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Honda Fit 2010
per day

Honda Fit 2010

CompactHosted by Dom

| Trips: 230

About Dom's car

  • Honda
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 4 Seats
  • 10 – 30,000 kms

Key features

  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input

Key rules

1. No smoking

Specific instructions

Ensure to use petrol ron95. This car is Flashpay ready.

Mileage allowed per day



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Drive lah Protection

Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

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Hello, I'm Dom.

Reviews (100)

  • Excellent car! Driver friendly and responsive.

    AdnanJanuary 2024

  • My trip was cancelled by host

    BerberryJanuary 2024

  • Slow reply from host. Great car to rent

    muhammadJanuary 2024

  • UZIR

    Great host ....had wonderful time renting his car....

    UZIRJanuary 2024

  • UZIR

    Great host

    UZIRJanuary 2024

  • Jason

    Repeated amd car well.maintained good conditions

    JasonJanuary 2024

  • Jason

    Well maintain car.

    JasonJanuary 2024

  • Hilmi

    Can double check the car system... It wont unlock the car

    HilmiJanuary 2024

  • Powerful car

    Banned userDecember 2023

  • Extension good host!

    Banned userDecember 2023

  • Extension trip

    Banned userDecember 2023

  • Super good ride

    Banned userDecember 2023

  • Great ride. Outside of the app's hiccup, the vehicle was easy to drive and handle.

    ZulhilmiDecember 2023

  • Tiffany

    Clean and good

    Tiffany December 2023

  • Zulkifli

    Great car

    ZulkifliDecember 2023

  • Zulkiffli

    Car wash,vacuum and refuel fulled upon return Thank you for refuel 3/4

    ZulkiffliDecember 2023

  • Azman


    AzmanDecember 2023

  • Hilmi


    HilmiDecember 2023

  • Great host!

    MuhammadDecember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you.. brilliant car

    HilmiDecember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you 👍👍👍

    HilmiDecember 2023

  • Great host and car

    Mohamad December 2023

  • Hilmi


    HilmiNovember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thank you

    HilmiNovember 2023

  • Great host

    MuhammadNovember 2023

  • Mohamad Dini

    Good car

    Mohamad DiniNovember 2023

  • Hilmi

    Very good car.... But alot of issues when taking it...

    HilmiNovember 2023

  • Geeta

    Late collection due to faulty remote unlock. Missed an important appt. Wasted $10 to get another driver to pick up the car.

    GeetaNovember 2023

  • Hudzairie


    HudzairieOctober 2023

  • Juslinder

    Great host, fun rental. Please note AC doesn't work.

    JuslinderOctober 2023

  • Shaik Mohamed Fazil Musa

    The car is good but the Aircon is not cold.

    Shaik Mohamed Fazil MusaOctober 2023

  • For a short few days rental it's fine, could fit a lot of things at the back when the seats are placed down, but not sure if it's suppose to make a wheezing sound every time the accelerator is being stepped on and it is so hot inside the car, even with the A/C settings set correctly.

    AnnaOctober 2023

  • Iszaidi

    Everything is great. Just the aircon. If aircon is fixed. It is definitely ok

    IszaidiOctober 2023

  • Hai Xing

    The car is not bad to drive but some exterior damages. Experienced quite a hectic pick up process with this host, availability of one of the car is not updated, and this car had flat battery when picking up and need wait for workshop to come and jump start. My plan is delayed for a few hours due to these issues. Quite an unpleasant experience, worst one so far ever since I start using drivelah one year ago. Hope drivelah and the host can settle this issue.

    Hai XingAugust 2023

  • Hilmi

    Thanks Dom.. brilliant car 👍👍👍

    HilmiJuly 2023

  • Asyraf

    There is a problem with the car battery however driverlah helpdesk is unable to assist so we had to call an external car service to jumpstart the car.

    AsyrafJuly 2023

  • Hilmi

    Great host... I know the car damage... But engine runs smooth... I give u full tank... Thank you

    HilmiJuly 2023

  • Nora

    It was the worst rental experienced. aircon not functioning, not cooling. drove up to port dickson with a 2 kids and a pregnant lady. front tyres both wear and tear. car is also infested with cockroaches. car also dented on left rear door

    NoraJuly 2023

  • Adam

    The car needs servicing other than that it's ok

    AdamJune 2023

  • Muhammad Razin

    Muhammad RazinMay 2023

  • Nakkeeran

    All smooth, great rental

    NakkeeranMay 2023

  • Iqbal

    Great Host, car is superb. Recommended

    IqbalMay 2023

  • Aishah

    Great car very smooth

    AishahMay 2023

  • Irfan

    Very clean and smooth

    Irfan May 2023

  • Muhammad

    Great host!

