Meet Jeffrey Toh, a member of Drive lah’s Miles Club. In this interview, Jeffrey shares his experiences and insights on what makes Drive lah a top choice for car rental in Singapore. From the Drive lah Convenience and affordability to the outstanding customer service and unique features, Jeffrey's journey with Drive lah highlights why it's a preferred platform for both people looking to rent a car renters  & car owners who want to host their car.

Q: What made you choose Drive lah?  

Jeffrey: I chose Drive lah because the cars are convenient and affordable. The hosts are reliable and friendly, which made my experience even better. It’s easy to find a car that suits my needs without any hassle.

Q: What specific features or services offered by Drive lah stood out to you during your rental experience?  

Jeffrey: The discounts and promotions are really attractive. I love the keyless operations and the add-on options, which make everything hassle-free. These features made my rental experience smooth and enjoyable.

Q: Are you aware of our Miles Club program benefits?  

Jeffrey: I wasn’t aware of the benefits until I became a member. Now, I see how valuable the Miles Club is, it offers great rewards and perks that make renting even better!

Q: What is your opinion about Miles Club?  

Jeffrey: I think the Miles Club is fantastic. It’s a great loyalty program that offers real benefits to consumers. Being a member has definitely added value to my rentals.

Q: Have you ever faced any issues during your rental period with Drive lah, and if so, how were they resolved?  

Jeffrey: Yes, I had an issue with unlocking the car once. I called customer service, and they resolved it quickly and efficiently. Their prompt response really impressed me.

Q: Did you know that Drive lah launched fuel packages? Do you know the benefits of these packages?  

Jeffrey: Yes, I knew about the fuel packages. The main benefit is that you can drive without worrying about refueling. It saves time and makes the rental experience even more convenient.

Q: Can you discuss any memorable or positive interactions you had with the car owners on Drive lah?  

Jeffrey: One host, Ng Eng Jie, is particularly warm and friendly. His car is very affordable, and he makes the rental process enjoyable. He’s my favorite host, and I rent from him frequently.

Q: What factors do you prioritize when selecting a rental car, and did Drive lah meet your expectations in these aspects?  

Jeffrey: I look for location and affordability when choosing a rental car. Drive lah met my expectations in these areas, though I think the search function could be improved to find affordable cars more easily. Overall, it’s been a good experience.

Q: Considering your overall experience, would you recommend Drive lah to friends or family looking for a car rental service?  

Jeffrey: Definitely, I would recommend Drive lah. The service is reliable, and the hosts are friendly. It’s a great option for anyone needing a rental car.

Q: Any closing thoughts you'd like to share with our readers?  

Jeffrey: Don’t hesitate to try Drive lah if you need a car rental. The customer service is excellent, and the hosts are friendly and reliable. It’s a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.


Jeffrey's experience with Drive lah exemplifies how the platform is designed to benefit both guests and hosts. With its user-friendly features, excellent customer support, and attractive loyalty programs, Drive lah ensures a seamless and rewarding car rental experience. Whether you're looking to rent a car in Singapore renter seeking convenience or a car owner looking to earn extra money, Drive lah stands out as a top choice when you are looking for a car rental in Singapore.

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