Meet Ani Siva, a successful Drive lah host who has embraced the platform for its innovative approach to car rental in Singapore. Ani appreciates Drive lah's flexibility and affordability, allowing him to expand his business and invest in additional cars specifically for sharing. With a meticulous approach to renter verification and car maintenance, Ani ensures a seamless and satisfying experience for his renters. Dive into Ani's journey with Drive lah and discover how he navigates the car rental landscape in Singapore.

Q1: What made you choose Drive lah?

Ani: I chose Drive lah because of its innovative approach to car sharing. It offered a flexible and affordable platform for me to share my car with others. As I experienced success and profitability with my first car, I saw an opportunity to expand my business and invest in additional cars specifically for sharing through Drive lah.

Q2: What steps do you take to verify the identity and reliability of renters before approving a reservation?

Ani: Ensuring the safety and reliability of renters is a top priority for me as a car owner. Before approving a reservation, I follow a few steps:

I check the renter's profile on Drive lah, looking for reviews and ratings from previous car owners they've rented from. If a renter has no reviews, I may call Drive lah customer service for additional information, such as whether their SingPass verification is completed or a brief introduction about their rental history. I also communicate with the renter directly, asking questions about their intended use of the car and any specific needs they may have.

By taking these steps, I aim to build a level of trust and ensure a positive rental experience for both the renter and myself.

Q3: When determining your car's rental price, what aspects do you take into account?

Ani: When setting the rental price for my car, I consider several factors:

Market rates: I research and compare the rental prices of similar cars on Drive lah and other car-sharing platforms to ensure my rates are competitive.

Car maintenance costs: I factor in the cost of regular maintenance, such as oil changes, tire replacements, and insurance, to ensure that the rental price covers these expenses and generates a profit.

Peak demand periods: During holidays or special events when demand for rental cars is higher, I may adjust my prices accordingly.

Car features: If my car has unique or premium features that add value to the rental experience, I may set a higher rental price.

Q4: How do you handle maintenance and regular servicing of your car to ensure it's in optimal condition for renters?

Ani: Maintaining the optimal condition of my cars is crucial for both the renters' safety and satisfaction. To achieve this, I implement the following practices:

Regular servicing: I adhere to the manufacturer's recommended service schedule for each car, ensuring that all necessary maintenance tasks are completed on time, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations.

Thorough inspections: Before and after each rental, I conduct a thorough inspection of the car, checking for any signs of damage or wear. If any issues are found, I address them promptly and communicate with the renter if necessary.

Cleaning and sanitization: After each rental, I thoroughly clean and sanitize the interior and exterior of the car, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic experience for the next renter.

Documentation: I maintain detailed records of all maintenance and servicing tasks, which helps me track the car's condition over time and anticipate future maintenance needs.

Q5: From your perspective, what benefits do you see in renting out your car through our platform in contrast to conventional car rental companies?

Ani: Renting out my cars through Drive lah offers several advantages over traditional car rental companies:

Flexibility: Drive lah allows me to set my own rental rates, choose the rental periods that work best for me, and communicate directly with renters to address any specific needs or concerns.

Lower overhead costs: As a peer-to-peer platform, Drive lah eliminates the need for physical rental offices, which helps keep operating costs low and allows me to pass on savings to renters.

Diversification: By offering multiple cars for rent, I can appeal to a wider range of renters and maximize my income potential.

Personalized service: As a car owner, I can provide a more personalized rental experience, responding quickly to renter inquiries, addressing concerns, and building relationships with repeat renters.

Q6: Can you share any feedback you've received from renters and how you incorporate that feedback to improve the rental experience?

Ani: Absolutely! Feedback from renters is incredibly valuable in helping me improve the rental experience. Here are some common pieces of feedback I've received and how I've addressed them:

"The car could have been cleaner." - I've increased my attention to detail during post-rental cleaning and now use professional-grade cleaning products to ensure a spotless interior.

"The pickup process was confusing." - I now provide detailed instructions for pickup and drop-off locations, and I'm always available to answer questions via phone or messaging.

"The car didn't have a mobile holder" - I've started providing a mobile holder and other common accessories such as charging cables, and I encourage renters to let me know if there's anything else they need.

By actively listening to the renter's feedback and making improvements where necessary, I strive to provide a top-notch rental experience that exceeds expectations.

Q7: What measures do you take to protect against potential theft or misuse of your car during the rental period?

Ani: To safeguard my cars against theft or misuse, I implement the following measures:

Pre-screening: As mentioned earlier, I carefully review renter profiles and communicate with renters before accepting reservations, which helps weed out potentially problematic renters.

GPS tracking: All my cars are equipped with Drive lah Go device with GPS tracking feature, allowing Drive lah to monitor their location. This helps deter theft and unauthorized use.

Clear terms &  conditions: The terms & conditions listed on my car page clearly outline the rules and expectations for renters, including restrictions on smoking, pets, and other potential issues. Renters must agree to these terms before they can place the booking.

Insurance: Drive lah offers 3 types of insurance to each car renter, including collision, liability, and theft protection.

Q8: How do you manage the logistics of key handovers and vehicle returns with renters, and have you faced any challenges in this aspect?

