It is no surprise that having a car gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want without worrying about public transport timetables or booking expensive taxis. But, as most people know, owning a car is one of the most costly investments you will make in Singapore. So, how do you access the benefits of owning a car without actually making this investment? The answer to this is - by choosing to rent a car instead. The high cost of ownership is what makes car sharing and rental a convenient and affordable choice among people living in Singapore. You can rent a car from the traditional car rental companies or rent a car through Drive lah, a car sharing platform that allows you to rent a car from your neighbours. 

Once you have made up your mind to rent a car in Singapore, depending on your needs, budget, and other factors, you may consider renting a car for either long or short-term. So, what are these two types of car rental, and which is better for you? Read on to learn more about long and short-term car rental in Singapore

Long-term car rental

Long-term car rental refers to when an individual decides to rent a car on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. It gives you access to the car of your choice without a high cash outlay. From the Cost of Entitlement to road taxes to insurance premiums and loan interests - the costs one has to pay for owning a car in Singapore are definitely high. Alternatively long-term car rental in Singapore is a relatively affordable alternative to owning a car.

Listed below are the benefits of long-term car rental in Singapore: 

  1. No lump-sum investment required: The primary benefit you get when you rent a car long-term, say for a year, is you don't have to bear the initial costs you would have otherwise needed to pay for buying a car. These include the Open Market Value of the vehicle, the Cost of Entitlement, registration fee, additional registration fee, excise duty, and other such taxes. This makes long-term car rental a convenient alternative to car ownership as it gives you all the benefits you would enjoy when owning a car minus the considerable investment required for car ownership. As we calculated, the Cost of owning a Honda Jazz is SGD 78,670.34 instead of renting a Honda Jazz on Drive lah: $12,600 per year. The difference in cost is definitely worth considering. 
  2. Zero maintenance cost & depreciation: When you opt for a long-term car rental in Singapore, you don't have to worry about maintenance costs. In most cases, if there is a mishap, the cost is covered by the company that has rented out the car to you (be sure to check the insurance policy and other such policies when renting the car). Also, if you buy a car, the moment you start driving it, the resell value starts decreasing. Since you don't own a rented car in the first place, any depreciation in its cost doesn't affect your finances, all you have to pay for is the fuel and the rental fees.

Did you know?

All cars on Drive lah are protected by Tokio Marine and NTUC Income Insurance. 

  3. Self-reliance & convenience: With long-term car rental, you get access to a car anytime you wish, which makes you self-reliant for your travel needs. It does not just save time which you would have otherwise wasted in commuting through public transport but also gives you the freedom to travel to the place of your choice at any hour, with a car parked right at your doorstep. On top of that, many people feel more comfortable driving one particular car type as, with time, you get more used to handling the specific vehicle.

What's more, with long-term car rental - you do not have to get involved in a lengthy documentation process or arrange for a car loan to get the car of your dreams. Neither do you have to wait for the COE bids or for the car to deliver; you can choose to rent a car and get access to it whenever you want. All these benefits make long-term car rental a convenient & budget-friendly alternative to car ownership.

Most preferred long-term car rentals on Drive lah:

In case you want to opt for long-term car rental, we have over 500+ cars on Drive lah that allows long-term car rental. We facilitate budget-friendly long term car rental with rentals starting from as low as  SGD 30 a day. Here are some of the most loved cars listed on Drive lah that others like you have rented before:

  1. Honda City

  2. Hyundai i30 

  3. Toyota Allion

Explore more long-term rental cars at:

Now, let's take a look at what short-term car rental is and what the benefits are associated with it.

Short-term car rental

Short-term car rental is when you choose to rent a car for a day or on an hourly basis. A handy option for all your last-minute plans and emergency needs, short-term car rental in Singapore is preferred by those who don't need a car regularly. It's the ideal choice for you if you want to go for a weekend getaway or a one-day picnic with your family or maybe just want a luxurious car model for a special occasion.

