Singapore is a small city but it has a lot to offer. From the beautiful exhibits at Gardens by the Bay to the quaint off-road kampongs. While this year, most of us have missed our customary trip overseas, the government is actively working to boost domestic tourism. And if you are looking for some ideas, we have compiled a list here of things to do over the long weekend. Take a peek and head out! But follow social distancing protocols and wear a mask.

With lockdowns becoming a necessary phenomenon, it can feel a bit scary to venture out. And if you decide to engage in some domestic tourism, you can head out using multiple modes of transport. But during a pandemic, it is important that you opt for the safest way to travel.

One of the safest ways to travel is by your personal car. But we all know that car ownership is an expensive affair and not the best use of money. So, the next best option is to hail a cab whenever you want to go out or to rent a car from any car-sharing platform in Singapore. While cabs are abundantly available across platforms like Grab, Go-Jek, and ComfortDelGro, there are some risks associated with traveling in a cab. Let’s compare which is a safer and more cost-effective option during a pandemic

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Frequency of Use

The same cab is usually used by multiple people to travel whereas when you rent from a car-sharing company like Drive lah, you are the sole user of the car for the time period. Typically, a cab might have 10-12 rides/day whereas, on the car-sharing platform, the frequency is around 2-3 rides/day. As a result, lesser people use the same car on a car rental platform which significantly reduces the risk of exposure to the virus or the risk of transferring from the previous users.


At Drive lah, guidelines are established for car hosts to sanitize their car after every use. We also encourage renters to check on this with the hosts before renting the car. With a sanitized car, the risk of infection is eliminated. Whereas cabs don’t have this requirement and if you notice, cab drivers don’t sanitize their car after every journey. As a result, you are at risk of infection if someone prior to you used the cab and was Covid positive.

On Drive lah, we ensure that cars are sanitized so that you can rent without worrying about the risk of exposure to the virus.

Sanitization Supplies

Hosts on Drive lah’s platform are advised to keep some sanitization supplies such as tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizers, and a couple of face masks. This ensures that renters can sanitize themselves and ensure that the car remains clean and virus-free. This also ensures convenience in case the renter forgets his/her mask while running an errand or wants to clean his/her hands after being in a public space. Some cabs might keep supplies handy but this largely depends on the initiative of the cab owner. As a result, car rental in Singapore is a more convenient and well-equipped method of travel.

Social Distancing

When you are in a cab, you are in proximity with the cab driver who comes in close contact with many people throughout the day. As a result, if the cab driver is infected, it could pass to you as well as people who ride in the cab. When you rent from a car-sharing company, you basically have your own bubble of safety. You rent a sanitized car, travel in it with your family, and at end of the day return it to the host. As a result, a rental car affords you the safe space to maintain social distance and travel in comfort.

Car rental limits your exposure to people outside your bubble whereas when you take a cab, you risk exposure to the car driver and the people who have used the cab before you.


The general impression that people have is that renting a car is expensive as compared to hailing a cab from Grab or Go-Jek. Well, we had look into this and their conclusion: Drive lah is cheaper than renting a cab!

Find it hard to believe? Take a look at the table below:

And if you want a detailed analysis on how Drive is the cheapest option, read the entire post here

At Drive lah, we actively engage with our host and renter community to ensure the highest standards of safety and convenience. Car-sharing in Singapore is the safest and most cost-effective way to travel. So, if you looking to explore some wonderful sights on this tiny red dot for the long weekend, come aboard our website and book your rental!