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Arthur's Toyota Sienta 2008 (Malaysia ​/​ Unlimited Mileage)
About Arthur's car
    1 - 7 Seats
    130,000 kms+
With the innovative Drive lah Go™ technology, hosts provide access for their cars to approved guests directly via their phone instead of physically handing over the keys. Yes that’s right – hosts using this technology from Drive lah will no longer be needed to be physically present at the time of handover.
Easily locate your car with GPS guidance
Enjoy a smooth check in
Be in control of your own schedule
Unlock & lock the car with your phone
Key features
  • All wheel drive
  • Aux Input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • Cruise control
  • GPS
  • Rear Camera
  • Sunroof
  • USB Charger
  • USB Input
Key rules
    No smoking
Specific instructions
**NEW W.E.F SEP 2023** - Drive into Malaysia (please inform Host you are driving in & take care of my car) - Unlimited Mileage - Pets: Allowed (please keep car clean if pets dirty car interior) - Kids: Do bring your own car seats if your kids need them Pick-Up & Drop-Off Place: Tekka Centre Basement Carpark, BRB1 (Postal Code 210665) Fuel top-up: 95 Octane (Any Station) Parking Brake: Left foot/Clutch Area -> Foot Parking Brake
Mileage allowed per day


Listing location

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Nearest public transport

NE7/DT12 Little India - 0-5 minutes away

Drive lah Protection

Insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance included in the price of the trip.

Drive lah Protection
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Joined April 2020

Reviews (100)

  • Dirk-Jan

    Cute car. People we turning necks to spot it

    Dirk-Jan June 2024

  • Alex

    Great host! He was very responsive when I asked him questions.

    AlexMay 2024

  • Norafizah

    Hassle free . Awesome car.

    NorafizahMay 2024

  • JL

    Great service by the host. Host is responsive and gives very clear instructions. Well maintained car. Highly recommended.

    JLMay 2024

  • Ron

    3rd time renting the car. Thumbs up. 👍

    RonMay 2024

  • Great host

    ShaneApril 2024

  • Aide

    Host & vehicle... awesome

    AideApril 2024

  • khairul_hasan

    Car is too old

    khairul_hasanApril 2024

  • Suryanto

    Host gave good & clear instructions on how/where to pick the car. Car is clean & good performance.

    SuryantoApril 2024

  • Aminahuddin

    Cool car to drive. Fits 7 persons.

    AminahuddinApril 2024

  • Isa

    Hassle free pick up and drop off. Surprise at how smooth the engine was. Cool aircon. Would recommend this car .

    IsaApril 2024

  • Great Host, air con very cold

    JilvanApril 2024

  • Henry dass

    This is my 2nd time renting this car. Easy to pick up and drop off. Was a smooth ride.

    Henry dassApril 2024

  • Superb host who provided detailed instructions and flexibility. Car was clean, in good working condition, and came with all the bells and whistles. Very nice ride for long road trips up north. Car has built-in gps and entertainment for front and rear passengers. It even has wifi connected to the internet so you can listen to your YT or Spotify. Thanks Arthur for such a good rental experience!

    JPCMMarch 2024

  • Syed Qasim

    Great car for family outing

    Syed QasimMarch 2024

  • Justin

    Great condition

    JustinMarch 2024

  • Ron

    Second time renting the car. Clean and comfortable. Thank you owner.

    RonMarch 2024

  • John

    Older vehicle but is very clean drives nice and is very comfortable. Arthur is a very good host always available to assist with any issue or concern. Thank you Arthur 🙏🙏

    JohnMarch 2024

  • lukesh

    great host

    lukeshMarch 2024

  • John

    Host is very good. Unfortunately, this time round, the 2nd time,the car had a very strong smell of leftover curry. All the way to Malaysia. Migraine was bad. Love the comfort of the car. Unfortunately, afraid to chance upon this again on my weekly trip to Malaysia.

    JohnMarch 2024

  • Sabeer

    Very fantastic experience and good car

    SabeerMarch 2024

  • Phooi Weng

    Nice clean and well maintained car. Easy to drive.

    Phooi WengMarch 2024

  • HB

    Powerful car and very comfortable and clean interiors!

    HBFebruary 2024

  • Nice n fun car.. looking forward to rent again

    AzriFebruary 2024

  • TEO

    Great host, smooth ride

    TEOFebruary 2024

  • Hafizudin

    Great host. Car is well equipped for family trips. 👍

    HafizudinFebruary 2024

  • Good experience

    AmirulhaqFebruary 2024

  • Rayner

    AMAZING! So quick and hassle free. Really lovely car! Will rent again for sure!! Amazing super host! Thank you Arthur!

    RaynerFebruary 2024

  • Arthur is a very nice and patience person

    ThyeFebruary 2024

  • Sudhir

    Very responsive host. Great car, very clean and good ride. Will surely get this car again

    SudhirFebruary 2024

  • Great host, clear instructions, car is amazingly well-equipped — this trip to Malaysia is my first with my ageing parents for the first time in 18 years, couldn’t have done it without Arthur!

