The peer-to-peer car-sharing is great way to commute and to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, as experts have urged people around the world to practice social distancing. Large assemblies have been canceled; schools are closed; nursing homes have restricted visitors and offices are shut. If you are traveling during the Coronavirus period, safety, personal and of the community, is a key concern. Given that, when you use public transport, you come in contact with people directly and indirectly. And owning a vehicle is not possible for everyone.

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And this is where car-sharing is such an attractive and safe option. More and more car owners are signing up on car-sharing platforms to earn extra money and offset the cost of ownership. While renters enjoy the comfort of a car at an affordable rate and also limit their exposure to other people during travel. Car-sharing is similar to Airbnb concept, except that you rent your car to strangers instead of your home. In Singapore, Drive lah is the leading P2P car sharing platform. Drive lah has been stepping up its efforts in encouraging people to opt for car-sharing to stem the spread of Covid as well as provide an affordable option for safe commute.

Social Distancing To Stop The Covid19 Pandemic

Social distancing is the only thing that has the potential to flatten the curve of the Covid19 pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, people should maintain at least 1 meter distance from others. This is one of the principle Drive lah follows in managing its car sharing service. Drive lah encourages contact-less access to cars and has given clear guidelines to renters and hosts to limit the physical interaction to a bare minimum or none in most cases.

Steps Drive lah Takes To Keep You Safe

Updated hygiene practices

We have distributed new hygiene and cleaning protocols to all hosts in order to ensure that every car on the platform is disinfected after use. We have also partnered with car grooming service to support hosts in regularly disinfecting their cars.

Vehicle quarantine protocols

We have introduced new procedures to ensure that a car is quarantined, deactivated, and disinfected before returning when we are informed that a vehicle has come in contact with someone who is or could be Covid positive.

Exemption from cancellation fees

We understand that plans can change during this period and people are scared to commute. Hence, there are no cancellation fees for trips canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak at this time.

Regular Communication

We are regularly communicating with our hosts and renters to update them on safety measures. We have increased our customer support team to help our users with any queries or support they need.

To minimize the risk in community, we are also encouraging our users to follow government and international guidelines:

Disinfect and Clean regularly touched surfaces

Bring disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer with you when you drive or use any form of transport. As a car owner owner, clean your car between trips and before personal use.

Face masks are essential in limiting the spread of virus and everyone is advised to wear one whenever they step out of their home. Cover your mouth when you cough and throw away tissue or garbage at the end of your commute or before your car is available on the platform.

Stay home when you are sick

We encourage all our community members to stay at home when they feel ill or show any symptoms of Covid. If you have a future reservation, you are advised to cancel your trip through the app or perhaps by contacting customer service.

Using peer-to-peer car-sharing services like Drive Lah during coronavirus times is a safe option simply because you can rent a car and limit your physical contact with others.

The peer-to-peer car-sharing service is also associated with low transaction costs and high traceability because it’s connected via GPS-based applications. With such apps, you can share your information, track your location and manage payments.

Finally, you can check the status of the coronavirus outbreak at the booking destination before proceeding with the car-sharing service. Drive Lah has a page dedicated to coronavirus resources for hosts and guests. And that includes links to travel reports and specific information about coronavirus!

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