Navigating the Bukit Batok Driving Centre's (BBDC) online registration process can be a daunting task for those eager to obtain their driver's license. The intricacies of setting up an account, understanding the various modules, and scheduling lessons can overwhelm even the most determined learners. Fear not, as this comprehensive guide done by Drive lah aims to unravel the complexities, offering a step-by-step roadmap to ease your journey through BBDC's online registration system. Whether you're a novice driver or seeking to upgrade your driving skills, this guide will pave the way towards a smoother and more confident experience at BBDC. 

What is BBDC?

BBDC is dedicated to fostering safe driving practices, introducing innovative learning methods, and creating a supportive environment for learners. The Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) has a comprehensive range of driving courses, including the Basic Theory Test (BTT), which is the first step towards obtaining a driver's license. There are 3 driving schools offer training to obtain a valid Singapore Driving Licence: BBDC, CDG Driving Centre, & Singapore Safety Driving Centre

Why choose BBDC for your Driving License?

1. Comprehensive Learning Experience:

BBDC provides a structured and comprehensive curriculum that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of driving. The Basic Theory Test, ensures that aspiring drivers have a solid understanding of traffic rules, road signs, and safety regulations. 

2. Expert Guidance:

Trained and experienced instructors at BBDC play a pivotal role in shaping responsible drivers. They provide personalized guidance, practical tips, and instill a sense of confidence in learners, making the learning process smoother and more effective.

3. Safety First:

BBDC places a strong emphasis on safety. Through theoretical lessons and practical training, learners are educated on the importance of road safety, defensive driving techniques, and responsible behavior behind the wheel.

4. Efficient Administration:

BBDC is known for its efficient and organized administration of driving tests. This ensures a streamlined process for obtaining a license, reducing unnecessary delays and uncertainties for learners.

5. Quality Facilities:

State-of-the-art facilities, including driving simulators and well-maintained training vehicles, contribute to a conducive learning environment. BDCC is a great place for Driving Skills Enhancement.

6. Community Recognition:

Obtaining a driver's license from BBDC is often seen as a mark of credibility and competence in the community. It reflects a commitment to responsible driving and adherence to high standards set by the driving school.

7. Gateway to Independence:

For many, obtaining a driver's license is synonymous with gaining independence. It allows you to travel on your own, not rely on public transportation, find a job, or simply mark an important milestone. We are excited about the idea of having you rent a car with us

The Licensing Process at BBDC:

How fast can you get a driving license in Singapore?

Obtaining a driving license in Singapore usually takes around three to six months. This includes taking theory tests, driving lessons, and the final practical driving test. How long it takes can vary. It mostly depends on how quickly you can get a spot for the Basic Theory Test (BTT). The waiting time for this test affects the overall duration. 

The journey begins with enrollment at BBDC. Aspiring drivers can choose from various training programs based on their experience level, from beginners to those seeking advanced driving skills.

Theory Classes: Understanding the rules of the road is as crucial as practical skills. BBDC offers comprehensive theory classes that cover traffic regulations, road signs, and defensive driving strategies.

Practical Training: The heart of the licensing process lies in hands-on practical training. BBDC's experienced instructors guide learners through the nuances of driving, ensuring they develop the skills necessary for safe and confident road navigation.

Simulator Sessions: To enhance the learning experience, BBDC incorporates simulator sessions that replicate real-world driving scenarios. This allows learners to practice decision-making in a controlled environment.

Evaluation and Assessment: Regular assessments and evaluations help track progress and identify areas that may need improvement. BBDC's commitment to excellence ensures that learners are well-prepared for the final test.

Final Test: The culmination of the journey is the final test, where learners showcase their acquired skills. Success in this test marks the attainment of a coveted driver's license.

Cost of getting a driving licence:

Theory and Practical Lessons: BBDC offers different packages that cover theory and practical lessons. BBDC Costs vary based on the chosen package and additional services.

Budgeting for Driving License: BBDC has detailed the costs involved on their website, you can check and plan your budget accordingly. Fees for theory and practical tests are separate from the lesson packages.

Enrolment Procedure:

At BDCC, the enrolment process is designed to be comprehensive and efficient, ensuring that applicants can smoothly transition into the learning experience. The first step involves the submission of necessary identification and relevant documents. This ensures that the institute has the essential information required for the enrolment process.

