Parking in Singapore CBD (Central Business District) can be challenging at times, given the high demand and limited availability of parking spaces. Whether you're heading to work, shopping, or meeting friends, knowing where and how to park can save you time, money, and stress. In this comprehensive guide by Drive lah, we'll cover everything you need to know about parking in Singapore's CBD in 2024, lets start!

​Overview of Parking in Singapore CBD in 2024 

The CBD remains one of Singapore's busiest areas, bustling with businesses, commercial centers, and attractions. This concentration leads to a high demand for parking spaces. However, the availability of these spaces is limited, resulting in higher prices and competition for spots.

Types of Parking Facilities

1. Public Car Parks: Managed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Housing & Development Board (HDB), these car parks offer short-term and season parking options.

2. Private Car Parks: Operated by commercial entities, these are commonly found in office buildings, shopping malls, and hotels.

3. Street Parking: Limited street parking is available with strict enforcement of parking regulations.

 Parking Rates

Parking rates in the CBD can vary significantly depending on the type of car park and the time of day.

Here's a detailed look at the typical charges:

Parking Facility
Weekdays (7:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
Weekdays (5:00 PM - 10:30 PM)
Weekends/Public Holidays
Public Car Parks
SGD 1.20 per half hour
SGD 0.60 per half an hour
Varies, usually lower
Private Car Parks
SGD 2.00 - 5.00 per half hour
Similar to weekdays
Similar to weekdays
Season Parking
SGD 300 - 500 per month
Higher in private facilities

Specific Locations

Here's a breakdown of parking rates at some popular spots in the CBD:

Weekdays (Before 5/6 PM)
Weekdays (After 5/6 PM)
Weekends/Public Holidays
Marina Bay Sands
$14 for 1st hour, $1.50 per subsequent 30 mins
Max charge of $32 per 24 hours
Same as weekdays
Marina Bay Open Car Park
$2 per 30 mins
$1.60 per hour
$0.80 per 30 mins
Gardens by the Bay
$0.035 per min, capped at $30 per day
$0.035 per min, capped at $30 per day
Same as weekdays
Marina Bay Financial Towers
$1.18 per 10 mins
$3.21 for 1st 4 hours, $0.30 per subsequent 10 mins
Same as weekdays
Esplanade Mall
$2.30 per hour
$2.30 per hour
Same as weekdays
Marina Square
$3.27 for 1st 2 hours, $1.64 per subsequent 30 mins
$2.25 per entry; $1.12 per 30 mins
Same as Saturday
Clarke Quay
$1.35 for 1st hour, $0.45 per subsequent 15 mins
$1.35 for 1st hour, $0.45 per subsequent 15 mins
$2.75 per entry; Free for 1st 2 hours (8am - 6pm)

Parking Apps to the rescue

Several apps are available to help drivers find parking spots, pay for parking, and receive notifications:

- Allows drivers to pay for street parking via their mobile phones.

- OneService: Provides real-time information on available parking spaces.

- Private Apps: Various apps offered by private car park operators with features like reservations and payment.

Regulations and Enforcement

Parking regulations in the CBD are strictly enforced with regular patrols and the use of technology to monitor illegal parking. Fines for parking violations are substantial, ensuring compliance.

Loading/Unloading Zones

Designated loading and unloading zones have strict time limits to facilitate business operations without causing traffic congestion. Drivers should adhere to these limits to avoid fines.

Parking Tips

1. Plan Ahead: Use parking apps to check for available spaces and rates before heading to the CBD.

2. Consider Alternatives: Use public transport, carpooling, or park-and-ride facilities to avoid the hassle and cost of parking in the CBD.

3. Off-Peak Parking: Look for off-peak parking deals or consider parking further from the core CBD area and walking or taking a short ride to your destination.

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1. What is the average cost of parking in the CBD?

- The cost varies, but typically ranges from SGD 1.20 to SGD 5.00 per half hour, depending on the car park type and location.

2. Are there any apps to help find parking in the CBD?

- Yes, apps like and OneService provide real-time information on available parking spaces and allow for easy payment.

3. Is parking enforcement strict in the CBD?

- Yes, parking regulations are strictly enforced with regular patrols and substantial fines for violations.

4. Are there facilities for electric vehicles in the CBD?

- Yes, the number of EV charging points in car parks is increasing to support the growing adoption of electric vehicles.

5. How can Drive lah help with my car needs?

- Drive lah offers a wide range of cars for rent to suit any budget and need. Car owners can also earn extra money by hosting their vehicles on our platform, with all aspects of the rental handled by us.


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