The concept of long-term car rental or leasing has been around for several decades. However, the practice of renting or leasing cars for extended periods of time has evolved over time, with the introduction of new technologies and changes in consumer preferences.

What is a long-term car rental?

Long-term car rental or leasing is a type of car rental or leasing agreement where the customer rents or leases a vehicle for an extended period of time, usually for a period of several months or even years.

The use of long-term car rental or leasing has become more popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional car ownership. This type of arrangement is often used by individuals or businesses that need a vehicle for a longer period of time than a traditional short-term rental or lease would allow.

Long-term car rentals or leases typically come with lower monthly rates and can include additional benefits such as maintenance and insurance. Additionally, it's an alternative to buying a car for those who don't need to own a car permanently.

Is long-term car rental common in Singapore?

Long-term car rental or leasing is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, as an alternative to traditional car ownership. Singapore has a high cost of car ownership due to the high cost of car prices and taxes, as well as the limited availability of parking spaces. As a result, many individuals and businesses in Singapore are turning to long-term car rental or leasing as a more cost-effective and convenient option.

In Singapore, it's also common for individuals or businesses to rent or lease cars for a period of time. And that's a trend that's been increasing in recent years, as more people are considering the benefits of renting or leasing a car over buying one. 

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Benefits of long-term rentals

Long-term car rental or leasing can be beneficial for the environment because it can help reduce the number of cars on the road. By renting or leasing cars for longer periods of time, individuals and businesses can avoid the need to purchase new cars as frequently.

This can help reduce the amount of pollution and waste associated with manufacturing new cars and disposing of old ones. Additionally, by reducing the number of cars on the road, long-term car rental or leasing can also help reduce congestion and improve air quality.

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Here are 11 unparalleled benefits of long-term car rentals in Singapore

Cost savings

Long-term leasing often comes with lower monthly payments and the overall cost of renting a car for an extended period can be less than renting for shorter periods.

Ability to earn

Drive lah’s unique car subscription plan, Flex+ combines the benefits of leasing - the freedom to own a car for a fixed amount per month, including maintenance and insurance - with attractive pricing, flexible contract duration, and a contribution to the planet. In addition, when you rent from Drive lah, there’s the potential to earn up to $500 per month.

Predictable Costs

When you sign a long-term lease, you can budget for a fixed monthly payment and know what to expect for the duration of the lease.

No commitment to purchase

With a long-term lease, you have the option to return the car at the end of the lease period without any obligation to purchase it.

Maintenance and repair coverage

Long-term leases often include maintenance and repair coverage, so you don't have to worry about unexpected costs.


Long-term leasing allows you to choose the make and model of the car you want to drive, and you can also choose the length of the lease that best suits your needs.

Frequent upgrades

Long-term leasing often offers options for frequent upgrades, which means you can drive a new car more often.

Tax benefits

Some companies offer tax benefits for businesses that use long-term leasing for their fleet of cars.

Reduced administrative work

With long-term leasing, you don't have to worry about the paperwork and administrative work that comes with short-term rentals.

Customer service

Long-term leasing companies often provide better customer service and assistance compared to short-term rental companies.


Long-term leasing provides a more convenient way of renting a car, as you don't have to worry about constantly searching for and booking short-term rentals.

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In summary, long-term car rental or leasing can be a good idea in a country like Singapore, especially for those who need a car for an extended period of time and want to avoid the high cost of car ownership. It's important to keep in mind that long-term car rental or leasing may not be the best option for everyone. For example, if you're planning to use the car for only a short period of time, a short-term rental may be more cost-effective.

If you are interested in a long-term rental, explore some of the cars available in Singapore under the long-term rental plan.