Once the documentation is in order, applicants are presented with the option to choose from various packages tailored to different lesson intensities and individual needs. This flexibility allows learners to select a package that aligns with their preferences, schedules, and learning goals.

Class Courses and Duration:

BDCC places a strong emphasis on a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Theory Classes:

Theoretical classes form the foundation of the learning journey. These sessions cover essential topics such as road safety, traffic rules, and driver etiquette. Conducted in a classroom setting, these classes provide learners with a solid understanding of the theoretical aspects of driving. It's not just about navigating a vehicle but understanding the rules and responsibilities associated with being a responsible driver. 

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Duration : 

The time it takes to complete the program can change based on different things like how fast the learner is going, the chosen package, and how well the learner is doing. This way of teaching is customized, so each person can go through the program at a speed that feels good for them. It helps make sure that learners not only learn the needed skills but also remember them and use them in real-life situations.

Practical Sessions:

To complement theoretical knowledge, BDCC offers practical sessions that are divided into two key components - circuit training and road training.

Circuit Training:

Circuit training is conducted in controlled environments, allowing learners to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of driving in a safe and supervised setting. This hands-on experience on a closed course helps learners build confidence in handling a vehicle.

Road Training:

Real-world scenarios are a crucial part of the learning process. Road training takes learners onto actual roads, providing them with the experience of navigating through traffic, intersections, and various driving conditions. This phase ensures that learners are well-prepared for the challenges they may encounter once they hit the road independently.


BDDC utilizes a personalized approach to allow each learner to advance through the program at a comfortable and effective pace, ensuring that they are not only acquiring the necessary skills but also retaining and applying them in real-world situations. The duration of the program also varies, taking into account factors such as the selected package, and individual progress.

In summary, BDCC's enrolment process, class courses, and duration are crafted to provide a comprehensive and tailored learning experience, ensuring that each learner emerges not just as a driver but as a responsible and skilled participant in road traffic.

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International License Conversion:

BBDC also assists in International License Conversion. This involves adhering to specific criteria and undergoing requisite tests to ensure a comprehensive understanding of local road regulations and driving standards.

Additional Requirements:

Certain individuals may find it prudent to under refresher training or evaluation sessions as part of the license conversion process. This is particularly applicable to those who may benefit from additional practice or assessment before seamlessly transitioning their foreign license to a Singaporean one.

Refresher Courses:

In recognizing the value of continuous skill enhancement, BBDC extends refresher courses to experienced drivers. These courses are designed to refine and augment driving proficiency, catering to individuals seeking to enhance specific driving techniques or maintain a high standard of driving competence.

In conclusion, BBDC provides a structured framework for Singaporeans to convert their foreign licenses, with additional options such as refresher courses to ensure a thorough and adept transition to local driving standards.

Check your driving knowledge with a free basic theory test 

Frequently Asked questions - 

Where are the locations for taking the BTT test?

The test locations are in Woodlands, Ubi, and Bukit Batok, each with a test fee of $6.50. Once you pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT), you'll need to use your Singpass to apply online for a Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) through the Traffic Police, which costs S$25.

How many questions does the Basic Theory Test have?

There are 50 questions in the Basic Theory Test.

What's the passing score for the BTT?

To pass the Basic Theory Test, aspiring drivers need to answer at least 45 questions correctly in each of the basic, final, and riding theory tests. They can practice using the mock tests as many times as they want.

Which is preferable, among the 3 driving schools?

SSDC, BBDC & CDG are all very good, it comes down to your personal preference, you may want to choose the one closed to your home, which one suits your schedule, or one where your friends and family have used in the past. 

Round up of how to get your driving licence

BBDC's structured curriculum, experienced instructors, and range of programs cater to individuals at various skill levels, ensuring that each learner gains the necessary expertise to navigate Singapore's roads safely and confidently.

If you're embarking on this journey, consider BBDC as your trusted partner in mastering the art of driving while adhering to the highest safety standards on the road. Once you have your licence in hand we are ready to welcome you to Drive lah!

Note: The information provided in this article is based on  information available at the time of writing and may be subject to change . For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to the official guidelines and resources provided by the Bukit Batok Driving Centre.