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Honda Freed 2009
About Dom's car
    7 Seats
    130,000 kms+
With the innovative Drive lah Go™ technology, hosts provide access for their cars to approved guests directly via their phone instead of physically handing over the keys. Yes that’s right – hosts using this technology from Drive lah will no longer be needed to be physically present at the time of handover.
Easily locate your car with GPS guidance
Enjoy a smooth check in
Be in control of your own schedule
Unlock & lock the car with your phone
Key features
  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input
Key rules
    No smoking
Specific instructions
Ensure to top up petrol grade 95. This car is Flashpay ready.
Mileage allowed per day


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Nearest public transport

NS10 Admiralty MRT Station - 10+ minutes away

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Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

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Joined April 2022

Reviews (100)

  • Sarah

    car was in good condition, will rent again

    SarahDecember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Brilliant 👍👍👍

    HilmiNovember 2023

  • The great catch about Dom’s ride would be the unlimited mileage permissible, because it gives us a hassle-free drive without limiting our travel experience. Car was so comfortable to drive with families. If fold the last 2 seats, it gives ample bonnet space for luggages. One downside would be the right rear door. You have close hard for the lever to catch, feels like an old school van. Above all, my families and i are satisfied with the booking. Will book again in the future!

    RashidNovember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Great car

    HilmiNovember 2023

  • Khairuddin

    Great car. Considering its age, the condition is good. Well taken care of.

    KhairuddinNovember 2023

  • Muhammad sulaiman

    Great car

    Muhammad sulaimanNovember 2023

  • Good

    Muhammad 'AfifNovember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you

    HilmiNovember 2023

  • Ajmath

    Nice car

    AjmathNovember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Great car, host everything

    HilmiNovember 2023

  • Ahmad Danial

    Great. New keys.

    Ahmad DanialNovember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you again... Will rent again..

    HilmiNovember 2023

  • Mahathir

    Clean n well maintained

    MahathirOctober 2023

  • Sivakumar

    Super host and super car, smooth rental procedure and car was realli good, no problems at all.. will surely book again. Thank you

    SivakumarOctober 2023

  • Ming Key

    Nice and clean car

    Ming KeyOctober 2023

  • Hilmi

    The car is amazing...

    HilmiOctober 2023

  • Great host

    Mohamad October 2023

  • Rasul


    RasulOctober 2023

  • Rey

    Great host,worth renting,the car doesnt gives any problem

    ReySeptember 2023

  • Muhammad Hafiz

    Great host, it was fun renting the car. Engine was still in good condition despite the age and interior was well maintained as well. Only the key head was broken and it was slightly uncomfortable to lock/unlock the car. Nevertheless this was a great car to bring your family around 👍👍👍

    Muhammad HafizSeptember 2023

  • JC

    Worst experience. One star is still too much. Damaged rear door handle so cannot open. Dirty interior. Leaking tyre. Host doesn’t response and doesn’t know anything, simply refer me to Drivelah support. Rent a car but end up taking cab. If cannot keep the car safe then please don’t be a host.

    JCSeptember 2023

  • Goh

    Very friendly and awesome host by Dom, Very well maintained car for this age and the engine was smooth too, comfortable & spacious car that will definitely recommend to anyone that need enjoyable space with family or friends 💫💫💫😊👍

    GohSeptember 2023

  • Mohamed

    Great host..!

    MohamedSeptember 2023

  • Mohamed

    Great host..will book again..✌🏽

    MohamedAugust 2023

  • Car keep having clicking sound despite the hazard/signal lights off. Previous driver might not have cleaned the interior before dropping off.

    HanifAugust 2023

  • Hilmi

    Great host... Thank you

    HilmiAugust 2023

  • Hanafi

    Smooth deal

    HanafiAugust 2023

  • Muhammad

    Super great host, fast response & friendly.