Benefits of short-term car rental in Singapore

The benefits of choosing a short-term car rental are: 


  1. Access to new car models: Short-term car rental is the right choice for you if you like to get behind the wheels of different car models and brands. With short-term car rental, you get access to a large fleet of cars from which you can choose. As new cars get added to the company's fleet, you can access the latest car models rather than driving the same car for a longer time. 
  2. Rent according to your need: Short-term car rental is available for all your plans, from renting a convertible to impress your special someone to going out in an SUV or minivan with the whole family. You can opt for your preferred car size and brand based on your need at that particular time. This helps you to ensure comfortable travel for all the passengers travelling with you.
  3. Pay only when you use: With short-term car rental, you only pay for the period that you need the car for. When not in need, the car won't lie idle, so you won't be bearing any additional rental costs. You are free from the expenses you would have had to bear if you rented a car for an extended period or purchased one, which would depreciate irrespective of its usage. You get the flexibility to return the car or opt for another model anytime with a short-term car rental. 

Furthermore, when you opt for short-term car rentals, you can choose the car you need at that particular time based on your need and the number of people travelling with you. You can save the additional costs you would have had to bear if you owned a car (depreciation) or rent one for a longer period (you would still be paying for the time when the car is not used).

Most preferred short-term car rentals on Drive lah:

If you feel that short-term car rental suits you best, Drive lah brings you cars you can rent for as low as SGD 4 an hour. Here are the most loved cars that are listed on Drive lah that others like you have enjoyed renting before:

1. Volks Wagon Golf 1.4 TSI (2013)

2. Toyota Vios

3. Honda Civic

4. Honda Fit 1.3 (A)

5. Hyundai Elantra

Check out more cars you can rent by the hour at:

Making the right choice: Long-term vs. short-term car rental

Long term vs short term car rental

Now that you know the benefits of long and short-term car rental in Singapore, you must be wondering which of these you should opt for. Well, that highly depends on your usage and needs. In case you need a car for, say, going shopping during the 9.9 sale or an open-roof car for your wedding day, or maybe just want to go for a day out with your family during the school holidays in Singapore - a one-day car rental is your go-to option for all your one-time or occasional plans. Consequently, if you are looking for a vehicle to use in your day-to-day life - from picking kids from school to commuting to your workplace to just renting a car and driving it for Grab - long-term car rental is what you should opt for. 

Embrace the joy of driving a car you love, anytime, anywhere with Drive lah 

Drive lah is the largest peer-to-peer car sharing platform in Singapore that lets you rent a car for your preferred rental period. With more than 2000+ cars Ranging across high-end sedans to SUVs to hybrid as well as electric cars - Drive lah has it all. Here are some reasons why Drive lah is the best car-sharing platform in Singapore.

Budget-friendly alternative

Drive lah has an affordable and transparent pricing system, wherein you have to pay a small fee for renting cars. However, registering on our platform, as well as getting your account verified, is free of cost. Since you directly rent cars from individuals, we are able to facilitate car rental at 30-40% more affordable prices.  

Access cars anytime, anywhere

As we are a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform, you don't have to reach a particular place to be able to rent a car. You can choose to rent a car right from your neighbourhood. With us, get the car that fits your needs by searching for all cars available nearby. Additionally, with Drive lah Go, you can book and unlock the car instantly with our keyless technology.


You can rent a car on an hourly as well as a daily basis. We have an extensive fleet of different car makes and types for your every requirement. Be it car rent in Tampines or Woodlands or car rent in Yishun or Punggol - our cars are available island-wide, and many of them also come with an option for you to be able to drive down your car across the border to Malaysia.

24/7 assistance & support

All trips with Drive lah come with roadside assistance in case of any mishap or breakdown of the car. With us, you can drive carefree, knowing that you have 24/7 road assistance to fall back on. Moreover, we closely work with 100+ car repair centers across Singapore and Malaysia that provide quality and speedy service.

Comprehensively insured cars

Drive lah offers fully insured vehicles, right from the time of pick-up till you return the car. Our cars are fully insured by Tokio Marine and also provide unlimited 3rd party liability in case of any damage or injury to 3rd parties caused during the rental period.

Be it 24 hours car rental or daily, weekly, or monthly car rental in Singapore - Drive lah offers it all with all the benefits listed above. 

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