Singapore may be a small island, but having access to a rental car opens up a world of possibilities to see more of the city-state or journey to neighbouring Johar Bahru in Malaysia . As the only peer to peer car sharing platform in Singapore, Drive lah offers affordable and convenient access to car rentals, bypassing traditional rental companies. If you are looking for a flexible alternative to car ownership, renting is an attractive option. With Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices astronomically high in Singapore, car rental provides temporary access without the long-term commitment or financing burdens.

Understand License and Age Requirements

When planning to rent a car in Singapore, ensure you meet the necessary requirements. Renters must be at least 23 years old and possess a valid driver's license with at least one year of driving experience. International drivers should hold an International Driving Permit (IDP) alongside their home country's license.

Choose the Right Rental Company

Choosing the right company is like picking the perfect co-pilot for your adventure. Do some research, compare rates and fleets, and find a crew that is transparent in the way they operate. Online reviews for example are your treasure map to finding the best rental Robinson Crusoes. Drive lah is the top car rental company in Singapore for the 24X7 customer service we provide, affordability in the pricing of cars and variety near you.

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Traffic Rules and Parking

Singapore boasts a well-connected expressway network, but venturing into charming back alleys and bustling neighbourhoods is part of the fun. Download offline maps and research one-way streets and ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) gantries to avoid toll surprises.

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Book in Advance for Better Deals

To guarantee the best rates and secure the perfect wheels for your Singaporean adventure, booking your car rental in advance is paramount. Our diverse fleet of rental cars at Drive lah ensures you have options across Singapore, but the popularity of certain models during peak times means they're quickly snapped up. Pre-booking not only saves you money but also guarantees you the pick of the fleet, tailored precisely to your needs. Don't fret if you're deciding last minute; our wide coverage of cars across SG ensures finding a car isn't a hassle, but for peace of mind, securing your choice ahead of time is always a smart move.

Know the Condition of the Car

When it comes to car rentals, the worry about the vehicle's condition can dampen the excitement. But at Drive lah, that's not the case. Our cars are sourced from hosts who use them regularly. Unlike traditional rentals, these are personal cars, well cared for and only rented out when not in use. At Drive lah, we prioritize your comfort, starting your journey with a well-maintained car and the ease to enjoy Singapore to the fullest.

Before hitting the road, take a moment to get familiar with the car's controls. A quick practice round in an empty parking lot can boost your confidence, especially when navigating Singapore's roundabouts. 

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Essential Road Rules

Stay cool: Take it slow. Patience is key, and honking as you already know is frowned upon.

Signal your intentions: Clear and timely indicators will help fellow drivers anticipate your moves and avoid unwanted horn-a-thons.

Mind the manners: Give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings, and watch out for motorbikes and bicycles that often share the lanes.

Park like a pro: Parking can be tight, so choose designated lots or opt for multi-storey car parks. 

Prioritise Safety

At Drive lah, your safety is at the core of what we do, making us stand out from traditional car rental companies. We offer 24/7 support to ensure you're always taken care of and you can rest easy.  Our onboarding process for hosts and guests involves a strict verification using Singpass, creating a secure community. Want extra peace of mind? We can track the car through the DL Go Car, in case of any serious issues.  Drive lah is more than just a rental – it's a commitment to your safety on the road. 

Know about Insurance

Think of insurance as your trusty GPS for avoiding financial potholes. At Drive lah, your peace of mind is our priority. Drive lah Protection is not just a promise but a commitment fortified by our collaboration with globally esteemed insurance partners, Tokio Marine Insurance Group and NTUC Income. Whether you're hosting your car or taking the wheel, rest assured, you're covered comprehensively. 

Our partnership ensures full insurance coverage, unlimited 3rd party liability, 24/7 road support, NCD protection, and an unwavering commitment to a trusted and verified community. When you share your car, Drive lah Protection minimises your risk, offering a safety net that's as reliable as it is extensive. Drive with confidence, knowing that your safety and security are at the core of our service.

Bonus Round: Drive lah Hacks for a Winning Ride

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Download the Drive lah app: Access 24/7 roadside assistance, track your Drive lah go car, and manage bookings with ease.

Fuel Up Smart: Do not waste your precious time trying to fuel up the car before you return it. Just pay for the fuel you use by the end of your trip. At Drive lah, we want to make your convenience our priority.

Drive lah: Your best friend on the road

At Drive lah, we believe in simplifying every aspect of your car rental journey. 

We offer flexible booking options that cater to your needs. While some rentals limit you to rigid hourly or daily bookings, Drive lah provides the freedom to book by the hour, month, or day. This flexibility ensures that you choose what suits your schedule and makes perfect sense for your plans. With Drive lah, your convenience is our priority, offering you a seamless and adaptable car rental experience.

With these tips and Drive lah by your side, you're all set to conquer the streets of Singapore in style. So buckle up, hit the gas, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on four wheels.

Now go forth and explore.

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