    MuhammadAugust 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you 👍

    HilmiAugust 2023

  • Mohamed

    Easy to book. Once book, CS will send VEP via WhatsApp. Dirty car upon collection so head to JB first to give it a wash. After shiny and all head to Batu Pahat to visit relative. Smooth drive. Can lock with app or key. Tick tick sound still present. A bit annoying but then get used to it. It's also a safety issue as the sound is the same as your signal & hazard. Few times check if I signal or not. So far a smooth ride. Will rent again. Need to lock car then cannot post pic from gallery. Unable to post odometer & fuel gauge meter as it's lock already. This needs to be fixed ASAP by Drive Lah. Overall satisfied. Will rent again this old car but got the job done. Thank you again Dom for the swift response.

    MohamedAugust 2023


    Car is alright to drive but need to maintain the cleanliness. But its smooth driving to Batu Pahat

    KAMALAugust 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you

    HilmiAugust 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you host... Brilliant car 👍👍👍 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

    HilmiJuly 2023

  • Muhammad

    Smooth engine

    MuhammadJuly 2023

  • Abdul Mun'im Bin Mansor

    Great host. Convenient. Great car for a family

    Abdul Mun'im Bin MansorJuly 2023

  • Fast response through platform.

    VijayanJuly 2023

  • Very thing is good. Only that reach Malaysia cannot lock the car.. keep calling hotline they help to lock n unlock. Once they help to lock n unlock the right door cannot open.the aircon is good..

    NoraisahJuly 2023

  • Hilmi

    Great Host... Thank you

    HilmiJuly 2023

  • Alphonsus

    Good drive except for the constant ticking sound. Audio system was surprisingly good.

    AlphonsusJuly 2023

  • Faris

    Car condition is good👍

    FarisJuly 2023

  • Ahmad Danial

    Great host. Key really needs ti be fixed. Other then that signal needs improvement in Malaysia.

    Ahmad DanialJune 2023

  • Mohamad Dini

    Brought me safely to and from Melaka. Keys need to be fixed though but overall a smooth ride. Thank you.

    Mohamad DiniJune 2023

  • Ahmad Aizat Bin

    I wish I can give a 4 stars but there is this annoying tick tock sound coming from dashboard. I tried asking dom but referred me to support team instead. Also, the car could have been better maintained as I encounter a deflated tire. All in all

    Ahmad Aizat BinJune 2023

  • Hilmi


    HilmiJune 2023

  • Zulkiffli

    Excellent host

    ZulkiffliJune 2023

  • Muhammad

    Easy going

    MuhammadJune 2023

  • - Fuel was at 50% during collection. Have to pump in SG. - key broke in half. - left back tire constantly flat. Have to go pump once or twice a day. - 2/3 tail light is faulty. - constant ticking sound in car + air con good

    AlvinMay 2023

  • Mohd


    MohdMay 2023

  • Aishah

    Car is very very dirty, dusty, lots of fluid stains, there's even blood stain. Key is broken. Tyres are flat. Radio not able to get all channels. Sterling wheel is not smooth. Pretty dangerous actually. Overall very poor driving experience and rental experience.

    AishahMay 2023

  • Qayyum

    Host was great and pretty much responsive. But the car smell really bad. The car key was damaged and was taped all over making it hard to use at times.

    QayyumMay 2023

  • Abdul


    AbdulMay 2023


    Besides the key and the ticking sound, everything was fine

    SAIFULMay 2023

  • Khairunnisa Nazihah

    The car was ok, comfortable and spacious. Aircon is working just fine. There’s a continuous ticking sound. But overall it was ok. 👍🏻

    Khairunnisa NazihahMay 2023

  • Noor Hidayat

    Car was smooth n aircon was working well...ticking sounf all d way but minor issue for me...juz on radio

    Noor HidayatApril 2023

  • aircon was working fine, car had clicking noise throughout the trip. car tyre was halfway deflated at pickup, after pumping air was okay for about 20 km and then deflated even more, pumped air again and became totally flat while driving after. stranded in malaysia because there wasn’t spare tyre and no open car tyre shops. ended up towing the car back to singapore. had to also pay upfront without any guarantee of reimbursement but had to do it anyway or else there’s no way out. the entire process took more than 6 hours and affected my plans for the next day because couldn’t leave the car behind. not a positive experience, especially being stranded in a foreign land close to midnight. drivelah support was helpful though, especially Trixie, who continued to support and liaise with the towing companies in Malaysia and check in on my safety even past her shift.

