Meet Shannon Yeo, a top-rated Superhost who offers a diverse selection of cars on our Drive lah platform, including popular models like the Honda Civic, Suzuki Swift, BMW 520i, VW Jetta, and many more.

In this interview, we'll dive into Shannon's experience and discover what makes his cars, including these well-known models, stand out, his pricing strategy that attracts renters, and how he became a Superhost while achieving success with his car listings.

Q: What motivated you to list your car on our car-sharing platform?

With the high cost of car ownership in Singapore, Drive lah provides a great platform for those who want to own a car. It's possible to completely cover your monthly expenses by sharing your vehicle on the platform 3-4 days a week.

Q: How would you describe the process of listing your car on our platform? Was it straightforward and user-friendly?

Drive lah has made the listing process for the car simple and secure with the help of our dedicated team of professional service officers in Drive lah. I also have the Drive lah app which is regularly updated and improved with feedback from customers like ourselves. The app has a user-friendly interface, showcasing our team's dedication to improving the user experience.

Q: What factors do you consider when setting the rental price for your car?

The car model and its condition are important factors when determining the rental price. Additionally, I take into account the monthly expenses associated with the car when setting the price. The platform is extremely transparent as it provides a guide price based on the model and the location, but the rental price is completely up to the owner's discretion.

Q: How do you ensure the safety and cleanliness of your car before each rental?

As a user of Drive lah's car-sharing service, I always make sure that the car is well-maintained and that all parts are replaced as needed. Additionally, I make it a point to clean the car before handing it off to the next user and ensure that it is in the same condition when it is returned.

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Q: Have you had any memorable experiences or interactions with renters who have used your car?

I've had many positive experiences with the Drive lah platform. The Drive lah community always takes a social responsibility; renters feel grateful when they're able to reserve a car, which is so rewarding and motivating as it encourages me to ensure my car is in good condition for lending. Renters have always been kind and polite. Many times I've found that the car has been returned with full petrol and sparkly rims, even if it had been 3/4 tank full when it was borrowed.

Q: How responsive have you found the customer support team to be when you had questions or needed assistance?

The Customer Support team is available around the clock with an almost instant response period. No matter what questions you have, you’ll be assisted quickly.

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Q: How do you handle any damages or issues that may occur during a rental period?

At Drive lah, there’s a specialized team of technicians that will give each situation their devoted attention and examination. They handle each case as unique and will investigate thoroughly, taking all facts and evidence into consideration, rather than giving a cookie-cutter response, so that helps a lot.

Q: In your opinion, what are the advantages of renting your car through our platform compared to traditional car rental companies?

You won't have to commit to anything, as the rental period, cost, and location are all taken care of by us.

With Drive lah, you can trust that you are in good hands. Their experienced backend team is dedicated to protecting your rental car and will cover any potential accidents or damages, making your rental worry-free.

The Drive lah team has taken great care to ensure that the fee for the payout is very reasonable. If users exceed the mileage or petrol quota upon pick-up, the corresponding charges will be refunded to the owners.

With Drive lah, there's no need to worry about having to sign any paper agreements or read any fine print. All agreements are done on an individual basis at the time of signing up. The car photos are posted at the time of collection and after the rental trip, so you won't have to check any boxes for existing damages. It's a simple and convenient process.

''With Drive lah, there's no need to worry about having to sign any paper agreements or read any fine print.All agreements are done on an individual basis at the time of signing up'' 
Shannon Yeo

Q: How often do you rent out your car, and has it been profitable?

You can rent your car up to four days a week, usually on weekdays, which covers the monthly cost of car expenses. If you decide to rent your car more than four days a week, it could be even more profitable.

Q: Have you encountered any challenges or difficulties as a car owner on our platform, and how were they resolved?

I had guests who went over the mileage limit and didn't refuel the car, but the Drive lah team resolved the issue and provided compensation.

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Q: What advice or tips would you give to other car owners who are considering listing their cars on our car-sharing platform?

If you're just starting out with car-sharing, you should try renting your car out for 1-2 days a week. You'll most likely see more advantages than disadvantages when you do this. To get more renters and keep customers coming back, consider providing car charging services, cash cards, fuel discount cards, and always keeping your car clean and well-maintained.

Q: How would you rate your overall experience as a car owner on our platform, and would you recommend it to others?

I would highly recommend Driven lah to anyone who doesn't drive during the week but still wants to take advantage of savings of owning a car. The positive benefits in Drive lah vastly outweigh the negatives.


 In a world where sharing cars, including these fantastic options, is becoming increasingly popular and is seen as the way of the future, Shannon's story is a great example of this trend. Hope it inspires you to start your journey with Drive lah!