    MuhammadMay 2023

  • Ahmad Haziq

    Family friendly car

    Ahmad HaziqMay 2023

  • ChiauHong

    Great host. But noisy due to unknown sound & warm at afternoon, like aircon not cold enough. Still OK to go.

    ChiauHongMay 2023

  • Faizal

    Great host with prompt reply with assistance.

    FaizalApril 2023

  • Siti habibah

    Host was friendly and accommodating. Ty Dom for the prompt assistance when required 🙏🏼

    Siti habibahApril 2023

  • Jalal


    JalalApril 2023

  • Muhd kazar

    Fast respond

    Muhd kazarApril 2023

  • Muhammad Rosli

    Car is great condition to drive,will rent again in future..thanks boss..only in hot weather n car in stationery will feel hot..other then that all ok..

    Muhammad RosliApril 2023

  • Hilmi

    Great deal... Manage to urgent extend booking... Thank you for the service....

    HilmiApril 2023

  • Mohd

    The car is great and smooth

    MohdApril 2023

  • Habib Noor

    Great vehicle to drive.

    Habib NoorApril 2023

  • Surahdi Aliff

    Hi this is my 1st time drive with drive lah. Early morning pick up communications already breakdown. To activate car is not as easy as tribe. When come to the end of my renting,asking for 1 hr extending time. Have to paid an extra $27.80 not $7 or $14. Price just ridiculous. Not acceptable price. Overall nice drive.

    Surahdi AliffApril 2023

  • Zainal

    Dom was fast to reply on mesages n quiries. Undwrsranding n easy to deal with..will definitely rent from him again.

    ZainalApril 2023

  • Great host and easy to deal with

    Banned userMarch 2023

  • Fateen


    FateenMarch 2023

  • Muhammad

    As usual, the pick up process was smooth and enjoyed throughout the ride.

    MuhammadJanuary 2023

  • Muhammad Fadhli

    Car is clean and smooth to drive. Pverall good experience..recommended host

    Muhammad FadhliJanuary 2023

  • Hock Chye

    Nice host to work with. Very spontaneous in his reply and helpful

    Hock ChyeJanuary 2023

  • Jun

    Dom is responsive. Nice car to drive around.

    JunJanuary 2023

  • Muhammad

    All okay, just that cleanliness of car could be improved.

    MuhammadDecember 2022

  • Muhamad Amzhar

    Great as usual

    Muhamad AmzharDecember 2022

  • Mohamed

    I think it was my 3rd time renting from this owner. pleasant as always 👍🏽

    MohamedDecember 2022

  • Zulfadhli

    Decent car for grocery trips but it has a cockroach problem at night. Hope the host will look into it for future renters

    ZulfadhliDecember 2022

  • Subramanian

    Great car and a great host! Very responsive and no hassles at all. Will definitely rent next time

    Subramanian December 2022

  • Romi

    Immediate response.. Good host

    RomiDecember 2022

  • Shelley

    Very nice host, Very fast response to your questions. I had rent the second time. Thanks.

    ShelleyDecember 2022

  • Muhammad

    solid fellow

    MuhammadNovember 2022

  • Muhammad

    nice experience with the car

    Muhammad November 2022

  • Muhamad Amzhar

    Good experience.

    Muhamad AmzharNovember 2022

  • Curtis

    Please do a better job informing the guest where the car is located either the day before or the morning of the booking especially if the car is in a carpark as the address listed on the booking was not correct and I spent such a long time unable to locate the car that I had to get customer service involved to track its location. This could have been prevented had there been better communication. Also the check engine is on while driving which is concerning. Host's other car better experience.

    CurtisNovember 2022

  • Ramadan

    great car with helpful team

    Ramadan November 2022

  • Farhan

    Simple & hassle free experience. Would have given 5 stars if not for the fish smell in the car probably due to a market trip & engine light on. Interior of car needs to be cleaned. Overall great drive. Recommended drive.

    FarhanNovember 2022

  • Noer

    Great car maintenance

    NoerNovember 2022

  • Joyce

    Great car. very smooth and easy to drive. Timothy was also very helpful with the extension of my rental. will consider renting again.

    JoyceNovember 2022

  • Shady

    A good experience. All booking details were handled by the Drive Lah Customer service team who were responsive on the Customer services number. The only complaint is that the car is parked in a multistory car park and you are never told which level it is on or which parking lot so I had to walk through all the levels looking for the car. It was not hard to find because it has the Drive Lah advertisement

    ShadyNovember 2022

  • Muhammad Fauzi

    I requested for lot number, and he informed me soon after previous hirer completed the trip. Thanks!

