Public transport in Singapore is well-connected, but there are times when you don’t want to deal with it. These include when you have small kids, aged parents, or are carrying about ten bags with all the stuff you need to visit a relative’s house.

The current times are also trying with the pandemic wreaking havoc and affecting traveller morale, leaving them weary. Many have no choice but to avoid public transport as a precaution to restrict the spread of the virus. That leaves you with the option to either drive your own vehicle, rent a car, or share a car.

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You can easily commute without any hassles and worries if you have a car. However, if you don’t have a car, you have to choose between car rental or car-sharing options. One of the key factors in deciding your mode of transportation is the expense. While both car rental and car-sharing are attractive and safe options, it must not cost you a fortune.

Let us look at the most viable processes to get a car for rent in Singapore.

Which is the best car rental service in Singapore?

There are many car rental services in Singapore. Depending on where you live, you can quickly search for the cheapest place to rent a car near me. The search results will display some of the most popular car rental companies in Singapore, allowing you to choose one as per your requirement. As you visit the web pages of these companies, you will see choices for different cars, the duration, the distance, and more.

Generally, you’ll have to pay for a basic hatchback around SGD 50 per day. For a sedan, the charges will be around SGD 70 to SGD 80 per day, whereas, for an SUV, you will pay around SGD 150 to SGD 200 per day.

How to rent a car in Singapore?

When you step out to rent a car in Singapore, you will realize that there are four categories of car rental companies. These include international, local, car manufacturers, and car-sharing companies. You can choose any rental company depending on your requirement and preference.

Some common and popular names you’ll often see include Grab, BlueSG, Tribe Car, Avis, Hertz, Sixt, and more. The car rental procedure in Singapore differs based on your chosen company and your requirements. But mostly, you’ll need to provide all the details to the rental company, either on their website or by calling, and provide all the necessary documents. The documents include a driving license, proof of age, identity proof, and an international driving permit.

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Honda_daily car rental best in singapore

Where to get cheap car rentals in Singapore?

The prices for car rental vary from one company to another. If you’d like to save on renting a car in Singapore, you should opt for car-sharing. Car-sharing is similar to the concept of Airbnb, wherein you can rent vehicles instead of other people’s homes.

You don't have to pay a monthly subscription fee when you hire from a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform, unlike BlueSG and other car rental companies. A monthly subscription isn’t recommended for people who are not sure if they need the car regularly.

What is the cheapest way to get a car in Singapore?

Drive lah, the first peer-to-peer car-sharing platform in Singapore, is the most affordable and cost-effective solution. It is recognized as Airbnb for cars, and the rental fee is approximately 30% to 40% cheaper when compared with other car rental companies.

That’s not all! Drive lah lets you choose from a range of more than 300 car models compared to other car rental companies with very limited models.

Maza_Convertible_Drive lah_Car Sharing

Surprised? Want to know more? Since you rent from a peer, you have the advantage of:

Not travelling too far to pick up the car

Using the app, you can search for an available car within your neighbourhood. That means no travelling to the city or other areas to pick up the car on rent. If your renter is nearby, you can just walk to the house.

Flexible timings

Unlike car rental companies, Drive lah allows you to book the car on weekends, at late hours, and whenever you like. There’s no such thing as the office isn’t open. You can book a car in just a few minutes, and as soon as the car owner accepts the request, you can set out to pick up the car and complete your errand.


Since you’re renting the car from someone in your neighbourhood, you can use it anytime, evaluate its condition, and travel anywhere at a price you’d be happy to pay.

Car rental companies have hundreds of pick-up locations across the city. But with Drive lah, there are hundreds of pick-up locations within a few miles of your house.

Moreover, you get comprehensive insurance protection from Tokio Marine with every booking. This insurance covers vehicle damage, personal accident, bodily injury etc. The policy applies to the driver booking the car during the sharing period, as a result of which, you don’t require any third-party insurance with your booking.

For every renter registered on Drive lah, security checks guarantee customer safety and security. You can read the reviews of hosts before you make your booking. You will know the condition of the car, its hygiene and cleanliness levels, and the additional services provided by the host. Some hosts put in an umbrella, a USB charger, and other utility items to make your car-sharing experience memorable.

These benefits and the booking convenience make Drive lah a recommended choice for renting a car in Singapore. The economical pricing structure for the car you choose and the distance you need makes it effective for your pocket. There are no hidden fees, commission charges, or monthly subscriptions.

So, next time you wonder where to rent a car, Drive lah is where you’ve got to be

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