Drive lah, the fastest-growing car sharing platform in Singapore, is proud to announce the launch of its latest version of the app, App 2.0, and a new subscription product, Flex Plus.Drive lah

The company's mission aligns with Singapore's drive towards becoming "car-lite", reducing the number of cars on the road and promoting sustainable mobility solutions.

Photo from our latest event for App 2.0 launch with Drive lah guests and hosts.

As an active participant in the nation's green initiative, Drive lah provides a unique solution that directly addresses the needs of Singaporeans while reducing congestion and pollution in the city-state. The Singapore government has recognized Drive lah's efforts, which have led to the platform's tremendous growth.

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Since our inception in Singapore, we have helped car owners earn more than $7Mn, making us a trusted platform for heartland Singaporeans. We believe in providing a personalized experience that caters to the unique needs of our community. We take pride in the quality of cars available on our platform, which are not only clean but also well-maintained. This is because we are a community-driven car sharing platform, and our car owners take great care of their vehicles, ensuring that our users have a great experience every time they book a car with us.

With the launch of App 2.0, we are taking the Drive lah experience to the next level. Smart hosting makes it easier for people to share cars and track income, while enhanced safety features include Singpass login and advanced fraud detection. Booking a car has never been easier, with the ultimate convenience of one-click booking, says Gaurav Singal, Co-Founder of Drive lah.

We have also introduced Flex plus, a revolutionary subscription product that allows subscribers to earn from their cars by sharing them back on our platform, says Dirk Jan, Co-Founder of Drive lah.

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Drive lah is proud to be a community-driven platform that utilizes proprietary technology to deliver a fully digital and contactless experience. As we expand beyond Singapore, Australia and into new markets this year, we remain committed to our mission of reducing congestion and pollution while providing a personal, community-driven experience for our users.

Join the Drive lah community today and experience the benefits of car sharing.