Drive lah completed 1500 days in Singapore with incredible milestones  along the way – 1500 days of memories, growth, and innovation in Singapore! From our humble beginnings in July 2019 to where we stand today, we've come a long way. Join us on this nostalgic journey as we revisit these highlights, experiences, and achievements that have shaped our road together.

The Journey Begins!

In July 2019, with just four team members and a small office, Drive lah embarked on a mission to simplify travel in Singapore. Little did we know that this journey would be so transformative. To date, we've clocked over 100,000 trips, and we couldn't have done it without your support!

Chinese New Year Celebration

Our first Chinese New Year celebration in 2020 marked a special moment as we joined our fellow Singaporeans in celebrating this cherished festival. To share the joy, we gave a special discount using a promo code. Let's remember those good times and keep driving towards more memories ahead.

Drive lah Go

In March 2020, we introduced Drive lah Go, revolutionizing convenience. With this technology, guests could remotely lock and unlock the car using the Drive lah app, eliminating the need for in-person key handovers. It's all about seamless, time-saving mobility!

Acquisition of Smove

In December 2020, Drive lah took a significant step by acquiring Smove, expanding our footprint and reaching more customers. This strategic move helped us become even more accessible.

$10,000 Giveaway

March 2021 marked another milestone where we gave away $10,000 to one lucky customer in our biggest lucky draw ever. Making a difference in someone's life is what drives us!

Drive Safe lah

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we contributed to creating a safer Singapore by offering $10 credits to vaccine recipients. It was a small gesture, but it came from the heart.

First Host Conference

In June 2021, we held our very first host conference, an event that marked a significant milestone in our 1500-day journey. Listening to feedback from our partners set the stage for even better experiences ahead.

Investment news

July 2021 was a turning point when Drive lah secured $3.2 million in funding during a pre-series A round, with KFC Ventures leading the way. We're grateful to all our investors who believe in the vision of shared mobility.

Partnership with Grab

August 2021 saw our partnership with Grab, making it even easier for our hundreds of users to get around Singapore.

Australia Launch - Drive mate

By January 2022, we crossed borders and launched in Australia as Drive mate, weaving new stories on unfamiliar roads. We're grateful to our Singapore customers for their support as we venture into new territories.

Minister of State - Ms. Low Yen Ling Visit

Throwback to October 2022 - a special day: Minister of State, Ms. Low Yen Ling, paid a visit to our office. Exploring how we're reshaping car sharing in Singapore, our community impact, and our strong partnership with MTI and LTA. Together, we're driving change!

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First Trip - Toyota Rush to Kuala Lumpur

Among the numerous trips we've completed, our first journey to Johor Baru in a beautiful black Toyota Rush remains a favorite. We're grateful for the opportunity to connect people and help them explore the region.

Hari Raya celebrations

Reflecting on the joy of Hari Raya, another special festival to celebrate with our fellow Singaporeans, we tried to spread joy with special offers for our cherished Drive lah family, adding to the festivities. Here's to more memorable celebrations together!

Drive lah Flex Plus

April 2023 marked the launch of Drive lah Flex Plus, transforming the way we think about car ownership. Guests now enjoy unmatched flexibility and huge savings by renting their cars back onto the platform, while car owners gain control and steady income.

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Mother's Day Campaign

We wanted to do something special for all the mothers out there as we all know mothers are the best and we showed our appreciation on Mother's Day by giving away a free BMW car ride to a lucky mom.

Thank you Singapore!

Thank you for your support in making us one of the leading car rental companies in Singapore. As we reflect back about these 1500 days, we're grateful for your trust and support. Drive lah is not just a car-sharing platform; it's a community of adventurers, explorers, and dreamers who believe in a future of shared mobility. 

To mark this incredible journey, the company held a 15 day long celebration of savings, memories, and community spirit. 

From August 21st to September 4th, users could enjoy $15 off any car rental. There was no limit on the number of times this discount could be used. The company also gave away 15 free car rentals to celebrate the past 1500 days. To enter, users simply had to share their memorable moments about Drive lah on their Instagram or Facebook stories. By using the hashtag #DriveDownMemoryLane to be eligible.

The celebration was a success, Drive lah is grateful for all the memories that its users have shared. The company is committed to providing a safe, reliable, and affordable car sharing service for everyone. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here's to many more miles together!