will book again. Hassle-free experience.

    RajatSeptember 2021

  • Hakim

    Communication between Kelvin and myself was simply a breeze. Car was very well maintained & kept in tip top condition! Host was very friendly, explains clearly about the procedure and the functions of the vehicle. Totally a great experience, definitely another trip with this car sooner or later.

    HakimSeptember 2021

  • Ken Ong

    Great car, clean and smooth. Enjoying the ride. Lost count renting from Kelvin car. Thanks

    Ken OngSeptember 2021

  • Bryan

    Great first Drivelah experience,thanks to host for Great communications and nice clean car

    BryanSeptember 2021

  • Bhaskaran

    Kelvin was very helpful. The car was really smooth. I have a very pleasant experience right from the start till end.

    BhaskaranSeptember 2021

  • Mohamed

    Been renting from kelvin numerous time. Always satisfied with the service and condition of the car. Car was always clean but today car was exceptionally clean in and out. Feel like it a new car out of showroom. Not trying to impress here but it is wat it is. Great job Kelvin.

    MohamedSeptember 2021

  • Muhammad Noh

    Great host very helpful.. Will surely rent again in future.

    Muhammad NohSeptember 2021

  • Hairul Izwan

    Really love Kelivn’s car. the best so far haha thankfully nearest to my home too. He was helpful and the slick car key is superb. cleanliness at its best and the ride has been so smooth. yall should check his ride. 10/10

    Hairul IzwanSeptember 2021

  • Danny

    Great host , very well maintained car. Very clean and so easy to drive! Many thanks Kelvin!

    DannyAugust 2021

  • Tawfiq

    Still undeniably one of the best car and person to rent from.

    TawfiqAugust 2021

  • Roy

    Kelvin is very patient n helpful guy. His vehicle is very clean and good condition.

    RoyAugust 2021

  • Mohd

    Great Host!! Will guide us throughout and render assistance swiftly. Superb car, clean and well maintained. Will recommend and urge others to take good care of the car when book from host. Looking forward to deal with the host again in near future.

    MohdAugust 2021

  • Jason

    Smooth rental process, car is in fantastic condition. Instructions are easy to understand when collecting the car. Highly recommended!

    JasonAugust 2021

  • Firdaus

    2nd booking. Never disappoint.

    FirdausAugust 2021

  • Mohamed

    3rd time renting. As always good ride.

    MohamedAugust 2021

  • Anson

    I would say 6 stars services! Very accommodating & friendly host! Decent and tip top condition of the car! I will definitely be back to rent with him again. Cheers mate!

    AnsonAugust 2021

  • Firdaus

    Extended. Never disappoint me at all. Love it!

    FirdausJuly 2021

  • Firdaus

    Best car experience. Tried many but this beast is one I really admire the most. Car is veryx100 clean and interior feels like you are on top of the world. Driving experience is first class. I extended it once I got it! Host is excellent. Great communication, humble and friendly. Definitely rent this if I got the chance.

    FirdausJuly 2021

  • Shi

    Great car in superb clean condition. A pleasant drive and a great owner to deal with too.

    ShiJuly 2021

  • Yudi

    Friendly and helpful host as always. Superb car.

    YudiJune 2021

  • Nirushanraaj

    Kelvin is friendly and nice. I enjoyed the ride.

    NirushanraajJune 2021

  • Juztin

    3rd time renting car from Kelvin. As always, the car is in superb condition, and clean.

    JuztinJune 2021

  • Juztin

    Extended my trip* Great car!!

    JuztinMay 2021

  • Juztin

    Great condition and clean car! Host is very friendly, and also very helpful, provided me with information that I need. Easy and accessible to his location to start the trip. Would definitely book his ride again! 👍🏻

    JuztinMay 2021

  • Raazmy

    Kelvin was efficient, fast to reply all queries. Car was in top notch condition. Reccomended and definitely book again I'm the near future.

    RaazmyMay 2021


    Collection of car was easy, car is in super clean condition!! Thanks Kelvin for making this rental an awesome experience. Will definitely book again!!