    Muhammad FauziOctober 2022

  • Haiqal

    Not the first time. Great car as usual. Was given the car in quite a quite dirty condition. Side mirror issue not fix yet and the engine check light is on. Car drives well and no issue so far.

    HaiqalOctober 2022

  • Junaida

    My second time with host. Still the same fast response to messages. Very smooth collection process. Car in good condition, aircond very cold. Will definitely rent again in future.

    JunaidaOctober 2022

  • Mohd

    always a experience second time renting! highly recommended 😊

    MohdOctober 2022

  • Fu Yek

    It will be great if response rate could be improved and if car pick up information could be provided in advance.

    Fu YekOctober 2022

  • Mujuonor

    Bad experience with the host, did not give full details of the parking lot. Slow respond. Have to callled help center to ask the carpark lot number. Wasted 20min just to find the car and to unlock it. So much trouble not recommended at all. Book at ur own risk!

    MujuonorOctober 2022

  • Mohd

    great experience host is very helpful in assisting me as its my first time. will rent again next time highly recommended as it is hassle free

    MohdOctober 2022

  • Sabrina

    Great car, very clean and the host was responsive and fast with his replies.

    SabrinaOctober 2022

  • Siew Siang

    The host is very responsive when comes to any query. car performance is good and clean and spacious. Definitely worth the money.

    Siew SiangOctober 2022

  • Haiqal

    Multiple rental and never disappointed. Fuel at full at the time during collection. Car was slightly dirty on the exterior but good to go, even for long trips. A note to owner, the left side mirror folding motor has broke, so it can’t fold in/out, and there’s a constant motor buzzing sound. Front tire is wearing out as well.

    HaiqalSeptember 2022

  • Junaida

    Host was responsive to all my queries as this is my 1st time with DriveLah. Will rent again as it is very close location

    JunaidaSeptember 2022

  • Desmond

    Worst experience ever, couldn’t find the car and car key respectively. We booked the car for collection at 6am and the car owner did not advise on the collection spot, which level, etc. As it is located in a multistorey carpark, we had to go around looking for the car. The owner only replied us around 6.45am (after we texted him repeatedly at 6am). Next, after he accepted the pick up request, the car door was unlocked. The next horror, cannot find the car key!!! We had to engage the customer service team via the app, and they had to check with the previous customer on where they dropped the car key. We spent another 2hours trying to find the car key, and getting the customer service team to liaise with the car owner and the previous customer. Probably due to privacy issue, but they refused to give us the car owner/previous customer’s contact number for us to call directly. We were on the line with the customer service team (a bunch of operators who seems to be based offshore) and long waiting time ~2hours. We searched everywhere in the car for the key, and it is so dirty! We texted the car owner too, and his response was to leave it to the customer service team. Super bad experience, so not recommended at all. Do not recommend using the Drive lah app service at all.

    DesmondSeptember 2022

  • Shelley

    Timothy is a very nice & friendly host. He response to the enquiry very fast. Very smooth car pickup & drop off process. The car is clean, fragrant, well equip with phone mounting device & usb port for phone charging. The car don't look old at all & everything is functioning very well. I will rent his car again next time. Thanks.

    ShelleySeptember 2022

  • Henry

    Nice car, Timothy was very prompt and helpful!

    HenrySeptember 2022

  • Peter

    1. Big fail - not informed which level and lot the car is in, so searched the whole MSCP, 2. first time I am taking Go car, so called your helpdesk. Was told that I need to take only 1 external pic of the car. It turns out that I needed to take 4 n one selfie of me unmasked, holding my driver's licence, with the car registration behind me. This was in very small print, Telegram replies v slow, no one answered your call, we struggled for 45mins. 3. Car was dirty, 4. Return locking was slow, 10mi

    PeterAugust 2022

  • Choong Hong

    Overall car condition was great, smooth pick up and drop off process

    Choong HongAugust 2022

  • Firdaus

    Excellent car, cold aircon and smooth ride.. Plus easy pickup and return too.. Overall positive experience

    FirdausAugust 2022

  • Muhammad

    Good trip to JB

    MuhammadAugust 2022

  • Muhammad

    awesome car! good condition. petrol saving car!

    Muhammad August 2022

  • Muhammad

    Hassle free experience and a good drive to JB

    MuhammadAugust 2022

  • Khairulnizam

    Everything was good !

    KhairulnizamJuly 2022

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