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Celebrating Our Community  ​

Our recent meet-and-greet event showcased Drive lah's upcoming initiatives over drinks and dinner, fostering connections between hosts and guests. Your presence shapes our community, and we can't wait to see you at the next one!

Valentine's Day Contest Winner

Congrats to Mohd Firdaus, our winner of a luxurious lunch at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for future contests.

Refer your friends and earn up to $100

When you share your unique link with your friends they get $25 credit when they join Drive lah. You'll get $25 if they join or $100 if they become a host with Drive lah! 


Drive lah Miles Club 

Effective January 25, 2024, our elite tiers await:


Drive lah Miles Club 

Starter: 0-5 trip days in the previous 3 quarters. 
Cruiser: 6-24 trip days in the previous 3 quarters.
Pioneer: 25+ trip days in the previous 3 quarters.

Experience VIP treatment with exclusive access, offers, and discounts through the Miles Club Program. 
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Host Interview

Introducing Ms. Jayne, a Drive lah host. Discover her super host secrets, methods for ensuring reliable renters, why is go-to choice. 
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Enhanced App Experience

Please ensure to update your mobile app as we are implementing enhancements provide you smoother experience. 

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