Ani: Managing key handovers and vehicle returns is a crucial part of the rental process. Initially, I handled key exchanges manually, which presented some challenges such as coordinating schedules with renters and ensuring timely returns. However, for over a year now, I've been using the Drive lah Go device, which has greatly streamlined the process. With the Drive lah Go device, renters can easily access and start the car through their smartphone, eliminating the need for manual key exchanges. This has saved me time, reduced the risk of lost keys, and made the rental experience more convenient for both me and my renters.

Q9: What level of communication do you maintain with renters before, during, and after a rental period?

Ani: Maintaining clear and prompt communication with renters is essential for a smooth rental experience. Here's how I handle communication at each stage of the rental process:

Before: I respond promptly to rental inquiries, answering any questions and providing detailed information about the car, rental terms, and pickup/drop-off logistics.

During: I remain available via phone, messaging, or email throughout the rental period, so renters can easily reach me if they have questions or encounter any issues. I also send a follow-up message after rental commences to ensure everything is going smoothly and address any concerns.

After: I reach out to renters soon after the rental ends to thank them for choosing my car and inquire about their experience. I also encourage renters to leave reviews and provide feedback, which helps me improve my service and attract future renters.

Q10: Have you considered offering any additional services or amenities with your car rentals to attract more renters?

Ani: Yes, I'm always looking for ways to add value to my car rental offerings and attract more renters. Some additional services and amenities I've considered or implemented include:

Child car seats: Offering child car seats as an optional add-on can be a valuable service for families with young children, making their rental experience more convenient and stress-free.

Loyalty discounts: Offering discounts or special perks for repeat renters helps to build customer loyalty and encourages renters to choose my cars for future trips.

Wee hours pickup/dropoff: For those guests planning for long trips, I offer them early pickup at 4am or 5am, and allow dropoff after midnight.

Q11: How do you handle cancellations, and what is your policy regarding last-minute changes or extensions requested by renters?

Ani: I understand that plans can change, so I try to be flexible and accommodating when it comes to cancellations and changes. Here’s how I handle these situations:

Cancellations: I follow Drive lah's cancellation policy, which is reasonable and acceptable to guests. 

Last-minute changes: If a renter needs to change the rental dates, I do my best to accommodate their request, as long as the new dates don't conflict with other reservations. I don't charge any fee for last-minute changes, which is a great help to the renters.

Extensions: If a renter wishes to extend their rental, they can do so through the Drive lah platform, subject to availability. I'm usually happy to extend rentals, as long as it doesn't conflict with other reservations.

''By actively listening to the renter's feedback and making improvements where necessary, I strive to provide a top-notch rental experience that exceeds expectations.'' ~Ani Siva

Q12: Can you elaborate on the condition and age of your car, and how it has impacted its rental demand?

Ani: My cars are all in excellent, mint condition, which has positively impacted their rental demand. Despite being more than 5 years old, they have been meticulously maintained and cared for, ensuring they remain reliable and attractive to renters.

In fact, I've found that some renters specifically seek out older, well-maintained cars because they may offer better value compared to brand-new or luxury vehicles. As long as the cars are clean, well-maintained, and equipped with conveniences like GPS navigation and air conditioning, age doesn't seem to be a significant deterrent for most renters.

Ani: Staying informed about market trends and competitive pricing is crucial to maintaining a successful car rental business. I use a few methods to stay up-to-date:

Regularly review rental prices for similar cars on Drive lah and other car-sharing platforms in Singapore. This helps me ensure my pricing remains competitive and aligned with market conditions.

Keep an eye on local events, holidays, and travel patterns. Understanding when demand for rental cars is likely to increase allows me to adjust my pricing and availability accordingly.

Engage with other car owners and renters in online forums and communities. Sharing experiences, insights, and industry news helps me stay informed and make better decisions for my business.

Continuously monitor feedback from renters and consider their suggestions for improvements or additional services that could increase demand for my cars.

Q14: Can you share your thoughts on the insurance coverage provided for your car during rentals and any experiences you've had with the claims process?

Ani: Having adequate insurance coverage is crucial for protecting both my business and my renters. All my cars are covered by simple 3rd party insurance when not rented through the Drive lah platform. During the trips, Drive lah provides insurance coverage for renters, at 3 levels - Basic, Premium & Maximum. I always recommend renters opt for Maximum Protection for zero excess and peace of mind.

Fortunately, I haven't had many experiences with the claims process, but when I needed to file a claim once, the process was relatively straightforward. It's generally the renter who gathers all necessary documentation, such as the police report and photos of any damage, and submits it through the authorized workshop. Drive lah's excellent customer support team is always there with me and the renter to work on the resolution and insurance claim. It's important to maintain open communication and provide accurate information throughout the claims process to ensure a swift and fair resolution.


As we wrap up our chat with , it's clear he's more than just a Drive lah host—he's a dedicated partner in delivering an exceptional car rental experience. Ani's commitment to fair pricing, thorough renter vetting, and meticulous car maintenance exemplifies his dedication to customer satisfaction. We hope you found Ani's story both inspiring and insightful. Stay tuned for more stories from the Drive lah community as we continue to explore the world of car rentals.

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