    KewJanuary 2024

  • Francis

    Very good experience with booking and driving

    FrancisJanuary 2024

  • Louis

    Host was able to answer my queries

    LouisDecember 2023

  • jati

    Great host

    jatiDecember 2023

  • Baptiste

    Do the job. Clean and convenient. Owner is responsive. Thanks!

    BaptisteDecember 2023

  • Lalit

    Great host it was fun driving this. Old but well maintained vehicle with minor issues like already communicated before picking up. Hard to accommodate 7 people as we had 4 adults plus 3 small kids. Good for 5 people or max 6 only.

    LalitDecember 2023

  • Hassle free rent.

    MohdDecember 2023

  • Kingsley

    Think twice if you want to book this car. Host initially agree and say I can do extension for the night, but end up do not admit and want to charge me for the penalty fee. Bravo!!

    KingsleyDecember 2023

  • Siah Hui

    Perfect simple car . Family enjoyed the trip. Arthur is responsive . :) thx.

    Siah HuiDecember 2023

  • Ryoichiro

    A great host and responsive. The car comes with a rear tv monitor with YouTube etc. a life saver for parents with young kids!

    RyoichiroNovember 2023

  • Very good

    SuminNovember 2023

  • Grsdt car, comfortable, stable and smooth Ride

    Banned userNovember 2023

  • Mohd Hanafi

    Car was very clean and with alot of amenities. The aircon was powerful. 👍🏻👍🏻

    Mohd HanafiNovember 2023

  • Rushdan

    Easy and convenient

    RushdanNovember 2023

  • Car in great condition , will rent again when needed.

    AlwinOctober 2023

  • Yang

    Responsive host. Car is well maintained, Great drive!

    YangOctober 2023

  • Kervin

    Car was nice. Small engine but it does the job. Car is frugal with fuel which is nice.

    KervinOctober 2023

  • Jeffrey

    Well maintained car for usage

    Jeffrey September 2023


    Great host. Responded whenever I’ve needed to better understand his car. The car interior was equipped with a lots of amenities. Many essential gadgets for passengers are available. I believe this well maintained equipped for very personal use. So, me and my family feeling to have learn from here and make our car same (when we able buy). It our Johor trip as my sister was visiting us and today she has flight to return.

    MD MONIRUZZAMANSeptember 2023

  • Kenneth

    Easy and give good instructions. Clean and spacious car

    KennethSeptember 2023

  • Nurain

    Great host 👍🏻

    NurainSeptember 2023

  • Ivy

    This is my first time renting from drive lah. A lot of things different from other car rental company. New renter pls take note of the mileage allowed and charges after exceeding the mileage. This could add up quite a big sum. E.g 65 km will allow u to go airport and back and maybe one stop. That’s for 8hr rental. With additional mileage at 0.75 per km, from town to cck and back, will cost u about $25. Don’t forget u have petrol to pay too. Do plan before u book. The customer service was quite responsive: As a newbie, I appreciate Arthur kindness for his extra help and also last min changes. Thank you Arthur. His car is like luxury car with Dettol wipes , tissues, extra car seat cushion, even have a arm rest at the back for them to put drink. Thoughtful. Car also equipped with sensor all around to guide u if u are too close to other objects.

    IvySeptember 2023

  • Bembeng

    Very nice and well maintained car, all car and location details provided clearly as well. Some technical issues encountered (uploading images/unlocking the car) during pick up but resolved by drivelah support via chat/call. Thanks!

    BembengAugust 2023

  • Worst renting experience I ever had. Renting for 7 hours @$72.4 for old small bad 7seater car and at the end get extra charges for $120 (Total $192 for just 7 hour drive excluding petrol that you pay ourselves). Be very careful when renting this car and drivelah car. Beside need to pay rent for the car and pay your own petrol they still have additional charges $0.75 per km after 56km usage. If the limit only 56km and you need to go back and forth (28km each to your destination), I strongly suggest to take cab. Extremely bad experience.

    StanleyAugust 2023

  • Ji eun

    Smooth ride

    Ji eunAugust 2023

  • Denise

    Thank you Arthur for being so responsive when I needed clarifications on the car. Love that the car is safe and clean.

    DeniseAugust 2023

  • Nurain

    Arthur's car is clean and cute, my family enjoyed the car and will definitely rent again. Very convenient pick up location and near to my home.

    NurainJuly 2023

  • Muhammad Hadi Bin

    Great!! Thks bro

    Muhammad Hadi BinJuly 2023

  • Lester

    Host took my request on super short notice. Great car, well maintained despite its age. Good location too. 👍

    LesterJuly 2023

  • Hairin Ain


    Hairin AinMay 2023

  • Aung

    Cool car and friendly owner.

    AungMay 2023

  • Holyrose

    Car was in excellent condition. Very detailed instructions given. Will rent from Arthur again!

    HolyroseMay 2023

  • Dian

    One of the best car to use for hari raya outing..comfort for all. Be it people sitting infront and people seating at the back. Awesome. Will book again in future.

    DianMay 2023

  • Raudha

    Great host! Informed and brief me on the car with clear information and details! Excellent experience driving!

