Car sharing has become a popular alternative to other transportation options like Uber, Grab, or car rentals. There are two types of car-sharing companies: Fleet based and Peer to Peer. Most car-sharing companies are fleet-based where a company owns a fleet of vehicles that are rented out to drivers. And hence, these have higher rental charge as the companies need to recoup their investments. The rental is by the hour, with an optional monthly subscription fee to lower the hourly charge.

The Peer to Peer car-sharing is younger, trendier and smarter relative of the fleet based model. Drive lah is based on this refined model, one that is in sync with today’s trends of sharing economy and decentralization of commodities. Drive lah, to put it simply, is the Airbnb for cars. Drive lah empowers car owners to make extra moneywith something they already own, while users enjoy a tailored, convenient and cheaper car rental experience.

So why should you forget every other way to travel and just Drive lah?

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More Affordable

Drive lah is 30-40% more affordable than other car-sharing services, and you’ll never be surprised with any hidden charges. There is no charge for registration and verification. It’s hassle free and completely transparent. Based on price alone, switching to Drive lah makes more sense.


Drive lah’s car-sharing model uses existing assets – other people’s cars, instead of putting new vehicles on the road. It’s a potential big win for the environment, as fewer cars on the road = less pollution and less fossil fuels that need to be extracted from the earth. You’ll be doing your part in going green by using Drive lah for your next trip.

More Options, Better Quality

Drive lah offer more than 500 car models in our virtual fleet, whereas our competition may only have one or two models. With Drive lah, you get to choose the exact model you want for as per your trips. So, pick a mini-Van for family outing, impress your date with a luxury convertible and opt for a fuel economical car and drive to your weekend gateway. Drive lah cars are approved for safety before they are listed, so you know you’ll be getting a high-quality vehicle. Variety is the spice of life they say, and Drive lah has an endless variety of cars to choose from.

Spotless Cars

Car owners on Drive lah ensure that their cars are well maintained and clean. Reviews and ratings are key metrics that renters look at when deciding which car to rent. Hence, Drive works with car owners to guide them in keeping their cars spotless! And hence, all rides come with a guarantee of two things: a fantastic driving experience and a spotless car to your next destination.

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 Next-Level Convenience

You’ll likely find a Drive lah car close to where you are, unlike some fleet-based companies that require you to travel further to find their vehicles and then to return them when you have completed your trip. Drive lah takes convenience to the next level with Drive lah GO – keyless access to your car rental. Once you’re on the road, should you encounter any trouble with your Drive lah car, we are available to you 24/7 with roadside assistance.

Join the sharing economy revolution today and enjoy hassle free access to cars while saving a ton of money. Sign-up for Drive lah. It’s free, its convenient and it’s absolutely amazing (ask our users!)

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