Drive lah with Gojek is here to help you get around better! 

Drive lah, a leading peer-to-peer car sharing platform in Singapore, has collaborated with Gojek, Southeast Asia's leading on-demand platform providing access to a wide range of services. This new joint venture offers Gojek drivers more business opportunities by listing their cars for rent. 

This unique opportunity with Drive lah works in two formats -

Drive lah Gojek drivers

1.1 For Gojek Drivers

If you are a car owner and driving your car for Gojek. Drive lah will offer you flexible car renting solutions. 

  • All the drivers listing their cars are approved.

  • From $4/Hour or $29/Day 

  • All the payments will be made as per ‘Pay per use.’

  • No long lease contracts. 

1.1.1 4-Step to start 

Instantly earn passive income by following these 4-steps;

Step 1: Sign up or log in via the Drive lah platform (

Step 2: Choose a car and book instantly. 

Step 3: Register the car on Gojek App (Android / iOS) in less than a minute. 

Step 4: Unlock the car with the App and start driving.

1.2 Earn more for Gojek Drivers 

This opportunity is specially designed for all the drivers whose cars are sitting idle.

  • You can rent out your car to earn some extra money, only with Drive lah.

  • Gojek approves all the drivers listing their cars.

  • Start earning passive income with Drive lah during your off days 

  • Sign up now to get $100 Drive lah credits

1.2.1 3 steps to earn up to $1000s extra

Step 1: Sign up or log in via the Drive lah platform (

Step 2: Create a listing

Step 3: Sit back and start earning

1. Why rent out with Drive lah?

Passive Income

Don't let your car just sit there gathering dust! You can make extra money by renting it on your days/hours off.

Flexible Hosting

We have thousands of relief drivers on our platform, so you can choose when to rent out your car. Whether you want to do it hourly, daily, or weekly, it's up to you.

Keyless handovers

Stay safe and contactless by allowing your relief driver to unlock your car securely through the Drive lah app.

2. Drive lah vs Other Rental Companies

Drive lah

Other Rental Companies 


$4/hr & $29/day no mileage cap

$8/hr & $60/day limited mileage

Simple Rent Structure

Same all day

Duration, km & time of the day

Long Lease Commitment


Fixed Contract

Wide Car Variety

50+ models

4-5 models

Car pickup points

Always nearby


Hidden Charges



Late Return Charges

Grace Period

Strict Terms

3. About Drive lah

Drive lah offers flexible car sharing and car renting in Singapore, powered by car owners who share their car when they don’t need it. It provides both short-term and long-term car sharing services. It helps you to do your shopping around town for the day, haul furniture or skip town for a few days. Drive lah provides easy access to cars near you at an affordable and transparent price that is often a safer option than taxis and ride-hailing services. With Drive lah Go™ technology, key handover is contactless. You can also share your car and earn income by renting out your vehicle when you’re not using it. All drivers are thoroughly verified and personal, providing a service that is toward a greener city.

Approved by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

To start saving and sharing, download now - Android / iOS

4. About Gojek

Gojek is more than just an app for transportation, food delivery, logistics, payment, and daily services. It's also an app with a social mission: to improve the lives of people living in Indonesia. It changed how people thought about transportation and logistics, building large partnership networks across the country. 

Since it launched, Gojek has partnered with over 1 million drivers, 125.000 merchants, and 30.000 other services spread across 50 cities in Indonesia. Thanks to Gojek, people in Indonesia have access to safe and affordable transportation, delicious food delivered to their doorstep, and much more.