    RaudhaApril 2023

  • Muhammad Azfar

    The car was nice to drive and use. Even have YouTube to listen too. But unfortunately the space is abit small for a 7 seater. Overall is good.

    Muhammad AzfarApril 2023

  • Car was clean and pickup was seamless

    JeremyApril 2023

  • Anthony

    Great car, clean and well maintained. If you can live with the advertising on the side well worth it.

    AnthonyApril 2023

  • Denise

    Arthur’s a lovely host. Providing complete information on pickup and on the car as well. Was very responsive to my queries and communication. The car makes a really good and safe drive, with a clean cabin. Thanks Arthur!

    DeniseApril 2023

  • Muhammad apri

    Smooth experience from start to finish. Good practical car.

    Muhammad apriFebruary 2023

  • Indravadan

    Value for money good car good back up services

    IndravadanFebruary 2023

  • Hendric

    love the car!

    HendricJanuary 2023


    Friendly and great host. The vehicle well maintained and clean. Looking forward to drive again.

    ISMAILJanuary 2023

  • Kuan

    Easy traction

    KuanNovember 2022

  • Remi

    car is clean and good condition, however third row of seats and too many cushion reduce the interior space.

    RemiNovember 2022

  • Yael

    great experience prior the rental and during the rental. everything was conformed to my needs and expectations and Arthur has been very responsive. I will definitely keep it in mind for future occasions!

    YaelNovember 2022

  • Harsha

    great person and good car. in well kept condition.

    HarshaOctober 2022

  • Firman

    Great host. Seamless pick up and drop off. Awesome ride. Full on accessories. Thumbs up!

    FirmanOctober 2022

  • R

    very nice car. love the cheerful yellow. well equipped with thoughtful hand sanitizer and impressive car sensors for a safer ride

    RSeptember 2022

  • Jan

    Smooth experience, the car is well-equipped and reliable.

    JanSeptember 2022

  • Edward

    Nice easy experience!

    EdwardAugust 2022

  • Gabriel

    beautiful car very well taken care of

    GabrielAugust 2022

  • Anay

    car is on good condition and has great fuel efficiency . pickup is smooth . host is clear with instructions. car maybe has too many cushions and accessories that take up space which can be reduced.

    AnayAugust 2022

  • James

    Car is very clean and tidy.

    JamesAugust 2022

  • Jundong

    It's smooth and pleasure experience to rent this car.

    JundongJuly 2022

  • Edwin

    Thanks Arthur. Great car, superb navigation system. 👍

    EdwinJune 2022

  • Anastasia

    It was a good journey. Arthur maintained the car well, because it’s so clean & the engine’s tiptop.

    AnastasiaJune 2022

  • Osman

    Really enjoyed the ride.. very nice, clean cool car.. 2 thumbs up.. Highly recommended.. the host clearly explained in details what need to be done.. Will rent again.. 😊 thank u.

    OsmanMay 2022

  • Salehudin

    Car was super clean and smooth. Arthur has made the car so comfortable.

    SalehudinMay 2022


    Car is clean and easy to drive. Owner is friendly, proactive and efficient.

    SHIVAMMay 2022

  • Cheng

    Car system was b and driver was uncontactable for urgent queries during pickup time. Fuel tank topup was inefficient for mileage used, think there is a problem with car system.

    ChengApril 2022

  • Leo Carlo

    Great ride. Interior is clean and has all the necessary accessories you can think of from charging cables to hand sanitizer. Pick up and drop off are seamless and convenient. THANKS!

    Leo CarloMarch 2022

  • Paul

    Easy going host and the car was a joy to drive (fuel efficient as well). Car is very well maintained for the mileage clocked so far.

    PaulMarch 2022

  • Great and patient owner who will offer you guidance.. car was nice and clean

    MiraDecember 2021


    simply a wonderful experience with Arthur’s car. the interior is cozy and beautiful, and fitted with some modern features that make driving and parking really easy. Will be renting his car again soon..😄

    KIN MENGDecember 2021


    Excellent car, pleasant owner, highly recommended!

    MUHAMMADDecember 2021

  • Car was dropped off and picked up on time. Arthur and his sister Rachel are helpful and do their best to make sure you have a good experience! Found some snacks and a clump of hair in the car, but otherwise it was generally clean.

    Banned userOctober 2021

  • Abhinav

    Arthur was a great host. The car was as described, very functional and easy to drive. I would definitely recommend him

    AbhinavOctober 2021

  • Kian Wei

    Very nice guy and will deal again

    Kian WeiOctober 2021


    Arthur’s sister (Rachel) is very friendly and courteous to introduce the features of the car. The car is very clean and the drive is very smooth. What i like about the rental is that it has unlimited mileage so that i don’t need to worry if i will exceed the mileage or not. The car is scratch-free. Will definitely rent again next time. :)

    RONGZHAOOctober 2021

  • Arthur’s sister Rachel dropped the car off on time and picked it up on time, and was very helpful in explaining the controls in the car! The car was very clean and tidy. great experience, would rent again!

    Banned userSeptember 2021

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