    DerekApril 2023

  • Hasyim Asharee

    Great host, car is okay with beeping sound non stop. Air con is good too! Will rent from you again in the future boss. Thank you.

    Hasyim AshareeApril 2023

  • Karyana

    Aircon back to normal

    KaryanaApril 2023

  • Karyana

    Aircon is back to normal

    KaryanaApril 2023

  • ihsan

    fust free and prompt repliesss

    ihsanApril 2023

  • Saiful

    Car was clean, responding well. Only setback was the continuous beeping sound and the key which is really flimsy. Owner was friendly and fast response!

    SaifulApril 2023

  • UZIR

    Dom was a wonderful host...very prompt in answering all questions regarding abt the car... will definitely rent the car again becoz the condition is superb

    UZIRMarch 2023

  • marcus

    worst car ever. the car key does not function properly with it being taped up because it is loose. there is a constant clicking noise in the car which cannot be turned off. the car suspension is faulty and sways a lot while on the move. rent this car at your own risk!

    marcusMarch 2023

  • Shaiful Fauzi

    The only reason for not giving 5 star is the aircon which is not working. in term of owner, fast response. for the car, as good as new, smooth. if the aircon has been rectified, i will consider renting the same car again.

    Shaiful FauziMarch 2023

  • Reginaldo

    This review is specific for the host: Dom was very helpful and responsive to querries. No frills , smootha and straight forward transactuon

    ReginaldoMarch 2023

  • Mohamad

    The owner is friendly, efficient and fast reply! The car is good for driving, except that the aircon was intermittent for a short while. But after that, everything else was good!

    MohamadMarch 2023


    Aircon not working,, Tick Tock sound aLL da way from start to end trip, wiper reservoir not fiLL up, Radio not working, no hp hoLder, no charging cabLes, hot 🔥 when stuck in traffic.. $496.60 for 4 days of misery.. .

    FAIZALFebruary 2023

  • Ahmad


    AhmadFebruary 2023

  • Zul

    Easy and smooth process. Fast replies from host & hassle free. Car engine is in good condition. Thank you!

    ZulFebruary 2023

  • Aswan

    Hmm...Where do I start? Upon startup, experience loud ticking sound (like indicators were on) throughout the whole journey! Aircon airflow was not consistent. have to continuously On & Off the aircon. There were moments where it stops entirely and I have to wind down the windows for ventilation! Manual door was initially jammed. Had to open it forcefully but was still facing problems after that. Wipers have reached EOL but still unchanged! Very bad experience. Car requires serious maintenance. The only good thing is it brought me safely home

    AswanFebruary 2023

  • Murugan

    I really would love to leave 5 stars, but unfortunately, there were 2 main issues with the car. 1 - The A/C has problems, after a short while (especially in the daytime, the blower just stops completely, and despite switching it off n on again, the problem persisted, and it was a scorching afternoon that day. 2 - There is a constant continuous ticking sound which is slightly louder than the signal lights sound..the moment car unlocked its continuous all the way and it can be irritating to some.

    Murugan February 2023

  • John

    I would give 5 stars 🌟 If the aircon (intermittent blower slow down suddenly) & passenger manual door (hard to open from outside) to get fixed. 🙏

    JohnJanuary 2023

  • Jiehao

    Pick up and drop off was a breeze. Car was clean and with no issues for our short jb trip.

