With the soaring prices of certificates of entitlement (COEs), car ownership in Singapore is out of reach for many residents. Yet the convenience and flexibility of having your own vehicle remains appealing to locals and visitors alike. Renting a car is emerging as an affordable alternative to vehicle purchase, allowing you to cruise in the comfort of your own ride without the burden of financing. But in Singapore’s complex landscape of car rental providers ranging from traditional agencies to disruptive apps, how do you determine fair and reasonable pricing for your rental?

As pioneers of peer to peer car sharing in Singapore, Drive lah offers insider knowledge to decode rental costs. By understanding variables like rental duration, vehicle type, peak surcharges, mileage limits and add-on fees, you can better navigate quotes and comparison shop. Read on as we break down the major factors determining total rental prices and provide tips to lock in the best possible deal through promotions, bundles and more. Arm yourself with pricing intelligence so you can discover just how cost-effective car rentals can be in Singapore!

You also have your friendly neighbourhood hero Drive lah, here to make your care adventures smooth and budget-friendly.

Car Categories

Economy Cars: Think Suzuki Swift or Honda Jazz, zipping through narrow streets and parking with ease. These budget buddies range between $40-$75 per day, perfect for a quick city adventure.

Mid-Size Cars:  Mitsubishi Attrage or Toyota Corolla Altis - These mid-size sedans are ideal for families or road trip warriors, balancing comfort and fuel efficiency. Daily rates typically range between $50-$150 per day on Drive lah.

SUV's: Conquering Sentosa Island's hidden beaches or hitting the open road? SUVs like the Honda HR-V or Toyota Raize are your pals. Daily rates start around $100-$180 per day.

7 seater Vans: Need space for the whole crew? 7-seater vehicles like the Toyota Alphard fit the bill. Daily rates for these spacious giants can touch $150-$250 per day.

Luxury Cars: Craving that wind-in-your-hair feeling in a Audi A3 Cabriolet or Mercedes E-class? Drive lah rates are still much lower than traditional companies, with daily rates around $90-$200 per day.

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Does the cost of car rentals change?

Remember, these pointers are only an indication. Prices can fluctuate based on multiple factors.

Season: December school holidays? Expect a surge. Off-peak months? Rates drop like durian prices after season.

Weekends: Friday night drives or weekend getaways? Prepare for pricier rides. Weekdays and Sundays offer calmer costs.

Rental Company & Location: Budget rentals will save you some moolah, while premium agencies and airport locations come with a premium price tag.

Extra Expenses: Baby seats, GPS rentals, and additional drivers add to the bill. Choose wisely! 

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Meet Drive lah, your local rental car in Singapore

Forget navigating a maze of rental companies – Drive lah offers a one-stop shop for all your rental car needs. With a diverse fleet, transparent pricing, and a focus on convenience, Drive lah takes the hassle out of your Singapore adventure. Here's why we stand out:

Simple and straightforward: Booking online is a breeze, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Affordable options: Find your perfect ride within your budget, from compact cars to spacious SUVs.

Convenient pick-up and drop-off: Skip the waiting lines and choose locations that suit your itinerary.

24/7 support: They're always there for you, whether you need a flat tire fix or unsure about what the light on your dashboard means.

Other costs to consider before booking a rental car 

There are many costs that need to be considered before you book a car, often these are hidden charges, or not informed correctly, like driving to Malaysia, or Insurance policy. At Drive lah, our policies are designed to prioritise transparency, convenience, and safety for all our guests.

Fuel Policy

One of the crucial aspects of a Drive lah rental is the fuel policy, aimed at ensuring a smooth return process. Unlike other car rentals, with hidden and often confusing fuel plans, with Drive lah guests are required to return the vehicle with the same fuel level as when they picked it up, as simple as that. 

This is verified through uploaded images of the fuel gauge at both pickup and drop-off, ensuring transparency and accuracy. Any discrepancies in fuel levels result in charges according to our policy, unless the guest has opted for the convenient fuel inclusion package. 

Insurance Packages

Understanding the diverse needs of our guests, Drive lah offers comprehensive insurance for all trips. This means full cover for 3rd party damages (people & property), and includes damages to the rental car and theft, and any injuries.

These choices empower renters to select the coverage that best aligns with their requirements. Each option provides varying degrees of protection, allowing guests to make an informed decision based on their preferences. 

Accidents and Additional Drivers

Drive lah allows for additional drivers, provided they are verified guests, there is an additional cost of $10/day. Read more details on  extra driver. We make convenience and safety a priority for our renters.

Driving to Malaysia

Many car rentals are not allowed to enter Malaysia, Drive lah has many cars on board which are allowed to across borders. The car's profile specifies whether driving into Malaysia is permitted. Rental charge is same as it is for driving in Singapore, keep in mind tolls and parking, etc may add up as your leave Singapore, its good to plan these expenses in advance before proceeding ahead.

As we said earlier all our policies are crystal clear, you can read more about driving to Malaysia.  We want to ensure our Drive lah community has the best experience. 

Car Sharing, Future of Urban Mobility

Owning a car isn't always necessary, especially in a city like Singapore with well-developed public transport and growing car-sharing options. Drive lah offers a diverse fleet of vehicles for short-term rentals, perfect for running errands, catching a weekend outing, or exploring nearby neighbourhoods. Car sharing often boasts environmentally friendly options and can be a more budget-friendly alternative for shorter trips within the city.

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Choosing the Right Option

The best choice depends on your needs and preferences. For longer road trips or weekend getaways, renting a car offers flexibility and freedom to explore beyond the city centre. Car sharing is ideal for short trips within the city, errands, or exploring nearby neighbourhoods, and can be a more sustainable option for those with minimal car usage. Drive lah caters to both scenarios, with the support of our Drive lah community.


So, buckle up and explore! Whether you choose a traditional car rental, join the car-sharing movement and let Drive lah be your guide, remember to prioritise safety first. Follow traffic rules, drive responsibly, and respect the pedestrians and fellow drivers who share the road. Let's create a positive and safe environment for everyone to explore the Singapore on wheels.