In an interview with Jeremy L, a regular customer of Drive lah car rental platform, he shared his experience about our company and his thoughts on our services. Jeremy has been renting cars from Drive lah for quite some time now and has had the opportunity to try out different cars and experience our customer service firsthand. In this interview, Jeremy talks about his experience with Drive lah, his thoughts on the quality of cars, their pricing, and customer service. He also provides his recommendations for anyone considering renting a car from Drive lah. If you're interested in learning more about Drive lah and what their customers have to say about their services, read this full interview with Jeremy.

How long have you been renting cars from our company?

I have been renting cars from Drive lah for around 2 years now. I came across the platform when I was looking for a car to rent for a weekend getaway with my friends. Since then, I have rented cars from Drive lah a few more times, and my experience has been consistently good. The platform has a good selection of cars, and the rental rates are reasonable.

What do you like most about the car rental experience with our company? 

What I like most about the car rental experience with your company is the convenience and flexibility that it offers. One of the things that I appreciate is the easy-to-use platform that allows me to browse and select from a wide range of vehicles that suit my needs. The platform is user-friendly and has all the necessary information that I need to make a decision, such as the rental price, the car's specifications, and availability.

Another thing that I like about Drive lah platform is the flexibility in terms of rental duration. I have rented cars for as short as a few hours and as long as a week, and the process has been seamless.

I also appreciate the excellent customer service that I have received from Drive lah. Whenever I have a question or need assistance with my rental, the customer service team is always available and ready to help. Their quick response time and willingness to help make the rental process even more enjoyable.

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How satisfied are you with the customer service you received from our staff?

As a frequent customer of Drive lah platform, I must say that I have always been satisfied with the customer service I have received from the staff. Every time I have interacted with the staff, they have been courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.

Whenever I have had questions about the rental process or needed assistance with a rental, the staff has always been prompt in their response and willing to help. They have provided clear and concise information about the rental process and have gone above and beyond to ensure that I have a positive experience with the platform.

What I appreciate the most about the customer service from Drive lah platform is that the staff is very approachable and responsive. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns that I may have, and they do so in a friendly and helpful manner.

Was the rental process easy and hassle-free?

Absolutely. One of the things that I appreciate about the rental process with Drive lah platform is the transparency in terms of rental rates and additional fees. All the information about the rental, including the rates, fees, and any additional charges, is provided upfront. This means that there are no surprises or hidden fees when I rent a car, which is a relief.

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Were you satisfied with the quality of the rental car?

While I have had some issues with a Honda Fit rental in the past, I have found that other cars I have rented from the platform have been in excellent condition. Overall, I am mostly satisfied with the quality of the rental cars from Drive lah platform. While I had some issues with one particular car, I found that the staff at Drive lah platform were very responsive in addressing them, which gave me confidence in their commitment to providing quality service to their customers.

How is the price of car rental with us compared to other companies?

I have rented cars from other rental companies in the past, and I have found that Drive lah platform offers much better value for money.

One of the things I appreciate about Drive lah platform is the transparency in pricing. The rates for renting a car are clearly displayed on the platform, and there are no hidden fees or surprises when it comes to the total cost of renting a car. Additionally, Drive lah platform often offers discounts and promotions, which further sweetens the deal for me.

Would you recommend our company to others?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Drive lah platform to others looking for a reliable and affordable car rental service. In fact, I have already recommended the platform to a few people in my network who were looking to rent a car for their personal or professional use.

Drive lah’s  lucrative referral program motivated me to refer people, which in-turn helped me earn extra cash.

Is there anything that could have been improved in your rental experience?

If there was one area that could be improved, it would be the mobile app.

While the Drive lah mobile app is very convenient and makes it easy to browse cars, check availability and make bookings on-the-go, I have noticed that it can be a bit laggy at times. This can be frustrating, especially if I am trying to make a last-minute booking or trying to check the status of my existing booking.

That being said, I must add that this issue is not a major concern and has not affected my overall experience with Drive lah platform.


Jeremy L's experience with renting cars from Drive lah platform has been excellent, and he would recommend it to anyone looking for a hassle-free car rental experience. The convenience, flexibility, and transparency offered by Drive lah make it stand out from other car rental companies. Have you tried Drive lah yet?