    JiehaoJanuary 2023

  • Muhammad Fakhrur

    Great experience renting from Dom. Car was smooth and spacious. Overall a good experience.

    Muhammad FakhrurDecember 2022

  • Kang Kai

    nice car nice owner

    Kang KaiDecember 2022

  • Mohamad Dini

    Dom was easy going. Pick up and drop off went smoothly. Aircon was cold thoughout our six days journey. Our family enjoyed ourselves. Thank you.

    Mohamad DiniDecember 2022

  • great drive

    KelvinDecember 2022

  • Mohamed Idrus

    It was a great first time experience renting car from Drive lah. Smooth process!

    Mohamed IdrusDecember 2022

  • Faisal

    Experience was great! Dom had kindly assisted me with the pickup by explaining to me whatever was needed.’it was a hassle free experience! Car feels great as for it’s age. Super easy to drive and it is really spacious! Definitely recommended! 👍👍

    FaisalDecember 2022

  • Val

    Smooth transaction. Good car to drive except for the stickiness of the steering wheel. Can be a little cleaner though it’s generally still good, spacious & easy to drive.

    ValNovember 2022

  • Syahmi Nazri

    smooth ride.

    Syahmi NazriNovember 2022


    This is the 1st time im using drivelah, Quick response from Timothy in answering my questions, car is nice and clean , definitely 5 star

    HOI PINGOctober 2022


    Smooth car .

    ABU BAKAROctober 2022

  • Amirul

    CAR WAS AMAZING !!! spaciousss and comfyyyy !! looking forwardd to rent again!

    AmirulOctober 2022

  • Ajmath

    Nice car...easy pick up and drop are convenient to pick up from woodlands..

    AjmathOctober 2022

  • Abdul Rahman

    Very hiccup..very straightforward..will use again

    Abdul RahmanOctober 2022

  • Abbey

    Great car to drive for a family trip to JB. It would have been a 5 stars review if not for the initial hiccup collecting the car (car not parked at stated lot and had to search through the carpark to find it), and the cleanliness of the car could be improved. Overall, still good. Thanks.

    AbbeyOctober 2022

  • Chew kiat

    Excellent car to rent, comfortable clean easy to drive around and spacious for 6 ppl. Owner pump full tank before handover. Had small issues with the rear right manual door, but overall a pleasant experience

    Chew kiatOctober 2022

  • Muhammad sulaiman

    Great and smooth experience.

    Muhammad sulaimanOctober 2022

  • Monse

    good car overall

    MonseOctober 2022

  • Muhammad

    Nice car.will rent from him again.

    MuhammadSeptember 2022

  • Md Joefaizal

    Gd ride n will rent again !

    Md JoefaizalSeptember 2022

  • Low

    Clean car, suitable for driving into JB for a weekend trip. Owner was also very prompt in his replies and helped us when we faced some minor issues.

    LowSeptember 2022

  • Zulfadhli

    Great car, will definitely rent again

    ZulfadhliSeptember 2022

  • Mustaqim

    nice and clean car

    MustaqimSeptember 2022

  • Ahmad Lazim

    Clean and nice car to drive

    Ahmad LazimSeptember 2022

  • Young wei

    Car was smooth and aircon was strong. Would have given 5 stars if not for the car keys (the leasor needs to duplicate a new set) and rain wiper needs a new pair.

    Young weiSeptember 2022

  • Erwin

    Responsive. Nice car. Smooth drive.

    ErwinAugust 2022

  • Ling Kian

    very good & fast response from owner, and car is comfortable with good condition

    Ling KianAugust 2022

  • Muhd Remie

    Very patient host though i booked at the very last minute. Car was perfect for my family to travel to JB. Condition was great and interior was very clean. Will sure rent again. Tq

    Muhd RemieAugust 2022

  • Mike

    First time using DriveLah platform, good experience !

    MikeAugust 2022

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