By now, all of us are aware of the war that Russia has waged over Ukraine. Ukraine is fighting for every inch of its land which is being incessantly bombarded and occupied one city at a time. 

According to the UN, more than 600 Ukrainian civilian lives have been lost, at least 1000 are injured and millions of Ukrainians are displaced to date.

The news reports and photos from the war are heart-wrenching and serve as a stark reminder of how wars affect innocent civilians. This war brings to our mind a Brent Davis quote, “Peace is constructed, not fought for”. This is more valid than ever.

Drive lah strongly condemns the war and any political actions which lead to the loss of innocent civilian lives. With Ukrainians being a strong global workforce, like a lot of companies, we too have employees who are based in Ukraine. When we speak with them we realize the magnitude of the situation that they are dealing with.

Drive lah is doing everything it can to ensure the safety of its team members as well as provide every bit of moral support. If you have a colleague or a friend impacted by the war, take a moment to check on them and ask them how you can be of help. A simple message of support, a kind ear to listen, and a shoulder to lean on will not end the war but it will tell fellow Ukrainians that they are not alone.

While moral support is necessary, there is also a strong need for humanitarian efforts and monetary donations towards Ukraine. 

In order to support Ukraine and the people impacted by the war, Drive lah is setting up a fund, ‘Together for Ukraine’. As a start, Drive lah will be donating all of its earnings for April and May to this fund. 

Our car hosts can donate a part of their earnings to the fund and renters can also donate money via the webpage ( or when they book a ride. 100% of the donations that we gather through this fund will go to Red Cross to deliver humanitarian support for Ukrainians affected by the war. 

It is natural for all of us to feel powerless that our individual actions might not have a large impact. While there may be some truth to this, by no means should we doubt the collective help that we are all providing. Every conversation with someone affected, every dollar that we donate, and every voice that we raise against the war counts. Every action counts!

When we started Drive lah, we started with a vision of developing a car-sharing community where people would be passionate about the environment, keen to help each other, and build lasting friendships. The very foundation of Drive lah’s strong community is real people and real kindness.

It is in this spirit that we call our Drive lah community to come to the aid of our Ukrainian friends. Every dollar that we donate, helps in ensuring that civilians have a safe passage out of the war and provides food, shelter, and medical support to people injured in the war. It is our responsibility as citizens of the world to do everything we can to support Ukraine. Every action counts!


So, in the spirit of Real People and Real Kindness, let us all come together for Ukraine. We ask you to donate what you can to Drive lah’s ‘Together for Ukraine’ fund. We have partnered with Singapore Red Cross to ensure that all the donated funds reach our beloved Ukrainians.

Stay Strong, Ukraine!