Yes, you can rent out your personal car in Singapore. Drive lah is the only peer-to-peer car-sharing company that is approved by the Land Transport Authority ( LTA) to allow private car owners to list their cars for rental and earn additional income.

LTA's private car rental scheme allows private cars to be rented out only on weekends and public holidays. However, LTA has granted permission for Drive lah to operate on all days, including weekdays.

Unlike other car rental companies where rental prices are usually fixed by the company, with Drive lah, car owners have the control and flexibility to decide the daily rates they wish to earn from renters who use their cars.

Imagine Airbnb for cars.

Customers who are looking for rental cars can visit Drive lah website, view the list of cars available, and book the ones that are suitable for them. They can book cars for rent on an hourly basis or on a long-term basis.

Car owners will be notified through the app when they receive a booking. Once the trip is honored, car owners get paid from Drive lah. The best part is that Drive lah does not take any commission from private car owners. A fee is charged to the customers who make a booking through the platform. 

Is Drive lah safe?

Drive lah is extremely safe to use for both personal car owners and customers who want to rent a car. Here are a few reasons why Drive lah is the best car-sharing and car-rental company in Singapore.

Comprehensive Insurance

Cars listed on Drive lah are comprehensively insured by Tokio Marine and NTUC Income. This means, in the event of any accident, insurance kicks in and the car owner does not have to worry about repairs. Your personal insurance will not get affected.

When you host your car on Drive lah, there’s

- Unlimited 3rd party liability coverage

- Security deposit for incidentals & excess

- Comprehensive insurance cover

- No impact on the NCD in case of any accident during the Drive lah trip

- Trusted local support since we work with over 100 car repair centres

Read this article for more details on Insurance coverage.

Fully Verified

Drive lah verifies every customer who wants to rent out a car from the platform. The minimum age required to rent out is 22, which is 4 years more than the eligible age to start driving in Singapore. By keeping the eligibility as 22 years, Drive lah controls new drivers who just got a license to rent out cars from the app.

Remote Control

Personal car owners in Singapore have an option to choose Drive lah Go, a technology owned by Drive lah that not only allows lock /unlock of the car with the Drive lah app but also provides vital information such as the location of the car using an in-built GPS system. This way, your car is always safe.

24X7 Customer Support

In the event you are unable to reach the customer who rented out your car on the platform, the Drive lah customer service team is available 24X7, 365 days a year to attend to your queries and help you instantly. 

Fuel Inclusion

Customers who rent out your car on the platform have to return the car with the same amount of fuel. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting your car back with an empty tank. In the event the customer did not fuel, they have the option to pay for fuel from Drive lah app, and the fuel charges are transferred to your bank account when payments are made to you

You get paid from Drive lah once a trip is completed by the customer. No long wait time to receive the money that is due to you.

We have 4.3 ratings in Trust Pilot and have over a hundred thousand happy car owners and customers in Singapore.

​​How much is a car rental in Singapore?

Unlike other car rental companies, renting a car from Drive lah is a lot more affordable. You will find cars 30-40% lower in cost. Drive lah is able to do this simply because we do not own the cars. Cars are personally owned and well maintained by personal car owners in Singapore and therefore we are able to attract a lot of guests to our app to rent a car from us. Despite being an affordable choice, car owners can easily earn up to two thousand dollars every month from Drive lah when they keep their car availability open for bookings. Open availability means more bookings for you.

In addition to listing your car on Drive lah and earning money, you can also opt for our sticker program. Simply paste our car sticker on your car and earn monthly. Depending on the size of the sticker, you can earn up to $88 a month. Know more about Drive lah sticker program here. 

​Can customers rent a car in Singapore and drive to Malaysia?

A lot on Drive lah can be rented out and driven to Malaysia. Driving to Malaysia is an option set by car owners and not Drive lah. If the car owner allows, customers will see the car listed under the filter ‘Drive to Malaysia allowed’.

Things to keep in mind when renting out your car

To maximize your revenue from car rental on Drive lah, you just have to follow a few steps. Ensure your car is well maintained, keep your calendar open for bookings, and opt for Drive lah go so instant booking can be made by the customer instead of waiting for your manual approval. You can also make your listing lucrative by ensuring your pricing is set within the recommended price range listed by the Drive lah team. We have analyzed thousands of cars and seen what makes them the preferred choice of customers. Setting the right price will garner more eyeballs and interest to book your car. You can also make your car listing as descriptive as possible with good photos. Read this detailed article to get the most from the Drive lah car-sharing app in Singapore, so you can get higher bookings and more revenue.

Interested to earn extra income? Here are some ways you can with Drive lah:

Drive lah Referral Program: Refer Friends & Earn Hundreds of Dollars Easily!

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