In an interview with Abdul Hanan Afandi, a valued Drive lah Guest, we dive into his firsthand experience and perspectives on our car rental services. We hear his candid thoughts on the platform's user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and customer service quality. He also touches upon specific features like the Miles Club program and fuel packages and what he thinks about it. Let's dive in.

What made you choose Drive lah?

Drive lah won me over with its sheer convenience and an impressively user-friendly app. It's the kind of platform that makes renting a car in Singapore a breeze.

Q. Could you share any specific features or services offered by Drive lah that stood out to you during your rental experience? 

While I've tried various car-sharing services in the past, Drive lah stood out for its cost-effectiveness. Drive lah's services are not only customer friendly but also budget-friendly compared to the somewhat expensive car rental options provided by other companies in Singapore.

Q. Are you aware of our Miles Club program benefits?

I recently received information about the Miles Club program. There are three tiers for guests and I'm in the Starter tier, which is the base tier of Drive lah's reward program. In this tier, I get to enjoy zero processing fee for any bookings I make in this quarter. I'm looking forward to exploring other tiers, understand benefits and see how I can reach them. 

Q. What is your opinion about Miles Club?

Joining the Miles Club seems like a promising cost-saving opportunity. Although I haven't had the chance to make a booking since qualifying, I believe the potential savings, especially with the processing fee, will become more apparent in future rentals.

Q. In terms of vehicle cleanliness and maintenance, how satisfied were you with the condition of the car you rented from Drive lah?

​Without a doubt, Drive lah has consistently provided well-maintained and clean vehicles. In comparison to other rental platforms, and has been the standout choice for ensuring that the cars are not only well-maintained but also spotlessly clean.

'Drive lah's customer service team has been incredibly responsive and helpful. They take prompt action to resolve any issues or difficulties, ensuring that the customer experience remains positive & stress-free!'

~ Mr. Afandi

Q. Have you ever faced any issues during your rental period with Drive lah, and if so, how were they resolved?

Response: Occasionally, I've encountered minor issues like difficulty locking and unlocking the vehicle. Although they were no serious issues, Drive lah promptly addressed any concerns I have raised, ensuring that the overall rental experience remained smooth for me.

Q. Did you know that Drive lah launched fuel packages recently? Do you know the benefits of these packages?

​Yes, I'm aware of the fuel packages, although I haven't opted for them yet. Despite not utilising this option, I understand the cost benefit and convenience these packages offer. 

Q. How responsive and helpful did you find Drive lah's customer support team, especially in situations where you needed assistance or had inquiries?

​Drive lah's customer service team, has been incredibly responsive and helpful. They take prompt action to resolve any issues or difficulties, ensuring that the customer experience remains positive and stress-free!

Q. Can you discuss any memorable or positive interactions you had with the car owners on Drive lah?

Absolutely! I've had numerous positive interactions with car owners on Drive lah, and some of them have turned into lasting friendships. It's heartening to connect with individuals through this platform, and I'm glad I can stay in touch with some of them. 

Q. In terms of the booking process, were there any challenges or areas where you think Drive lah could improve for a smoother experience?

While most bookings have been seamless, some hosts have been slow to reply when I have sent a booking request. It would be beneficial if hosts could decline or accept requests more promptly to enhance the overall efficiency of the booking process.

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Q. What factors do you prioritize when selecting a rental car, and did Drive lah meet your expectations in these aspects?

Cost, location, and host rating are my top priorities when selecting a rental car. Drive lah has consistently met my expectations on these fronts, and I've never been dissatisfied with any of my bookings.

Q. Considering your overall experience, would you recommend Drive lah to friends or family looking for a car rental service?

Defenitely. I've not only recommended Drive lah to my siblings but also to several friends. The positive experiences I've had make it an easy recommendation for anyone in need of a reliable and user-friendly car rental service.

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Q. What features or benefits do you feel set Drive lah apart from other rental platforms, and would you recommend it to others looking for a rental car?

Response: I believe Drive lah's hourly rental feature is a game-changer. It's a unique offering that sets it apart, and I'd definitely recommend it to others seeking a flexible and convenient rental experience.


Abdul Hanan Afandi has had a fantastic experience renting cars through the Drive lah platform. He highly recommends it to anyone who wants to rent a car in Singapore. If we can summarise our talk, Drive lah's standout qualities according to Abdul has been convenience, flexibility, & transparency, setting it apart from other rental companies. Have you tried renting a car from Drive lah yet?