Hey there, we hope you had a great time during Lunar New Year. The guests surely enjoyed renting from lovely hosts like yourself. This month, we want to shine a light on a few updates and also a chance for you to win travel credits. Re

Availability is key to higher earnings

The availability of your car determines the demand you get from the guests. You can get the most out of your listing only if you make your car available for as many days as possible. For optimum demand, set your car's availability above 80%. (Top 5% earning cars maintain their availability at 80%+)​

Get more views, more bookings, and more profits. To read more on setting the availability of your car, click here.

To understand your views on availability, we have put together a small survey. You can take this 3 question survey and get $10 travel credits.
Take Survey and get $10 credits!

Peak pricing policy updated

An extensive analysis of the booking pattern of guests has revealed that the bookings are heavily dependent on the prices of the listings on the platform. To ensure that there's demand for all the listings, we've updated the peak pricing policy. 
You can read about the new policy by clicking here.

Earn More Program - Q1 2022

Get rewarded when you complete 10+ trip days/car. Earn up to $125 extra this quarter. Check how you can add extra income to your earnings, click here.​

Connect Your Calendar

​You can now connect your Google calendar to Drive lah and see all your bookings in there automatically. Manage your bookings more efficiently! To connect your calendar now, click here.
Drive lah - Car Owner's Group​
Your feedback, your reviews, and your questions, all will be addressed in this one place. Become a part of the growing Drive lah community. You can join the group on Facebook here.

Key Programs

Photography Program - Attractive cars, more bookings

If you have not already registered for the photography program, now's the time. We are offering a professional photoshoot of your beloved car, for free. Book a slot now, click here.

Sticker Program

Get your car stickered and make up to $88 additional every month just by hosting Drive lah brand on your car.

Drive lah Sticker Program

To learn more about the sticker program click here.

Upcoming at Drive lah

Listing Performance Dashboard

Starting this month, we will be sharing your monthly performance report. Learn all about your trips, earnings, your eligibility for our reward programs, and more important tips to increase your earnings. Expect the email soon!

That's all for this month, until next month, Happy Hosting!

For any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Experience owning a car without the actual ownership hassle – that's the magic of Flex+! ​