In a recent interview with Francis Alex, a regular user of Drive lah, we explored his firsthand experiences and insights on our car rental services. Francis shared his thoughts on the platform's user-friendly interface, diverse car selection, and efficient customer service. Join us as we delve into Francis's experience with Drive lah and discover why he recommends drive lah it to his friends & family.

Q. What made you choose Drive lah?

A: I chose Drive lah because it offers a seamless, all-in-one app experience. With Drive lah, I can easily, browse, rent a car in Singapore, pay, and chat with car owners. The app is responsive and user-friendly, which makes the whole process smooth and enjoyable. Plus, the variety of cars available suits my diverse driving needs perfectly.

Q: How many times have used Drive lah as a rental car service?

A: I've used Drive lah once so far for a 24-hour rental. Even as a new user, I'm already a big fan of the app. From day one, the fast response from customer service and the ease of use made the experience fantastic. The app’s efficiency really stands out!

Q. Could you share any specific features or services offered by Drive lah that stood out to you during your rental experience?

A: One feature that stood out to me was the all-in-one app functionality. (I could browse cars, make payments, chat with car owners, and contact customer service—all within the app) . The fast, responsive customer service was particularly impressive and made my car rental experience smooth and enjoyable. Additionally, the in-app add-on for fuel is a huge convenience. You have the option to pay for fuel based on kilometers driven, eliminating the need to refuel or make detours. This allows for a more relaxed and hassle-free driving experience.

Q. Are you aware of our Miles Club program benefits?

A: Yes I am, I recently read about it, The Drive lah Miles Club Program has three tiers: Starter, Cruiser, and Pioneer. Each tier gives you perks like special access, offers, and discounts. Your tier is based on how many trip days you've had in the last three quarters. The more you rent, the better the benefits!

Q. What is your opinion about Miles Club?

A:  If you're a frequent Drive lah user who enjoys those Singapore road trips or even drive to JB, then Miles Club is definitely worth checking out. The perks could save you some money and make your car rental even more enjoyable.  

Q. In terms of vehicle cleanliness and maintenance, how satisfied were you with the condition of the car you rented from Drive lah?

A: The car I rented was well kept by its owner, it’s clean from the interior to the exterior of the car, smells good too. 🙂

Q. Have you ever faced any issues during your rental period with Drive lah, and if so, how were they resolved?

A: The driving experience was smooth all the way from the pick-up to the return of the car, I did have some enquiries during the rental but was quickly assisted by drive lah’s customer service team and the car owner.

Q. Did you know that Drive lah launched fuel packages recently? Do you know the benefits of these packages?

A: Absolutely! That's what surprised me too. The fuel package is a really clever idea. No more scrambling to find a gas station right before returning the car – it saves a ton of time and hassle. Definitely a big thumbs up for Drive lah on this one!

Q. How responsive and helpful did you find Drive lah's customer support team, especially in situations where you needed assistance or had inquiries?

A: The customer service team is quick to respond to my enquiries, they are very helpful since I did have some questions when I first downloaded the app. The live chat function on the app is quite useful, I can check back on their replies when I am free, no need to stop what I am doing just to attend a call.

Q. Can you discuss any memorable or positive interactions you had with the car owners on Drive lah?

A: The car host that I met (when I rented the car on Drive lah) was friendly and courteous. He explained the proper return procedures using the app, & what was allowed and not allowed with his car, (Pets not allowed, etc).

Q. In terms of the booking process, were there any challenges or areas where you think Drive lah could improve for a smoother experience?

A: Maybe just a good add-on as well is the borrowing of a cash card wherein the car owner and the renter will check the cash card balance before the start of the trip then when returning the car the renter will just pay the owner the balance used on the cash card.

Q. What factors do you prioritize when selecting a rental car, and did Drive lah meet your expectations in these aspects?

A: I would usually look into the price and the type of car when renting, it will depend if just a quick errand around town then a sedan will do, and Drive lah offers a wide range of cars that will suit any needs of its users.

Q. Considering your overall experience, would you recommend Drive lah to friends or family looking for a car rental service?

A: I would definitely recommend DriveLah to my friends or family, overall it was a positive experience for me using DriveLah, with its ease of use and affordability compared to other rental companies, I'm certain that they will enjoy renting using DriveLah as well. 


Francis has thoroughly enjoyed his car rental experience with Drive lah, finding us to be a reliable and user-friendly car rental service. He highly recommends it to anyone looking for a convenient and hassle-free car rental solution in Singapore. He emphasizes Drive lah's standout qualities, including its seamless app functionality, responsive customer support, and diverse range of cars for every budget. These features collectively make Drive lah a superior choice compared to other car rentals in Singapore. Have you tried renting a car from Drive lah yet? 

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