If you've been keeping an eye out on the roads, you might have spotted cars with Drive lah stickers across Singapore. Today, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Wayne Lim, one of our esteemed hosts who has listed their car on Drive lah for guests to rent. Wayne has been proudly displaying our sticker on his car for a few months now.

In this interview, we'll dive into the reasons behind his decision to display our sticker, his thoughts on the impact it has had, and why he has chosen to continue displaying it. As a platform that aims to connect car owners with renters, we're always interested in understanding our hosts' perspectives, and this interview promises to be a fascinating insight into the mind of one of our loyal hosts. So without further ado, let's jump right in!

Join us as we dive into the world of peer-to-peer car sharing and learn about the motivations of one of our dedicated hosts.

How long have you been on Drive lah’s sticker program?

I have been on the sticker program for over a year now. As a host, I have been on Drive lah for close to two years. If I remember correctly, one of the customer team members from Drive lah told me about this unique program where car owners can earn additional income on a monthly basis if they choose to have Drive lah stickers. At that time I thought, why not? So it has been a year-long journey with the Drive lah sticker.

What made you opt for the Drive lah sticker program? 

As you know, owning cars in Singapore is not cheap. I am a host on Drive lah and I list my car for rent in Singapore to earn additional income which can offset some of the costs. The sticker program of Drive lah seemed like an easy way to earn some extra bucks. All I had to do was allow the Drive lah team to paste their sticker on my car. Depending on the size of the sticker I choose, I get paid for it. 

I didn’t have to even pay for the installation of the sticker. Seemed like a win-win situation. Brand visibility for Drive lah and extra income for me.

What do you think about Drive lah stickers?

When I heard about it first, I was not sure what the sticker would look like on my car. Some of the concerns I had were,

Will the sticker look trashy?
Will the quality of the sticker be good?
Will my car paint be affected?
Will my car look like an advertisement?

But then I saw the sticker and thought, hey! This is pretty cool. I could sport Singapore’s Iconic landmarks on my car and at the same time be environmentally responsible.

''If you ask me why I am continuing to display the Drive lah stickers on my car, it is simply because of their cool design.''
~Wayne Lim

What has been your experience with Drive lah so far?

I have been with Drive lah as a host for close to 2 years now. I have listed my car on Drive lah and also hosted close to 100 trips on the platform. I believe that this period is a good enough time to understand Drive lah as a brand, the team, and how they operate. Therefore I guess my feedback will be realistic and authentic. 

It has been a rather positive experience. The kind of assistance they provide to car owners on the platform is commendable. I am not sure if anyone else will be able to offer this kind of support 24X7. But I get that from Drive lah and am very grateful.

What is your thought about car sharing and its impact on the planet?

Car sharing or peer-to-peer car sharing is good for everyone. For Car owners. For Renters and for the Planet. It allows guests to choose from different cars for rent in Singapore and at the same time offers a platform for hosts to earn additional income. Car sharing also allows a lower number of cars on the road and will decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

I think car sharing has the potential to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to travel and can help mitigate the negative environmental impacts of individual car ownership.

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It's clear that Wayne has found great success in listing his car on Drive lah's platform and participating in their sticker program. Not only has he been able to earn extra income by advertising the Drive lah brand on his car, but he's also had the opportunity to meet new people and share his passion for driving. 

Know more about Drive lah Sticker program and see how you can earn money as a car owner!

With Drive lah's support and innovative approach to car sharing, it's no surprise that Wayne is thrilled to be a part of the community. As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, we can only expect more success stories like Wayne's in the future.

Whether you own a car or are looking to rent a car in Singapore, you can unlock the economic benefits of car sharing.  Save money, earn money & help the planet :)