An EV emits half the amount of CO2 as compared to a similar vehicle powered by ICE. If all passenger vehicles run on electricity, we would reduce carbon emissions by 2 million tonnes, or about 4% of total national emissions

 Drive lah is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform where you can rent a large variety of cars, always nearby at great value. The idea is simple: car ownership is expensive in Singapore. We only use the car 5% of the time – cars are mostly parked. With Drive lah you can reduce the cost of ownership by renting it out when you don’t need it in a safe way

The Singapore Green Plan 2030 includes a strong push to electrify our vehicle population, which would help Singapore achieve our vision of 100% cleaner energy vehicles by 2040. At Drive lah, we want to drive the EV revolution forward

We believe in sustainable, eco-friendly transportation & are supporting the government’s ‘Power EVery Move’ campaign by launching more EV’s on our platform

There are over 100 electric & hybrid cars across 15+ car models on Drive lah. We intend to increase them in the next one year, says Dirk Jan, Co-Founder, Drive lah

There are over 800 public charging points at 200 locations across Singapore.  LTA aims to deploy an additional 12,000 charging points by 2025

We want to encourage people to rent EV cars from our platform. We are also welcoming car owners to list their EV cars on Drive lah to make car sharing sustainable & eco-friendly. In order to do that, we are doing awareness campaigns across our social pages & are creating a positive sentiment towards EVs, added

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Dirk Jan

Prospective EV buyers can try out EV cars for a few days to see if it fits their lifestyle before making the purchase decision. Not to forget, when you rent a car, the usage is restricted to important needs v/s owning a car because you don’t think twice before driving out. Vehicle kms driven therefore is much lesser when you rent a car

About Drive lah

Drive lah is a unique peer-to-peer car sharing platform which allows people to rent other people's cars. We enable people to make small changes by switching to car sharing, which benefits the community directly & reduces the number of individual cars on the road.

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