When it comes to renting a car, making the right choice is essential. You need to find a vehicle that fits your needs in terms of size and type. This can be a daunting task, but with the right guide, it can be much easier. In this blog, we share the different factors you need to consider when looking for a car rental in Singapore. We will also provide some handy tips for making the process easier. So, whether you're a first-time renter or you've been doing it for years, read on for some valuable advice and to ask yourself the right questions - and, well, to find the answers to them as well.

What do you need the car for?

When choosing between car rental offers, the first thing you need to do is define your own goals. Let us start with the purpose. Different models are available for car rental in Singapore, from huge SUVs to compact cars. You'll have to primarily consider the purpose of renting it, the distance you want to cover, and the location you are going to. Smaller cars are ideal for the fast-paced and congested urban lifestyle, and bigger models can be rented for a family outing. 

If you are planning to spend a fun weekend with your family, you can drive down to Malaysia (Singapore to Johor Bahru) - there's so much you can explore with less than an hour of driving) with your loved ones in a convenient MPV or an SUV. Or, if you are looking for a practical and safe car for carpooling to commute to work, a sedan is a classic choice with enough space for 4 to 5 passengers.

Which car size should I opt for?

The second factor you need to consider when renting a car is its size. Ask yourself what seating capacity (whether you need a 4-seater or a full-sized 7-seater car) and storage space you will require for a comfortable commute. Will you be travelling alone with your family, or is it just the two of you getting away for a romantic trip? You will need to pick a car that accommodates people and cargo comfortably. A smaller car, in general, is easier to navigate and has lesser fuel consumption, and is ideal for shorter trips (say you want to go shopping for a few hours). However, a more spacious car can be rented if there are more people or a need to carry cargo. Find a car that balances between comfortably seating your companions and lets you navigate the roads without much hassle.

How do I choose the suitable car model for me? 

To determine which car model will be the best choice for you, here are some factors you might want to consider when making the final decision about the exact car model you want to rent:

Transmission: Some people are more confident driving manual transmission cars, while others prefer automatic cars. For a safe journey, make sure to choose a car with your preferred transmission.

Driver's comfort: The make of the car and the driver's comfort while driving it are essential, especially when exploring places you haven't travelled to before. While some individuals are well-acquainted with all-wheel drive cars, others might prefer another drive system. For a safe and productive trip, consider a model with the drive system you are comfortable with or one similar to what you usually drive.

Extra kit: If you are traveling with your kids, you might want to book a car that offers a child seat, as not all vehicles would come with one. So is the case with a pre-installed GPS; while many companies have them installed, you should check before booking.

Vehicle efficiency: In most cases, the smaller the car, the more its fuel efficiency. However, some larger cars offer more efficiency owing to their diesel engines. Although, nothing beats hybrid and electric cars as they provide high fuel efficiency and are easy on the pocket. In fact, Drive lah has a fleet of 100s of EVs and hybrid cars for a clean and low emission trip.

Price range: You might want to book a bigger or maybe more luxurious model, thinking that the disparity between the rental costs won't be too high. However, you must consider the additional fuel costs that generally come with these models. This is also why choosing just the right size for car rental is essential.

Travel route: A sedan with its low ground clearance won't be the right choice for trips that involve off-roading. Nor would be hitting heavy traffic roads with a full-sized car when travelling alone to work. Based on your need, don't forget to keep in mind the roads you'll be taking.

Addition features: From safety features like anti-lock brakes, GPS navigation, airbags, electronic stability, and a rearview camera to comfort features such as Bluetooth, air conditioning, power outlets, cruise control, and a sound system - you can look out for a car that offers the right features needed for you to enjoy your journey.

What does the rental company offer?

Numerous companies offer vehicles for car rental in Singapore. To help you choose the right car, look out for the company's offerings. Once your specific needs are defined, consider these factors to choose a rental company that offers a car that fits your needs:

Fleet: Look at the variety of cars the company offers in terms of car make and model, size, transmissions, type of fuel, and car features that the company's rental cars have.

Rental period: Some companies offer only long-term car rental, while some provide cars for rent on a daily or hourly car rental. Choose according to your needs.

Insurance: Insurance policies can vary highly from one company to another. Ensure you are well aware of the insurance policy that the car rental has in place to save yourself from bearing any additional costs in case of a mishap.

Road assistance: For trips outside the city to trips by tourists who are travelling for the first time, road assistance comes in handy in case of any emergency. Having roadside assistance gives you peace of mind and ensures that you have a safe and hassle-free trip.

Location: Some companies offer cars for rent only from specific areas, while some others will offer pick-ups and drop-offs to your doorstep or from nearby places. Rent from a company that provides the convenience that you need. 

Travel restrictions: Many individuals are looking to rent a car to travel to Malaysia. You might want to check if the company you are hiring from gives you the option to drive across the border and, if yes, what additional costs or formalities need to be taken care of.

Pricing: The pricing, again, might have a huge disparity. Definitely consider your budget and go for a company that offers its fleet at economical prices.

Summing it up

Once you choose a car that ticks all boxes and it's time for you to finally get behind the wheel of your rental car, make sure to follow these essential tips to make your drive more enjoyable and safe. The last question is - where can you get a car that suits your needs? The answer is - Drive lah, an affordable car-sharing platform for those searching for car rental in Singapore.

What makes Drive lah the preferred company for car rental in Singapore?

Drive lah is a Singapore-based peer-to-peer car sharing platform that has revolutionised how cars can be rented. We have built a simple, secure platform to rent and share vehicles in Singapore. Drive lah is like an Airbnb for cars – it brings together people who want to rent a car with owners that want to earn by renting out their car. Based on a peer-to-peer car sharing module, we bring you a large variety of cars you can rent from any nearby locality. 

We have an array of choices for those looking to rent a car with different car body types, brands, fuel types, and transmissions. You can rent a car for a day, opt for an hourly car rental or even choose a long-term car rental. We facilitate 30-40% more affordable personal car rentals starting from as low as S$30/day or S$4/hour. Our cars are fully insured and can be unlocked anytime with 24/7 access made possible with Drive lah Go. 

Check out an extensive fleet of cars for rental in Singapore on https://www.drivelah.sg/ to discover the right car for your rental needs.

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