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Protection Plan Pricing

Effective September 6, 2023, we adjusted the pricing of our protection plans due to increased insurance costs from our providers.

Updated Pricing:

Premium Protection: $8/day (previously $6/day)

Maximum Protection: $20/day (previously $18/day)

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Host Interview 

​Meet Shannon Yeo, one of Drive lah's super hosts multiple on our platform! Know about his hosting journey and get insider tips to maximize your earnings.

​​Launching Protection Packages

Amplify your savings with our excess reduction packages. You can save up to $299 annually. Choose from 3 days, 6 days, 10 days or unlimited usage packages.

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New Number Alert

We've upgraded our support line! Our new number is +65 6432 8307. Please update your records and hit the road with confidence, knowing that help is just a call away.

21 year old guests are now welcome to Drive lah!

Great news for our 21-year-old guests! We are thrilled to announce that our insurance coverage has been extended to include 21-year-olds! So if you tied to book a car, but couldn't, your wait is over ! 've been eager to book a car with us but couldn't before, your wait is over! Happy driving!

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