  • Muhammad

    Car is clean and smooth to drive with. Owner is very helpful in telling me where to find the car and how to start it 👍🏽 I recommend booking the car again through this friendly owner

    MuhammadMay 2021

  • Siew wah Michael

    Kelvin is helpful. But the keyless system was real terrible. It kept disconnecting and had to re-logged in a few times before re-connected again. Every time when we switched off the engine, we needed another ten to fifteen minutes to re-connect again. We wasted a lot alot of time on this keyless system. How we hope to have a traditional yet functional car key

    Siew wah MichaelMay 2021

  • Yudi

    Thank you Kelvin! Car is super clean, luxurious, comes complete with phone charger cables, phone holder, umbrellas. Host is professional, very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!! Will book again soon.

    YudiMay 2021

  • Derek

    Awesome ride and awesome host! hassle-free rental. Definitely will rent again in near future.

    DerekMay 2021

  • Low

    Kelvin is a great host and a nice person to deal with. He responds quickly, his car is clean, fuel efficient and drives well. His car is in extremely good condition and well maintained. I really enjoyed the trip with his car. Highly recommended.

    LowApril 2021

  • Syafiq

    Rented for almost a week and still enjoyed this ride. Looking forward to rent from him again.

    SyafiqApril 2021

  • Keith

    Nice car, will rent again

    KeithApril 2021

  • Gibu

    excellent no hassles host. excellent big car. very well maintained car. easy to pick and drop. Thank you Kelvin.

    GibuMarch 2021

  • Tawfiq

    Very consistent and always willing to assist

    TawfiqMarch 2021

  • Ken Ong

    it been another great ride from Kelvin car. the car is well maintain. Thanks

    Ken OngMarch 2021

  • Ken Ong

    As usual everything is smooth, Kelvin car have well maintained and the cleanliness is superb. This is my third time rent from Kelvin car. Thanks

    Ken OngMarch 2021

  • Marko

    Amazing car, super clean, easy booking. Kevin is super helpful!

    MarkoFebruary 2021

  • Rushil

    Great host. car was super clean and well maintained. The host also goes the extra mile to make the ride even more memorable - with umbrellas and wireless chargers all fitted in the car. Would love to rent again.

    Rushil February 2021

  • Sing Fong

    Recommended. Kelvin was very helpful, car was smooth and comfortable.

    Sing FongFebruary 2021

  • Joseph

    A very nice car to drive. Will continue to rent this car in future

    JosephFebruary 2021

  • Sheng Cheng

    Hassle free pick up and return, extremely clean and comfortable ride with a panoramic sunroof that makes the cabin feels even more airy and spacious , Thumbs Up!

    Sheng ChengFebruary 2021

  • Faylene

    I’m happy with the experience. car was clean and txn was easy! nice ride with cool charger for our phones. thank you again!

    FayleneFebruary 2021

  • Fook Jong

    6 star experience as always. Great host great car

    Fook JongFebruary 2021

  • Bryan

    Definitely a 5star rental experience with Kelvin and his super spacious ride! Kelvin is a very helpful and friendly host, gives clear instructions and takes extra care to make sure pick up of car is fuss free and easy. The car is one of the most comfortable ride I have experienced, fully equipped with 360 reverse cam, sunroof, leather comfy seats and spacious interior that my family enjoy! I loved driving this car so much that I didn’t want the rental to end! Highly highly recommended!

    BryanFebruary 2021

  • wi hwa

    Kelvin was very helpful through out the experience and understanding as was my first time user. the vehicle is in great condition and clean with no issue at all. definitely will engage him again in available.

    wi hwaFebruary 2021

  • Cheng De

    Great host, very friendly, responsive, and helpful. Car is very clean and smooth to drive.

    Cheng DeJanuary 2021

  • Mohamed

    Easy transaction to collect and return of the car. Car is very clean and the condition is very good. Smooth ride n very fuel efficiency. One of the very few host who handover car in fuel tank which make it easier for to top up petrol for only the amount you used. Due to the fuel efficiency, this is the cheapest top up I ever done since using drive lah. Will definitely rent again given the opportunity. Really enjoyed the car.

    MohamedJanuary 2021

  • Mohamed

    super smooth pick up and drop off. very responsive host. car is super nice.

    MohamedJanuary 2021

  • Ken Ong

    This is second time rented from Kelvin car in a month. everything is smooth and good. Thanks

    Ken OngJanuary 2021

  • LC

    Always caring and helpful host for Kelvin. Cheers!

