Meet Ms. Razan, a member of the Drive lah community, who has harnessed the power of car-sharing to redefine the rental experience for our renters. In this interview, we'll dive into Ms. Razan's journey and explore what sets her car apart, her meticulous approach to ensuring reliable renters, her pricing method, and the advantages of choosing Drive lah over traditional car rental companies in Singapore.

Q: What made you choose Drive lah?

Response: I opted for Drive lah because it's the only car-sharing platform that made a mark in Singapore. Its uniqueness lies in the opportunity it offers - putting our vehicles to good use, especially for those of us who don't frequently use our cars. It's fun to be part of a community where sharing becomes an innovative and practical choice.

Q: What steps do you take to verify the identity and reliability of renters before approving a reservation?

Response: I would say verifying renters identity and reliability is paramount in this kind of business. My approach is this - I start by reviewing the renters ratings and profile photo. However, if these details are absent, I make sure to reach out to the Drive lah team to ensure their profile has undergone proper verification. 

Q: When determining your car's rental price, what aspects do you take into account?

Response: I have discovered that setting the right rental price is is probably one of the most important step to attract renters. I consider several factors, including the current market rates of other car rental companies in my area. I also factor in the accessibility of my car and the preferences of renters in my region. Offering an affordable car rental is appealing, especially to the growing number of young families in the area. 

​Q: How do you handle maintenance and regular servicing of your car to ensure it's in optimal condition for renters?

Response: One of the key ways to build trust with the renters is by keeping my car well maintained. I highly value feedback from our renters and try to put these feedback into action to help my car stay lucrative on Drive lah platform. Regular maintenance of my car at the workshop, based on the mileage driven also ensures that my car is always in excellent condition. The focus is to provide our renters a safe and enjoyable experience.

Q: From your perspective, what benefits do you see in renting out your car through our platform in contrast to conventional car rental companies?

Response: As an owner, I appreciate having full control over the rules for my own vehicle. Drive lah also distinguishes itself by not taking any commission from car owners like me. This means I receive the full amount I've set for my car's rental price. It's a financially attractive choice for car owners who want to share their vehicle with others.

Q: Can you share any feedback you've received from renters and how you incorporate that feedback to improve the rental experience?

Response: Renter feedback is invaluable in making improvements. Initially, I believed that offering a 3/4 fuel level was sufficient. However, after receiving feedback from my early renters, I realised that providing a full tank makes it easier for them to return the vehicle with a full tank. This small change has simplified the process for both renters and me, allowing for a more seamless experience.

Q: What measures do you take to protect against potential theft or misuse of your car during the rental period?

Response: Trust is essential in this sharing community. I don't leave valuable or expensive items inside the car, and I have a high level of trust in our renters. In case of an incident, I'm confident in resolving the matter directly with them, or involving the Drive lah team for assistance when needed. If I have to give one advice, it would be this - Drive lah's way of solving problems and helping customers could be improved to make our community a lot more safer. 

Q: How do you manage the logistics of key handovers and vehicle returns with renters, and have you faced any challenges in this aspect?

Response: I've taken proactive steps to streamline key handovers and vehicle returns. I've created a comprehensive poster with all the necessary instructions for both pick up and drop off the car. Additionally, I provide a video demonstration on how to retrieve the keys, which has assisted our renters in easily locating the keys. 

'As an owner, I appreciate having full control over the rules for my own vehicle. Drive lah also distinguishes itself by not taking any commission from car owners like me' 

~ Ms. Razan

Q: What level of communication do you maintain with renters before, during, and after a rental period?

Response: Communication is key, and I've received praise for my responsiveness from previous renters. I let renters know that they can always reach out to me for any urgent matters, even if it's during my sleeping hours. Some renters have even become friends over time. They occasionally message me to inquire about car availability during specific time periods too. It's more than just a transaction. It's building a community of trust and mutual respect.

Q: Have you considered offering any additional services or amenities with your car rentals to attract more renters?

Response: Currently, I may not have the means to fulfill special requests, but I believe in providing the best amenities within my budget. As the platform and my car rental business grow, I'll certainly explore opportunities to enhance the rental experience and offer additional services that would attract more renters. It's about evolving to meet renters' needs.

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Q: How do you handle cancellations, and what is your policy regarding last-minute changes or extensions requested by renters?

Response: Cancellations are a part of the business, and I don't have a problem with renters cancelling. I strongly believe that when one opportunity is lost, another one presents itself. Flexibility is key in the sharing economy, and I'm open to accommodating last-minute changes or extensions to the best of my ability. It's about working together to make the rental experience as smooth as possible.

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Q: Can you elaborate on the condition and age of your car, and how it has impacted its rental demand?

Response: My 13-year-old car is in excellent condition, and the vibrant red color adds to its appeal. I take pride in keeping it clean and uncomplicated, which I believe is something every renter desires. The combination of a well-maintained older car with a unique color has actually worked in my favor, attracting renters who appreciate both the reliability and the style of my vehicle.

Response: I believe that staying informed about market trends and competitive pricing is crucial for a successful rental strategy. I occasionally check other vehicle listings on Drive lah to see their  prices and other car rental companies pricing to understand the current market dynamics. This allows me to adjust my rental strategy, ensuring that it remains competitive and appealing to potential renters.

Q: Can you share your thoughts on the insurance coverage provided for your car during rentals and any experiences you've had with the claims process?

Response: Insurance coverage is an important aspect of car rentals, and it's something I take seriously. In the past, I had a challenging experience but was able to handle it on my own. This suggests that while the insurance coverage provided is valuable, there may be room for improvement in the claims process. Clear and efficient claims procedures are vital to ensure that car owners like me have peace of mind when renting out their vehicles.


As we wrap up this conversation with Ms. Razan, it's clear that her experience with Drive lah has been rewarding. Her insights have shed light on the benefits of car sharing in Singapore and how it can be a game changer for both car owners and renters in Singapore.

We hope you've found this interview inspiring and informative. Stay tuned for more stories and perspectives within the Drive lah community on car rentals.