We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kenny Nai, one of our valued customers who is taking full advantage of both our car rental and car-sharing services. He has been using Drive lah car sharing services for several months. In our conversation, Kenny shared his experience with our platform and how it compares to other car rental companies he has tried in the past. As someone who relies on vehicles to get around on a regular basis, he shared their experience of how our services have made his life more convenient and affordable.

Read on to hear more about his story and how car rental in Singapore and car sharing can make a difference in your own life.

Here's an image of Kenny cooking a storm in his kitchen when he is not driving a car :)

How long have you been renting cars from Drive lah?

I have been renting cars from Drive lah for a period of 5 months now. I started renting cars a little over 2 years ago from other car rental companies until I stumbled upon Drive lah. There has been no looking back since then. The flexibility Drive lah offers combined with a strong support team has made it easy for me to rent cars and go about doing my work.

What do you have to tell our readers about Flex+?

Few months ago I got this email about Flex +. It read ‘Own a car for as low as $898 / month. I was curious and read the whole thing. It said I could list the same car back on to Drive lah platform for a few days for others to rent, and even earn extra cash. I was so confused and excited. I was like "Huh, really ah?!" Really too good to be true.

You mean I can rent a car from Drive lah at a fixed price, then put it back in the same app and actually earn money? Wah, creative! I quickly contacted the Drive lah team to ask more about this program. The team was very helpful. They explained everything and I understand better what the Flex+ program is about. 

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With Flex+, you can rent a car from Drive lah and drive for a few months, then return the car and choose another car. It's really flexible, no need to stick to one car all the time. Plus, the cars on Drive lah platform are affordable and really worth it. You can choose cars, no need to commit long-term, extremely convenient. And the best part is you not only can drive but also earn money from the same car. Confirm plus chop, really good deal!

How has your experience with Drive lah been so far?

Renting from Drive lah has been seamless! The team is always reachable and you can choose from a variety of cars for rent in Singapore.  Drive lah has been building a community of drivers where we can share our tips and tricks with fellow drivers.  I really love this kind of community feel, you know what I mean?

If I have to rate my experience with Drive lah in the last 5 months, it was nothing short of excellent.

Any last words for our readers? 

 If you need a car rental in Singapore, just go to Drive lah website or app and book lah. They got hourly and daily rentals if you need a ride for a short time. But if you need to rent long-term, you should check out the Flex+ program. It's a great bargain!  I rented from them and it's been solid. Trust me, I'm a satisfied customer and I recommend Drive lah to anyone who needs a car rental in Singapore.

Key takeaways 

Our conversation with Kenny has highlighted the many ways in which car rental and car sharing from a platform like Drive lah helps both car owners and renters.  Peer-to-peer car sharing can benefit individuals and families by helping them earn extra money as well.

From saving costs and reducing environmental impact to enjoying greater convenience and flexibility, Drive lah car sharing and car renting can be game-changers for those seeking to optimize their transportation options. If you are looking for a daily car rental in Singapore or want to rent a car for a day, or rent a car in Singapore and drive to Malaysia, Drive lah has the perfect car for all your need.

We are committed to continuing to provide top-notch services and support to all of our customers, and we hope that you too will consider taking advantage of the benefits of car rental and car sharing in Singapore. 

Interested in long-term rentals in Singapore that do not break the bank? Try Flex+ today. This is the next level of car ownership where you can earn up to $500 a month while renting a car from us.

Benefits of Flex+

  • Zero Financial Commitment

  • Flexible Car Rental

  • Affordable Monthly Payment

  • Future of Car Ownership

Flex+ is different from leasing because when you lease a car you are charged a hefty deposit or down payment. With Drive lah, you only pay monthly prices. Pay for what you see and there are no hidden charges. Flex+ is a completely transparent program. You can rest assured that you're always getting a great deal.

Rent a car from Flex+ program today.

Thank you for reading, and happy travels!