After the incredible success of Drive lah across Singapore and with goals of expanding our concept to Australia, we’re proud to introduce millions of Aussies to Drive mate, a brand new way to rent cars that’s cheaper, easier, and more secure than ever before.

Ultimately, we’d like to see mass vehicle ownership start to phase out while convincing our peers that private car sharing is the way to go!

Reducing the number of wasted hours where existing cars could be in use is what we’re really striving to accomplish. We believe providing an advanced platform that makes car sharing a breeze encourages more people to onboard our vision while benefiting from an all-round amazing service.

Introducing Drive Mate; the latest, safest, and most cost-effective car rental platform in Australia providing a way for you and your neighbors to connect through a shared demand.

Who Benefits from Drive Mate and How?

  • Guests – Neighbours wanting to borrow cars don’t have to look far. There are hundreds to choose from, and with Drive Mate’s Instant Booking feature you’ll have your request confirmed in seconds – guests can even enjoy keyless, in-app access on eligible vehicles!
  • Hosts – Car ownership can be expensive. Why not make some extra cash to support it when your car’s free? All vehicles are fully insured* and you’ll be in complete control of your rates, who drives your car, and when. Hosts can also automate their bookings and pickup process with contactless access technology – Learn more about Drive Mate Go™.

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  • Experience owning a car without the actual ownership hassle – that's the magic of Flex+!