Meet Samson, a Drive lah host who chose the platform for its competitive pricing and flexibility, allowing hosts to set their rates. Trusting renters initially, Samson values the personal touch of individual ownership. Using Drive lah's algorithm, he determines optimal rental prices, minimizing mileage while accommodating guest requests. Explore more about Samson's journey with Drive lah.

Q. What made you choose Drive lah?

Response: At Drive lah, they provide competitive rates that allow hosts to set their own prices, unlike other platforms with a flat rate system. 

Q: What steps do you take to verify the identity and reliability of renters before approving a reservation?

Response: I have a policy of initially trusting people until they prove otherwise. Knowing that the owner is an individual rather than a company may encourage the guest to take better care of the car.

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Q. When determining your car's rental price, what aspects do you take into account?

Response: I frequently use Drive lah's algorithm as a reference for setting recommended prices. After testing it at multiple locations, I also consider my own utility rate and demand when making adjustments.

Q: How do you handle maintenance and regular servicing of your car to ensure it's in optimal condition for renters?

Response: It can be challenging to balance my own schedule while also accommodating the needs of my guests. I strive to minimize mileage on my cars so that all of my guests can have the opportunity to enjoy them. However, I do make exceptions for requests for additional services. And for my guests who book in advance, I always make sure to reserve a specific time to thoroughly clean the car before their pickup.

Q. From your perspective, what benefits do you see in renting out your car through our platform in contrast to conventional car rental companies?

Response: Guests greatly appreciate using this platform to make bookings, as the pickup locations are typically conveniently situated near their residences, unlike traditional car rental companies which are often located in distant industrial areas. Additionally, guests also benefit from lower rental prices due to a reduction in operational costs compared to conventional car rental companies.

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Q: Can you share any feedback you've received from renters and how you incorporate that feedback to improve the rental experience?

Response: According to the feedback, the guest is looking for a smooth and uncomplicated experience, with a clean and properly maintained car. I collaborate closely with my guests during the handover process and make sure my vehicles are always clean, in order to provide them with a positive experience.

Q: What measures do you take to protect against potential theft or misuse of your car during the rental period?

Response: In my view, the majority of Singaporean individuals possess integrity, however, I do exercise precautionary measures. I do not leave any valuable possessions unattended, and I make it a point to inspect my vehicle after each use. I assess the mileage and fuel consumption, as these are often indicative of any potential misuse of the car. Moreover, I have equipped my vehicle with Drive lah GPS devices in order to closely monitor their whereabouts and usage in case of any further concerns.

Q: How do you manage the logistics of key handovers and vehicle returns with renters, and have you faced any challenges in this aspect?

Response: Some of my cars utilize Drive lah Go technology, allowing for keyless entry and ignition. In the case of cars without this feature, I have established a standard operating procedure for the retrieval and transfer of keys. I typically do not encounter difficulties, but if any arise, I am readily available to rectify the issue with just a phone call.

Q: What level of communication do you maintain with renters before, during, and after a rental period?

Response: I use messaging apps like Whatsapp and Inapp chat, and also rely on Drive lah CS for communication with guests.

Q: Have you considered offering any additional services or amenities with your car rentals to attract more renters?

Response: I provide Home delivery service for my guests, but it requires an advanced notice. Additionally, my cars are equipped with in-built entertainment options such as Netflix and YouTube, as well as screens that can play videos from thumbdrives. These amenities are here to enhance the experience of the guests and make their ride even more enjoyable.

Q: How do you handle cancellations, and what is your policy regarding last-minute changes or extensions requested by renters?

Response: I am understanding and willing to be flexible with any minor delays. However, if there are significant delays, there is a proper procedure in place for requesting a formal extension of the rental for insurance purposes. I want to make it clear that so far, I have not had to deal with any late returns from my guests.

Q: Can you elaborate on the condition and age of your car, and how it has impacted its rental demand?

Response: I offer high-end luxury sedans to my guests, who have certain expectations regarding cleanliness and smoothness of the vehicle. It is my utmost priority to maintain immaculate and well-maintained rides to meet their preferences. Furthermore, building a strong rapport with my guests is essential as their needs typically align with their high expectations.

Response: I routinely oversee its operation based on demand fluctuations. There are instances in which my cars remain inactive while not in use, and vice versa. As such, I make necessary adjustments to the pricing.

Q: Can you share your thoughts on the insurance coverage provided for your car during rentals and any experiences you've had with the claims process?

Response: The insurance coverage and claims process provided by Drive lah have been greatly advantageous to me, particularly in instances where my guests have experienced unfortunate accidents. Drive lah streamlines the process by assisting with the resolution of all matters between the individuals involved and the workshop, alleviating the need for me to personally manage such affairs.


As we wrap up our chat with Samson, it's clear he's more than just a Drive lah host – he's a dedicated partner in providing a top-notch car rental experience. From fair pricing and initial trust in renters to keeping cars in great shape, Samson embodies customer satisfaction. We hope you found Samson's story interesting and useful. Look out for more stories from the Drive lah community as we keep exploring the world of car rentals.