While we all are grounded at home, everyone has been looking around and recommending places to visit over the weekend. While Singapore is a small country, it doesn’t mean that your recreational options are limited. It may not be as wildly glamourous or exotic as you’ve seen in the Hollywood blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians, but there are so many places you can visit to unwind.

There’s a beautiful mix of cultures which gives Singapore a unique allure. It’s why 19 million global visitors trotter down annually to bask in its tropical appeal. It’s time to get out of your work from home stations and explore the decades of racial, religious, and cultural heritage. Here are 5 things you can do in Singapore

Visit Cultural Heritage Sites

Being the melting point that it is, Singapore has no lack of iconic sites. No, we’re not referring to the standard tourist attractions. Our ancestors have imparted their cultural DNA through these architectural monuments.

The Kampong Glam, Haji Lane and Arab Street area will be a popular spot among the young. You’ll experience the goulash of street art fanfare and authentic Arab culture. Enjoy shopping for middle eastern couture from these traditional boutiques. Visit the largest mosque in Singapore and appreciate its design intricacies.

Experience the Hebraic culture at Maghain Aboth Synagogue, the oldest Synagogue in Southeast Asia. Get the full Jewish immersion with the kosher market, and kosher restaurants and participate in their festivities. Now, that’s an experience to have in Singapore.

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​                                                Haji Lane, Singapore

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Go on an Island-wide Food Hunt

Food is synonymous with Singaporeans. If you want an authentic local experience, you’ve got to go out on a food trail from all corners of the island. Due to its rich culture, you have easy access to sumptuous cuisine from any culture. Sometimes, the Michelin star rated dishes are not found in your fancy restaurants. They are in your neighborhood hawkers!

Famous hawkers like the Lau Pa Sat offer a great selection. This national monument comes alive at night with its savoury treats like the sambal chilli stingray, minced pork noodle, or the Malay classic satay. In the east, along Katong, feast on Peranakan cuisine and handmade desserts (like the Nonya Kueh, Rice Dumplings, and Ondeh Ondeh).

With a vibrant nightlife, it’s common for stalls to open till the wee hours of the morning to cater to the supper crowd. You don’t have to worry about going hungry. There’s simply too much food to go around and too little time.

With so much food to try across the Island, Drive Lah is a great way to find a ride to your next food destination. We have the most affordable car rental rates, so that you can spend more on food!

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Lau Pa Sat

Take A Hike into Hidden Gems of Singapore

While Singapore has transformed into an urban jungle with its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, you can still find some of its old-world charms. For instance, you can visit the only remaining village in Singapore in the Seletar neighbourhood.

Take a peek into an expensive haunted mansion that you won’t find on the map, Istana Woodneuk. Now covered in vegetation and decay, this mansion was home to the Sultan of Johor. Another history buff will be the Marsling WW2 tunnel and naval base. The military underground base houses the British Army’s oil supply. It was abandoned shortly after Singapore gained independence.

These hidden gems are highly inaccessible by public transport. Some are located in the middle of the woods. Hence, the best way is to rent a car, and Drive lah has many options based on your preferences.

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Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Explore Nature & Wildlife Hikes

Don’t be fooled by the city’s concrete exterior, Singapore’s home to a rich biodiversity of over 1300 flora and over 600 fauna species. Singapore has made extensive efforts to ensure its wildlife is well protected as they progress with urban development.

Head out to the nature reserves and reservoirs. As you trek along these venues, don’t be afraid to veer away from the pavements to explore the luxuriant forestry.  If you’re observant enough, you may spot some endangered animals.

Some species include the petite Lesser Mouse-deer (found in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve), Indonesian Wild boars (found in Punggol, Pulau Ubin) and Malayan Flying Lemurs. A word of caution – be careful when you approach these creatures. They can be feral when antagonised, especially the monkeys and wild boars.

Other nature gems to explore include the Kranji Marshes, Central Catchment Nature Reserves and Sungei Boloh Wetland reserves. These sites may require a little more effort to get there. A car rental would be the ideal option for convenience’s sake. Don’t know where to rent a car? Look us up at Drive lah, and we will provide a great car rental and amazing customer service at competitive rates within walking distance from you.

Go Café Hunting around Singapore 

If you’re a millennial or Gen-Z, you’re onboard the café culture. Over the past decade, Singapore has been populated with many cafes across the island. Each café carries its own flair.

If you’re looking for a fresh batch of roasted beans, Arabica offers its homemade blend. In the mood for some fancy desserts with insta-worthy décor? Head over to Holland Village’s Sunday Folks for your dose of malted cereal milk ice cream and crispy waffles. Australian café, Sarnies, is the place for a good brunch. What can go wrong with eggs, bagels, and muffins?

The list is endless. We encourage you to do your homework and start planning your route. As some of these places are highly popular, we recommend to book in advance. Some may not accept bookings. Drive down early to avoid disappointment.

Out of Cafes to explore? Head across the causeway to find a whole new world open to you. Drive out to Johor Bahru for quality cafes at economic prices. Some cafes may be out of the way from the checkpoint. Why not rent a car and drive all the way to the Café with family or friends and have a day’s worth of fun? Drive Lah allows car renters to drive to Malaysia as well as covers vehicle insurance.

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