    LCJanuary 2021

  • Tawfiq

    Rented twice from Kelvin. Great guy. Nice, clean, well maintained car. Hassle free pick up. Definitely will rent again.

    TawfiqJanuary 2021

  • Syafiq

    Always a host from the beginning.

    SyafiqJanuary 2021

  • Ken Ong

    it’s been a great pleasure to use Drive Lah. special thanks the host Kenvin guide me through all the great experience, his car is perfect to drive and clean. Thanks

    Ken OngJanuary 2021

  • Yogveer

    Nice, clean and spacious car. Kelvin(host) was responsive and helpful when contacted.. highly recommended..

    YogveerDecember 2020

  • Bernard

    Kelvin is nice and helpful host. Good and clean car, good experience. Would love to rent from him again.

    BernardDecember 2020

  • Low

    Kelvin's car is really fantastic, very well maintained and clean. He is a very friendly and good host. He has given me lots of assistance. I feel very comfortable in driving his car. Thank you so much!

    LowDecember 2020

  • LC

    A hassle free experience with nice host and great car. Thumbs up for Kelvin.

    LCDecember 2020

  • Syafiq

    Regular with this guy, spot on car, always in the best shape and love the ride.

    SyafiqDecember 2020

  • Frankie

    my first time using drive lah, would said thanks Kelvin ready guide me how to process.. and his car is very clean, that make more careful to take care . Kelvin is friendly..

    FrankieDecember 2020

  • Xayadeth

    Great car, super clean and fantastic to drive. Kelvin was very helpful as responsive from the start until the end of the booking. Will highly recommend to rent Kelvin’s car. Thank you Kelvin!

    XayadethNovember 2020

  • Lucas

    Kelvin is a great and accommodating host! The car is also well-maintained.

    LucasNovember 2020

  • Harold

    Very well maintained car with a huge boot space which i needed. Very friendly and accomodating host! Definitely will rent again.

    HaroldNovember 2020

  • Syafiq

    super incredible host.

    SyafiqOctober 2020

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Nice car and the owner. very friendly and helpful. the drive experience awesome. My family enjoyed fully. definitely will this car look next time. 👍🏻👌🏻😀

    Shankar GaneshOctober 2020

  • Evan

    Kelvin was friendly, detailed, and easy to talk to. Entire process was as smooth as the ride :) Nice and comfortable car to drive around in!

    EvanOctober 2020

  • Nor Aini

    Very friendly! And in fact a great car. I dont mind renting from him again 😃

    Nor AiniOctober 2020

  • Syafiq

    Super nice host. Very understanding couple. Car was super clean and always feel brand new when i drive. Very recommended host. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    SyafiqSeptember 2020

  • Nadhirah

    Vehicle is in excellent condition and very clean. Host is fuss-free, friendly and is very accomodating to my timing. Had a pleasant drive with his car. Will definitely come back to him again!

    NadhirahSeptember 2020

  • Nuraini

    Kelvin is responsive and understanding. The car's interior is super spacious. His car is super clean. Got luxury² feel also. 👍👍👍

    NurainiSeptember 2020

  • Gerianne

    Great and clean car, nice drive and really friendly owner. My most pleasant car sharing experience to date!

    GerianneAugust 2020

  • Fook Jong

    Great clean car as always. Pleasure to drive

    Fook JongAugust 2020

  • Fook Jong

    Good clean car as always - friendly owner

    Fook JongAugust 2020

  • Syafiq

    Third time’s a charm as always

    SyafiqJuly 2020

  • Fook Jong

    Superbly well maintained clean car and nice owner

    Fook JongJuly 2020

  • Nurul fatin

    Its really nice to drive Kelvin’s car. Very clean and comfortable! Have been always coming back to rent his car! Thank you Kelvin!

    Nurul fatinJuly 2020

  • Fook Jong

    Car is amazingly well-maintained it feels like new. Friendly and accommodating host who shared a lot of tips and knowledge about the car too

    Fook JongJuly 2020

  • Syafiq

    2nd time renting, always a pleasure to have this amazing ride.

    SyafiqJuly 2020

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