We had the privilege of interviewing Jabez Lim, a seasoned host on our car-sharing platform, Drive lah. Jabez has listed three cars under his hosting account: a Kia Cerato, a Mini Cooper, and a Honda Fit. In this interview, Jabez elaborates on his motivations, the listing process, rental pricing considerations, safety measures, memorable interactions, customer support, profitability, challenges faced, and valuable advice for other car owners interested in joining Drive lah. Discover the remarkable journey of a Drive lah host as we delve into the fascinating world of car sharing through the eyes of Jabez Lim.

Q: What motivated you to list your car on our car-sharing platform?

A: The platform has a rigorous verification process for guests that gives me a lot of reassurance. Additionally, Drive lah's referral bonus program has been really motivating, and so far, I have referred a total of 6 hosts, 88 guests, and 15 cars. Three of my referrals have even become Super hosts like me!

Q: How would you describe the process of listing your car on our platform? Was it straightforward and user-friendly?

A: With the 2.0 version, car listing is made easy! Simply fill out the questionnaire, and Drive lah staff will arrange a free photoshoot for you. Getting the car listed on the platform has never been easier!

Q: What factors do you consider when setting the rental price for your car?

A: When deciding the price of my car on the platform, I consider my monthly instalments and some servicing costs.

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Q: How do you ensure the safety and cleanliness of your car before each rental?

A: To ensure the best experience for my rental customers, I always make it a point to inspect my car after every rental trip and also when I'm using it personally.

Q: Have you had any memorable experiences or interactions with renters who have used your car?

A: Yes, I have enjoyed beautiful moments with guests who have brought me gifts (cake, bread & drinks) to my house. I am always happy to send my guests home at no charge after their trips have been completed when I am not busy.

Q: How responsive have you found the customer support team to be when you had questions or needed assistance?

A: The Customer Support Team swiftly responds to me via the in-app live chat and directs me to the right specialist for my inquiries.

Q: How do you handle any damages or issues that may occur during a rental period?

A: I manage disputes with guests by submitting them to the Customer Support Team and following their instructions from that point forward.

Q: In your opinion, what are the advantages of renting your car through our platform compared to traditional car rental companies?

A: My car has personal use insurance, so you can only rent it out through Drive lah. Fortunately, Drive lah doesn't have any restrictions on where your car should be located - it's all up to you and your convenience!

Q: How often do you rent out your car, and has it been profitable?

A: I don't drive my car very often, so I'm able to rent it out. On days when it's not rented, I can use it myself to run errands. This way, I'm able to make money from renting it out while mostly offsetting my own costs.

Q: Have you encountered any challenges or difficulties as a car owner on our platform, and how were they resolved?

A: I have difficulties when dealing with guests who don't often drive. These guests usually have a lot of questions about how to use the features of my car. It usually requires me to arrange for a video call to provide guidance.

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Q: What advice or tips would you give to other car owners who are considering listing their cars on our car-sharing platform?

A: If you're looking for a way to earn money for the use of your car, car sharing could be a great option. Don't let your car sit idle in the parking lot when it could be making you some extra income! Not only that, but you'd be able to meet some new people along the way. Drive lah can offer you a convenient and reliable platform to do so.

Q: How would you rate your overall experience as a car owner on our platform, and would you recommend it to others?

A: I have had an extraordinary experience with Drive lah and am rating the overall experience 5 stars. I really appreciate the prompt response and support provided by the Drive lah staff. I would highly recommend others to join this platform as a host or a guest. I have already helped 6 of my referrals to earn extra money with their 15 cars, and 88 guests to find inexpensive and trouble-free car rentals. I have many other friends who are yet to use Drive lah for their rental car needs.


From the seamless listing process to the supportive customer support team, Jabez's journey as a host has been both profitable and rewarding. His genuine enthusiasm for meeting new people and providing outstanding service shines through in his interactions with renters, creating memorable moments that go beyond mere transactions. Jabez's success as a host on Drive lah serves as an inspiration to other car owners who may be contemplating joining the platform.

With the potential to earn extra income while building connections, Drive lah offers a convenient and reliable avenue for car owners to unlock the full potential of their vehicles. If you're ready to embark on a new chapter of car sharing, Drive lah welcomes you to a community where sharing, convenience, and exceptional experiences await. Start your journey today and discover the countless opportunities that Drive lah brings to both hosts and guests alike.