Are you in the mood for some movie magic beneath the starry sky? The amazing outdoor theaters in Singapore are the only place to look! Welcome to the one stop guide by Drive lah to get ready to be transported as the silver screen comes to life against the warm Singaporean night.

Cinema at The Fort

Films At The Fort turns Fort Canning Park into an outdoor movie theater. This location, which is steeped in history and surrounded by lush nature, has a certain appeal. The carefully chosen lineup of movies favors independent treasures, cult classics, and nostalgic films, making for a delightfully surprising and nostalgic cinematic experience. Bring a picnic basket filled with your favorite sweets, or savor the delicious food trucks' offerings directly from the event. Dont forget to stroll around Fort Canning Park's lush grounds if you arrive early. Discover the mysteries of this historic site, or just unwind on the verdant hills and take in the peace. 

ST3PS at Changi Airport

Did you know you cant watch free movies daily from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. at Changi Airport? In addition, they broadcast free live music performances, live shows, live EPL football matches, and a ton of other awesome stuff! Just be careful to see what's playing when by consulting the schedule. It's a fantastic way to pass the time at the airport while having fun and relaxing! 

Hendrick's Sunset Cinema 

Your pass to the ideal evening escape from the bustle of the city is Hendrick's Sunset Cinema. Imagine dinner, award-winning movies, and beverages all set against Tanjong Beach's breathtaking scenery. Tickets are already for sale, and the event will take place in 2024 between April 25 and May 12. Hurry though, they're selling quickly!

Movies by the Beach: Sentosa 

With its allure of sun, sand, and now, entertaining outdoor film evenings, Sentosa Island entices visitors! A loose and relaxed atmosphere makes watching movies by the beach the ideal choice for a relaxed evening with friends and family. As the film plays, put your toes in the warm sand, feel the soft salt spray against your skin, and allow the soothing rhythm of the waves lull you into a state of complete relaxation. Remember to bring a picnic basket with all the necessities for the beach, including soft towels, sunscreen, and of course, delectable snacks, even if there aren't any food stands there. Keep in mind to carry light and pay attention to the sand.

Tips for a Stellar Night Out

With your newfound understanding of Singapore's best outdoor movie theaters, here are some crucial pointers to make sure your nighttime movie experience is nothing short of spectacular:

Be Weather Aware: Singapore experiences frequent downpours and a tropical environment. Before leaving, check the weather forecast and bring along a lightweight raincoat or poncho in case of unexpected rain. Choose clothing made of quick-drying materials, such as cotton.

Comfort is Key: Although some locations have seats, others may ask you to bring folding chairs or picnic blankets. Select chairs that provide adequate back support, keeping in mind the kind of surface you'll be sitting on—especially for extended film viewing sessions.

Bug Spray is Your Friend: Enjoy the wonders of nature, but be ready for any mosquito encounters. Carry a mild bug repellent to ward off those bothersome creatures.

Reduce the Overload: Some locations permit outside food and beverages, but others do not. Make sure to review the precise instructions in advance. When packing for a picnic, choose finger-friendly, low-mesh treats that are simple to handle in low light. To reduce waste, use reusable containers and utensils.

Accept the Ambiance: Attending a movie outside engages all of your senses. Get there early to take in the ambiance, mingle with other moviegoers, and maybe even have a pre-movie meal (if permitted).

Tech Savvy: Most open-air cinemas use wireless headphone technology for sound. Download the necessary app beforehand and ensure your phone is fully charged. Pack a portable power bank if you're worried about running out of juice mid-movie.

Respect the Environment: Since most open-air cinemas are held outdoors, it's crucial to be mindful of your surroundings. Dispose of trash responsibly, avoid using excessive light (phone flashlights etc.), and maintain a respectful noise level.

Drive lah: Fueling Your Singaporean Adventures

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