We have launched a brand new referral program and here's your chance to know more about it and get unlimited earnings. All you have to do is  invite your friends and family to Drive lah.

But before we start, let us look at what is a referral program?

What is a Referral Program

A referral program is a system that motivates existing customers, though incentives, for recommending their product to other people. In our case, encouraging car rental and car hosting through Drive lah, Singapore.

Benefits of Referral Program

  • Opportunity to earn - without limitations
  • Build Goodwill - your friends will be happy to get $25 by using your code
  • Network - Here is a chance to reach out more and more people
  • Continuous Revenue - This can become a slipstream revenue for you, as long as you want
  • Flexibility - Choose when and how long you want to spend time, encouraging people to join. At your convenience and pace.
  • Better Planet - Knowingly or unknowingly, when you refer more and more people to Drive lah, you can encouraging and supporting car sharing. That makes you a responsible human, who cares for the planet. The more people join and shift to car sharing, the lesser fuel emissions. 

How does Drive lah Referral Program Work?

After much thought, discussions and talking to few of our customers, we have finally revamped and relaunched our Referral program. 

Our unique and lucrative referral program allows you to,

  • Earn $25 credits when a new guest signs up and rents a car from us in Singapore.
  • Earn $100 credits when a new host signs up and rents out their car on our platform.
Drive lah referral program Singapore

Since there are no set limit to refer and earn, Drive lah referral program will allow you to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars easily. 

The logic is simple.
The more you refer, the more you earn.

We also offer $25 credits for the new user who joins Drive lah through your referral link.

Each customer of Drive lah gets a unique referral code. You can share this referral code via WhatsApp, Email or Twitter. You can also copy your Drive lah referral code and share it on any platform of your choice.  

Let us look at an example.

If you referred,
25 people who listed their car on Drive lah and hosted a trip,
you get 25 X $100= $2500 credits

If you referred,
20 people who signed up and rented a car on Drive lah,
you get 20 X $25 = $500 credits

Here are more details about the terms and conditions of Drive lah referral program.

Now that you know what our referral program is, let us look at how to claim these rewards.

How to Redeem Referral Credits from Drive lah?

We have kept this process fairly simple and easy. 

There are two ways to redeem the credits you earn.
You can either redeem as cash payout or as discounts. 

Hosts (car owners) and guests (car renters) can redeem these credits, up to $20 discount per booking against car rentals.

Hosts(car owners) will get the entire credit added to their monthly payout, along with their next successfully hosted trip.

Let us look at an example again.

If you are a guest and have $100 credit, you can use $20 from this credit against your next car rental. 

If you are a host and have $100 credit, upon your next successful trip hosting, $100 will be added to your monthly payout.

Credits do not expire. 

You can find more details on how to redeem credits on Drive lah.​

How to Find Your Unique Referral Code?

On the web
Login to https://drivelah.sg
Click on your profile and tap on Refer and Earn

On the app
Tap on your profile icon on the top right corner
You will find Refer and Earn 

You can also see how much credits you have accumulated in both web and app which you can redeem against car rentals.

About Drive lah

Drive lah is a peer to peer car rental and sharing platform in Singapore. We encourage car owners to list their car when not in use, so people like you can find and rent from them. By encouraging car rental via car sharing in Singapore, and educating people about renting a car from Drive lah, we are reducing the number of cars on the road and making a positive impact on the carbon footprint. 

You can find a wide variety of cars on Drive lah. From electric cars to hybrid, from sedans to vans, there's always a car available for rent based on your need and in your neighbourhood.

You can rent cars by the hour or by the day. You can rent cars on weekdays or rent during the weekends.. There are plenty of cars on our platform that you can rent and drive to Malaysia as well.

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